Sunday 25 November 2012

Day 225: Is Experience Evidence of God? - ADC - Part 72

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

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Is Experience Evidence of God?

We’ll continue with the Afterlife part in the Next Post, although what we will discuss is Related – which eventually, will All make Sense.

The Human Being, Subjectively Believe - that ‘Experience’, based on an Energy or Feeling or Presence: is ‘Evidence’ of ‘God’.
I met a man once that was part of a very Strict Religion - who had, according to him, a Very Personal Relationship with God. He did not just ‘Feel God’ or Experience a ‘Presence’, but whenever he was taking a shower – “God would throw him Physically around against the walls in the shower, if he’s not Listening to what God wants him to do”. This type of experience, do happen to people - and there seems to be a necessity of Water in the surroundings, or even underground, for these type of Physical Phenomena to take place. But, a type of experience like this would also be termed a ‘Poltergeist’, which have limited ability to move things around and that Feed on Extensive Fear. Now – the Very Religious, base Religion on a Fear of God and where this Fear is Extensive and Cultivated over a long period of Time, especially Impressed upon the person during Childhood: the Possibility of the Personality that deals with the Fear of God of becoming Dominant to the point of exerting an Influence on the Environment, where there would then be things moving around – is Possible, and has been Recorded. Is this though a Valid Experience of God?

The Pure fact that these type of Experiences are limited to short bursts of Phenomena, certainly do not ‘fit the bill’ of God. Where the Phenomena is accompanied by Voices in the Head ‘Claiming’ to be God – the point is certainly More Serious.
So, in the Event where one Do Experience Poltergeist Activity or Voices in the Head claiming to be God: it is Suggested that one either Stop or get some Help, because such Obsessions with Voices in the Head could cause one to make Decisions that is not only harmful to yourself, but also harmful to others. Therefore, one can certainly Not Allow yourself to Run Free with these things. And there is also a Responsibility on those that is Aware of such Activity: to take Action, before there is Consequence. As Consequence is That which cannot be Changed, because it’s Too Late. And we are in a Reality where it is Possible for Things to be Too Late.

There is Also those that ‘Claim’ that they Experience the ‘Presence of God’ during Prayer, or during Meditation, or when they’re in the ‘House of God’. Here Self-Honesty is Crucial, because you’ll be able to Trace Back the Experience, to Memories during Childhood normally – that has been Energized through an Impression, and that would either grow through one’s Denial of it, or through one’s particular Fascination with it. Either way – it will Energize and it will be a Program that will Build-up Energy ‘till the Moment occur that will turn on the Switch with a Flood that will be Feeling like a ‘Presence’, a ‘Warmth’ – even a Great Stability. ANYTHING one Experience and ‘Claim’ to be God that is in Any Way an Influence on your Awareness by having you ‘Experience’ some Invisible Force: is Not to be Trusted, because – if you Had the ‘Know-How’ of the Technology of the Mind in relation to How Memory, Thought, Energy, Feelings, Emotions are Constructed and Activated to Produce a Particular Physical Experience: you’ll Understand Why I say this. Because then you will See that it is Only a System.

But, Unfortunately – as we All Know, or Should Know and Most probably haven’t Realised even, is that No Human Being, not even the Highest Educated or the Greatest Philosophers, or the Greatest Psychologists, or Psychiatrists: have a Clue How Thought, Emotion and Feeling Functions as the System that Produce the Thought.
For that – one will have to spend some years to study, because you were not Taught this during your Quantum Physical Stage from Birth to 7 Years. So, the Child’s Ability to Comprehend Reality is Stunted Extensively, which Produce a Completely Stunted Adult, which is Why we have a World Today where there is a Complete Lack of any form of Commonsense, Compassion, Empathy, Reasoning Ability, Consideration for each other. All the Functions that would make the World a Better Place is Lost, because: the parent was Incapable of Actually Explaining and Training the Child on How EXACTLY the Human Being as Physical and Mind FUNCTIONS as a PRODUCTION UNIT that PRODUCE Words, Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts and to bring in a Cross-referenced Context to make sure a person do not Create themselves as Some Deranged Personality that has Obsessions, Fears, Phobias, Anxieties – All Kinds of Experiences that Keep the Person in a Constant Illusionary Trap of their own Creation, which in the End: make the Person Subjected to the Chemical God as Psychotropic Drugs – making LOTS of Money for the Charlatans that claim they have a Clue about the Human Psyche.

So, if you Experience God – you can just as well go and take a Drug and you will have the Same Experience.

We’ll continue this in the Next Post
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  1. Thanks for Being HERE Bernard - to really show us how and what is the real reality of who we are as the mind. Once we know what is really happening, we have the responsiblity to take action, rather, will be a consequence. Inevitability.