Thursday 22 November 2012

Day 222: Spiritualist Churches and Talking to the Dead - ADC - Part 69

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The History with Life After Death – Part 53

Spiritualist Churches and Talking to the Dead

I first joined a Spiritualist Church in 1984, and was Fascinated by the Idea of being able to Communicate with the Dead. Because, if the Dead are able – as it is implied by Many Beliefs and Books, to See Everything once they’re Dead, then: they Must be able to Provide some form of Input that could Solve the Problems we have on Earth and thus Assist in Producing a World that is Best for All.

Fortunately - I was Exposed to my Father-in-Law as a Deep Trance Medium, who was part of the Parapsychology Research Group in the 1950’s with Professor Haarhoff and Arthur Bleksley, among others – and who was a Deep Trance Medium that Never did any Platform work, but said to me: “You cannot Trust Heaven.”
I Heard him, but I wanted to Believe that there was something ‘Good’ out there, something ‘Positive’, something ‘Amazing’. So, in my Investigations – I Focused Intensely on Observing, to See the Patterns and to Understand How this Communication with the Dead Functions. So, during the Time of the Spiritualists Church – I was part of Several Development Circles, Observing How Psychic Gifts and Mediumship was Trained. And, we will discuss this more in Detail in Future Posts.

In this Post, I want to Focus on the Period from 1987 to the year 1996, where I was based in Durban, where I Religiously went to the Spiritualist Church at least once a week - to Listen to the Messages from the Platform, Hoping that there will be a Message for me as well. One gets so Desperate for a Message that, even if the Platform worker just say to you something ‘Positive’, it’s as if it Moves a Mountain and one Feel your Dedication is Not all in Vain – such is the Vanity of Positive Thinking, of which I was a Great Student. And maybe even to a Degree a Teacher, because I did Convert a Number of People to become very Positive Lightworkers, and Most of them are that Still today and Regard me now as the ‘Ultimate Evil’ because I Dare to Question – even myself, which I did.

But, in All the Time that I went to the Spiritualist Church, which is around about 10 years – I only ever Received One Message, completely out of the Norm – by someone that was not at all related to me, or that I had no clue who it was. But, was Substantial from the perspective that it did Indicate, that: what I was busy with, in terms of Particular Physical Assistance to Humans in trouble around me, was in fact being Noticed.
The Rest of the Time – All the Platform messages, was Exactly as is Demonstrated in the Derren Brown Video “Messiah”. In EVERY Spiritualist Church I went to from 1984 to 1996 – the EXACT SAME Method was used as what Derren Brown Demonstrated, very Effectively – he just does it A Lot Better. Most of the Psychics would Not go as far as using a name, but just use the First Letter and say, for instance: “I have somebody here who’s name starts with a “P” and it’s round about on the left side of the room and it feels like a Woman with long hair that died Recently. Can anyone relate?” And then somebody would put up their Hand and say: “My Mother died Recently.” And the Whole Thing will start. But, Nothing Really Substantial is Ever Given, and fascinatingly enough – most of the times: it was About Financial Success, Job Success or Relationship Success that the Messages would go.

Now, in the Time I was at the Durban Church – I Kept to Myself, and Never Built ANY form of Communication Relationships with ANY person except with One Person for a Brief Moment. Yet, I participated in All the Activities like an Outsider, not Talking At All. What was fascinating, is: those that were part of the Social Group – will get lots of Messages, and Outsiders…Nothing. I Did go and meet some of the Platform Workers in Private Sessions – that is another Post.
Understand: Derren Brown Demonstrates Psychic Ability Amazingly. After the Portal Opened, we were contacted by some International Esoteric Groups that wanted to Interview the Portal and ask questions. But when we insist that they must first Study what we are saying as we are Not following the ‘Norm’, we have found something else – we were Most Viciously Attacked by these ‘Spiritual Beings’, because we Dare to Claim that: We have Found Something that will Contradict their Gift which they have Practiced for Many Years. But All they were: was Just Psychics of the Version Derren Brown Demonstrates.

So please – Heal your Life with Self-Forgiveness. Heal the World with Self Forgiveness. And – Develop the Ultimate Gift: the Gift that will place you on the Road to LIFE, which is Self-Honesty.

We will continue this in Posts to come
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