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Day 210: Demons - ADC - Part 58

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 42


Demons are a Product of a Lesser version of Man, and thus - in a way, one can say a Demon is De-manned, become less than Man. But Here, one Must Understand that Man is the Physical, the Quantum Physical and Not Consciousness – Consciousness which is also a Lesser version of Man, and in a sense thus De-Manned. And, if one look at the Result of Consciousness and how it Treats Life on Earth: one can See the correlation between a Demon and Consciousness and Why Consciousness is in fact Variations of Demonic Possession – either a Positive Demon, Negative Demon or a Neutral Demon; and Always Less than Man.

Man as the FLESh as SELF Represents, in Physicality, the Physical Universe where a Cell in a Human Body is similar to a Planet in the Planetary Body, the Universal Body. The Mind within this, when Not abused as just a Tool to Parasite on the Physical for Energy – can Serve as a form of a Management Tool. But then – what is In the Mind must be an Exact Replica of that which you are Managing. For instance, if you are Managing the Earth and All Beings on the Earth in an Equal Way, you need them All to be specifically represented in the Mind so that your Assessment of All situations is in fact Real, and not your Judgment or Interpretation of it according to the Energetic Value you gave it in your own Illusion. As that is a rather Advanced Task for Any human being, as the Mind currently can barely function just around Self-Interest - we do have things like Software with which we can do the Management of Life on Earth effectively, if we Have Real Humans as Flesh that Care in the Positions necessary to Disseminate Information according to the Real World; but we have on Earth – virtually No Real Humans. We Only have That which is Less than Human, which is Consciousness. The Continuous Constipation that is created by the Illusion of Fear, Hidden behind the ‘Specialness’ of Energetic Polarized Self-Interest for the Sole Purpose to ‘apparently’ Win, and if you Win – you’re ‘Good’. This is but just One Dimension of the Demonic nature of Man that is Devastating the Earth at this Time.

And, maybe by the End of 2012 when None of the ‘Great’ Prophesized Lies occurred – we May have some more Humans that will No Longer be so Willing to Trust their Consciousness and may begin the Journey Back to Life as the FLESh as the Real SELF that is Supposed to be the Tree of Life; and thus Giving up the Fruit of Knowledge as Good and Evil as Consciousness.

Thus you can Understand Why, in the Afterlife – you would End up with Two Versions of the ‘Dead Human’: One as Demon, and One as Soul. One representing the Negative Polarity of Consciousness, and One representing the Positive Polarity of Consciousness – but Both a Product of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and thus Less than the Real SELF as the FLESh as the Tree of Life that emerged from the Earth and function in Unison with the Earth, where it is Supposed to have been Co-Creators with the Earth, and with All other Life Forms on Earth, with Equal Respect for All Life, regardless of Form.

The Obsession with Some form of Existence After Death, while one cannot even Measure That which Leaves the Body, because after all – if it was Energy, we can already measure Energy - we would have been able to Measure the Energy. But something leaves the Body, most Hope, that in some way must Continue.

Understand, that when you leave the Body – you also Leave your Memories, you Leave the Processing Center as the Brain, you Leave the Ability to Speak, to Hear – because you no longer have these ‘Senses’. And you Enter, so to speak, a Total Different Realm that by its very Nature is Not going to be Anything like on Earth. Strange enough, though, there are Many that claim it is Similar; they use very Flimsy Evidence, which can easily be explained away as the ‘Reason Why’. But, with a little bit of Commonsense Reasoning, one can Work Out for yourself, that: Whatever is currently Claimed as Life After Death, is Nothing Else but Wishful Thinking - in a Way, Justifying the Abuse on Earth.

So, therefore – we Found the Demons to be Trapped in but Fragments, thus Fragmented Parts of their Emotional Bodies they had on Earth; Living it over and over and over, for instance - a Traumatic Death Experience, into Eternity. It’s like a little program code that managed to Run in a Loop, and through the Loop managed to Energize itself to Keep on Existing. The more Advanced Demons learned a different Technique – they learned to feed off the Negative Emotions of the Human, because they Were One and Equal, Exactly the Same as the Negative Emotions, because they were the Negative Emotion, a little part of it, a little fragment of a Dead Consciousness Being.

Similarly, the Soul was Exactly the Same. At Death, the Soul was met by a Guide in White Robes – WOW! Shining with Light – WOW! Which will then disconnect the recording Device that was utilized to Record the Life, and that was Placed in the Akashic Record for Study. And, what was left of the Dead Human as a ‘Soul’ – was then whatever was in a way presented to it, as its ‘Family in Heaven’. Part of the Soul normally remained in heaven, so that at least you had Something to go back to as to the ‘Life between Lives’, which is quite strange in itself, kind of Confirming that – if that weren’t Done: there would have been No Memory of Past Lives, in Lives between Lives, or being part of a Soul Group or having a Soul Family…Such a Conundrum.

For reference, you should read the Books of Michael Newton, the Hypnotherapist, and really Study the Responses in Detail.
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