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Day 232: Creation or Self Creation: Why are we on Earth? - ADC - Part 79

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Creation or Self Creation: Why are we on Earth?

The Journey to get Here, has literally taken Billions of Years. It is all a Meticulous Design that Presents each one with a Simple Question: “Are you just a Creation? Or are you Able to Create Yourself as Life, as Equal and One, as What is Best for All?” As a Creation, one is in a way an Irrelevant, Temporary Blip – like a Pixel on the Television Screen. Because - as Energy, as a Picture in the Mind, as an Illusion – trying to Pretend to be ‘Alive’, there is a Peculiar Switch that Suddenly Switch off this Story, and has been doing so Forever - even long before Earth existed. That Switch, is: Death.

What Remains After Death, if you have not Transcended and Become Life as What is Best for All, while Embodied: will Leave of you, Exactly That which you were on Earth - with only the Parts Remaining that was Not an Illusion. So, for instance: if your Total Being is ‘Love and Consciousness’, which are Subject to Energy, Produced by the Mind through its Parasitic Transformation of the Physical into Energy - very Little will Remain of you. We have Found, that – people with a More Physical Life, have More Remaining of them After Death. The same happens to Children that Die Young, before the Parents Destroy All Opportunity they may have to Actually Create themselves as Life.

So, this is Why Desteni Exist: we Support those that can Grasp, that you’re Always Equal to Yourself. And thus – Death will be the Ultimate Transcendence, for which one Prepare. Because Death, is the One Point that is Unpredictable, the Time Unknown – very Specifically so. You’re not going to Die when you Transcend, you’ll Die when your Time Arrive and that will Remain Unknown, because it’s Appropriate.
So, the Purpose of this Life, is - to Create Yourself, as Individual, and in relationship to Everyone Else on Earth: as That which is Alive, in Every Way – Proven, through your Relationships, your Society, your Consideration for Life; to such an Extent that, Life on Earth is Guaranteed to be Always, that which is Best for All Life. If you Attain that, as a Function - Complete, Unwavering, for Eternity: you will Transcend Death, and the same Being that was on Earth will Continue After Death, as you have Completed your Own Self-Creation as Life as What is Best for All Always.

This should be Commonsense, but: the Mind is an Amazing, Clever Creation which Created You - and you’re Not Even Equal to your own Mind. Believing, for instance – your own Reason, your own Feelings, your own Experiences, and your own Thoughts, your own Words; without in Any Way Understanding HOW the Mind Creates it. And then you Want to Ascend, to a Higher State of Being, with Complete Disregard to the Physical World that makes it Possible for your Body to Exist? And you Expect that, when you Die – there is Anything Worthy of you that should Continue? You have Another Thing Coming…

So, as in Choice – which is ‘Free Choice’: All Choice, must be Possible. Thus, the Choice to Create yourself as Life, as What is Best for All, Always – Eternally: is a Choice, that must be Taken into Living Action, as the Living Word, as the Living Self. That, this is the ‘Highest Choice Possible’, and the Only Choice that Creates Actual Life as What Life Really Is.
Any Other Choice, have various facets of Self-Interest, Separation, Self-Importance, Fear, Ego, and Every Possible Dimension that has Ever been Conceived: to Not Take the process of Self-Creation on. And, thus is – in fact: being Created By – another Source, but yourself. Like for instance the Mind, which was for instance - Created By a Creator God. The Creator God, which was for instance - Created By a Planet in the Universe. And so you See: being a Personality of Consciousness Energy, is a Real Watered Down, little Blip that Simply Vanish when your Source of Energy, which is your Physical Body, which is Alive – ENDS. As it must at this stage, because it Serves the Purpose of a Blueprint of what Life should be.

So, Denying the Physical World as an Illusion is What is the Test, the Challenge, the Temptation. And every single Moment that you are being Lead into Temptation, as you Must Be, because - you have to be Able to say “No” to All Temptation Always, and Always Direct yourself as What is Best for All Life – or you’re Not Worthy of Life…Commonsense in Great Simplicity.
Thus, if you Choose to Not be Life as What is Best for All Life, Always: you Choose to Be Not Life. And thus – there is…Just Nothing. Because, what you have Chosen is Not Real, and thus: Remains Nothing. The Illusion on Earth is that you Believe you’re ‘Something’, while that which is Real, which is the Physical World, which Actually Gives you Life: is Completely Ignored. That is Ignorance. To Ignore the Truth, to Ignore Reality – is Ignorance. And as Lao Tzu warned so long ago: “The Truth is the Simplest Most Direct Answer”, and Lao Tzu – Transcended Death. We will explain more of this Later.

Thus, “If I am to Be, it is up to Me”, and this “Be”, is “Be Life”. And it is a Process of Self Creation that will take the Total Journey of your Life on Earth, because once you Transcend - you will be Life on Earth. And, the Illusion of Energy will be Irrelevant, and Appropriately Understood. There is A LOT of Support Material Available.
And, in a Way – this Answers the Question: is there Life After Death? The Answer is Simple: if there is No Life Before Death = there is No Life After Death. Life Only Exist as That which is Best for All Life, Always - as Life is Always Equal to Life, and thus Always Support and Co-exist as Life.
Appreciate this Earth – it Gives you a Window, where you have the Freedom of Choice, to Choose Life. The odds are Always Against you – as it should be. And You Know whether you will be Life, because: you Must make the Decision. Make the Choice, and then – PROVE IT. And if you Fall, you know you are Falling, because you know the Truth about you in the Secret Abyss of your Mind.

First, to Understand the Mind – THEN, take Responsibility for the Physical Self Life-Body, and to get Rid of the Light Body of Unnatural Light you Create with your Mind, to get to the Real LIFE Body as the FleSh, as the Self.

What will you Choose?

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