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Day 237: At Land is the Answer - ADC - Part 84

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At Land is the Answer

We continue with the Journey, Exploring God. What we Found, through the Portal, was that: the Creator Gods had Parents, and that – Atlantis was something quite Different to All the Speculation that is Available on Earth.
Earth, before it was called “Earth”, was a Planet that did not have Land. It was a Planet of Sound, which is in a way – a form of ‘Liquid’. With varying densities, which were Responsive to Directive-Sound, which nowadays we call “Words”.

At the Time, a very Big Problem existed in the Universe, which was not Unlike what we have on Earth now – with Varying Races and Cultures, existing and Competing for Resources. Resulting in Similar Disharmony, like what now Exist on Earth. This Problem had to be Resolved, as Inevitably, the Disharmony would Unbalance the Relationships and affect Everyone, Regardless of their Perceived Power or Importance.
This the Atlanteans Realised, when they were Initially Approached about an Idea, which Anu presented to them. And, they Agreed to Participate in the concept, which at the time – was: to Create Multiple Universes, which was What Emerged as the Many Mansions/ Many Heavens. So, to Sell the Idea to Everyone in the Universe, was quite Easy. Because, what was Promised – was a Complete New Form of Existence. And as Anu and All couldn’t Find any God Anywhere, they were left to their own Devices. And these Vices, were Obviously Fuelled by Self-Interest. And the Self-Interest varied according to their Individual View each had of themselves, which in a way can be Called “Beliefs” or “Faith” or “the Early Religion”.

The process of Creating a System on Earth, which would become a Gigantic Factory of Energy – was Researched and Planned Meticulously. But, for most – the Real Story was Never Told, as it became a Story, which is now our History. A Repeating Pattern, that had to Produce an Ever-Increasing Amount of Energy - to Fuel the Creation of Multiple Dimensions of Energy, within which All would Exist in a Form of ‘Bliss and Harmony’, under the Auspices of a Control Factor, which through Time became known as “The White Light”. Without Realising, that behind it All was a Group, not Different to the 1% we have on Earth – that had their Own Intentions. Because they regarded themselves as Superior to All the other Beings in the Universe, and therefore – with such a Starting Point, had to Create the 99% as Inferior, as Servants and Slaves which they Duly did.

So, the Plan was First Written in a Code that was Synchronized with the Time Frame of the Planet Atlantis, which through Time would Cause the Dimensions Created through this, as Memory – to Compress the Relationships, very much like Computer Code, into Visible Form - that would Become more and more Condensed through the Gravity of the Dependency that would come about as Relationships, which would eventually Form a more and more Solid Reality. And eventually the Land as we Know it, and the Water as we Know it, and the Relationships that Produce our World: Emerged.
The Biggest Single Problem within this All, is that: the Creator Gods did not Realise, that: when the Changes within Atlantis were Initiated, there would be Changes they could not Foresee. Which were, for instance – the Plant Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom – all the Beings that would not be Ensouled, so to speak.

One must Understand within this, that when we Speak of Anu, we’re not speaking of a particular Being – but rather of a Generational Being, very much like Royalty, that throughout multiple successive Reincarnations, will be called “Anu”. These Incarnations, obviously - were Governed by Different Laws, and not by the particular Laws of the Earth.
The more Intention and Objective were Converged into Form, the Focus Produced an Ever-Increasing Limitation, which throughout Time - would become “life as we Know it” on the Planet now.
The Flesh of the Human Body was Constructed from the Soil and Water of the Earth, and had to Live in Harmony with what the Earth was Producing as ‘Life Force’. The Ensoulment was, where: Beings from other parts of the Universe, would be ‘Infused’ into the Flesh-Body with a Management System called “The Mind”. To, in a way, form a Relationship of Alchemy, through which we Produce a Substance, which would eventually be called “Energy”, in Many Forms.
This Also Produced something Unforseen: it Produced Land, and with it – the Past, the Present and the Future. Thus, a Measurable Consequence, which could be Studied to Understand the Psychological Disharmony which existed in the Universe.

In this, you have to Understand, that – Any Life, in its Preprogrammed Design, was very particularly Placed in Relationships with All Other Life within the Ensouled Realm. And within this, the Creator Gods had to make sure that No One ever Realised, the True Nature of this Endeavour. Because that would make it Possible for it to be Challenged. And, at this Stage: the Creator Gods felt that the 99% were not Redeemable and could only ever Exist as their Slaves. And thus, they Created it in Exact Replica, to what they Perceive the Universe to be. And “as above, so below” it Became.

We’ll continue with this in the next post…
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