Thursday 6 December 2012

Day 236: The Trinity as Creator - ADC - Part 83

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The Trinity as Creator

The Trinity is Named: “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. This forms a Triangle that Encompass Creation. The Father is the Past, the Son is the Present and the Future is the Holy Spirit. In every System that is currently on Earth, that the Human Participate in – these Three as Past, Present and Future, Determines our Total Reality. It exist Both within the Memory of the Mind, where it is Creating Religion, Hope and Faith and it Exist as our Laws and our Social System, through which we’re Attempting to Control the Past in the Present through the Rule of Law / the Fear of Law – to Secure the Future, so that the Past can Remain in Control.

When this Triangle of Time Spins, it Creates the Circle of Life that Moves Inwards and Outwards within a Fibonacci Relationship. With the Outwards of the Circle - being the Boundary to where we go within our Accepted Reality and the Centre Point – being the Decision we make to Clone our Past in a slightly different Picture, so that at least our Future, in spite of the same Pattern, will have a Different Vision.
All our Intellectual and Physical and Metaphysical Advances, are based on this Trinity. And Different Groups, placed different Emphasis on different Parts of the Three Parts that make up the Trinity. Then the Group will take the building blocks of their Existence, which is Vocabulary, and will Align the Words in Meaning – to fit in with their Vision of the Trinity. In this, at all times - making sure that the Pattern remains Stable and that No Actual Change takes place. So that regardless, the Past will be lived in the Present, and become the Future. And so, a Bizarre Faith in a Stable Future is Created for Some, and the Rest – is left in the Hope of one day being able to become Part of the ‘Plan of God’ as the Trinity as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In All Versions of Religion, even the Metaphysical so-called ‘Advanced Spirituality’: the exact same Pattern repeats. And inevitably, those that Profess to Live in the Present – will Create Vocabulary that will make them Seem ‘Good’ and ‘Advanced’, but in fact – the Vocabulary would just Justify the fact that they’re not Changing the Past in fact, but Repeat it Ad nauseum. An example of this is the Word ‘Compassion’. Compassion is claimed to be a State of a ‘Higher Being’, but in fact – it is just a Justification, as to Why Actual Change is not Actioned. The Reason Why this Pattern is Dominant, is because: this is the Pattern that is Programmed into every being. And it Ensures, that the Being – in spite of Inventing many different Meanings and Vocabulary and Imagine many Different Visions – will repeat the Pattern, regardless; just Justified as ‘Righteous’. An example, for instance is: that Many Believe that they are Souls that After Death will Return and be The Soul. But, in fact – the Soul is just a Past, and even in All Beliefs in Life After Death – it is always a Return to the Past, a Perfect Prison, a Perfect Control.

It is Vital, that: the Mechanism that is Creating and Populating this Trinity-Pattern with Meaning and Multi-Dimensions of Imaginations, which is the Mind – must be Understood in its Mechanical Detail. So that one can Set yourself Free from this Horrendous Control of Repeating the Past, forever wanting to go back to the Father, protecting the Family. Within this, to make sure – that No Actual Change takes place on Earth to Produce a World that is Best for All Life.
Again, this will be a Most Difficult Journey – because: this Means Change at a Fundamental Level, and Total Rebirth of the Personality into and as the Physical Flesh. So that one can Adjust the Trinity Relationships, to Produce the Spirit of Life, instead of some Holy Spirit that is apparently ‘Untouchable’ and can Never be Achieved on Earth. For this, Desteni Presents more than Sufficient Support for those that can manage to Break their Trinity Brainwashing.

Only those that can Transcend their Ego, though – can Join Desteni. And even in this, most that Claim they have No Ego -have just Changed the Meaning of Ego, to some form of Holiness. But they do not In Fact have a Clue, about the Mechanics of even a Single Thought. Ignorance is Bliss, and Bliss is Love and Light – and the Self-Interest of Joy.
If you are Able to Hear Me: your Time is Here. If you are not able to Hear me, your time is Not Yet. Either way: I Dare you to Act.
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