Monday 17 December 2012

Day 247: Success and God - ADC - Part 94

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

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Success and God

Failure is Positive Feedback. Success is Negative Feedback. This is Life Enlightenment. This is Understanding Self-Interest to Establish What is Best for All Life. What is Best for All Life is Not Success, it is Simply the Consistent Equilibrium of Forces in a Way where All Parts Optimally Experience themselves as What is Best for the particular form that Life takes in that Moment.

Success is where a particular Form, Grants itself More Value than What is Best for All Life.
Failure is simply when What is Best for All Life, is Not Yet the Normal Functioning of Life.

Failure is a Way of Instruction.
Success is a Way of Delusion.

Failure Brings Awareness. Success brings Blindness and Ignorance.
Failure Produce the Ultimate Understanding. Success is when Nothing is Learned from Failure.

Failure is the State in which All Beings exist, when the Relationship between beings do not Produce a Reality that is Best for All Life.

A Successful Failure, is when Failure is taken Personally – and the Purpose of Failure is not Grasped. Because Failure, has been Changed into the Illusion of Energy and is Experienced as some form of ‘Feeling’.
Failure, when Grasped – is the Map and the Road to Self-Perfection.

Unfortunately, on All Levels of the Human Civilization – Failure and Success have been Demonized as Energetic Forms with Control and Misdirection over the Laws of Physics that Governs the Existence of Form, and Information.
Do Not Allow yourself to be Mistaken, by Giving Failure an Energetic Personality.

Without Failure – Self-Perfection is Impossible.
Without Failure – Birthing Harmony on Earth is Impossible.
Without Failure – Perfecting Individualization is Impossible.
Without Failure – Enlightenment Perfection is Impossible.

When Failure and Success become Energized Personalities – Only Consciousness Exist, and Life is nowhere to be Found.

There is a Way, with which you can Assist yourself to Clarify your Relationship with Success and Failure, and to Bring it within a Harmony so that you can Learn from it. This is a Free Online Course with Desteni LITE.

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