Tuesday 18 December 2012

Day 248: Change The World and God - ADC - Part 95

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

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Change The World and God

On Earth, no one is a Stranger to Change. In Fact, Change has Accelerated to the Point where the Change in Value of the Stock Exchange could have a Major Impact. We Change Cars, we Change Cell-phones and we are Bombarded with Change through Magazines, Newspapers and Television. And every day, we Change the World – but Strange enough: the Only Way we Change the World – is into a Place where Life is more and more Unwelcome and only the Self-Interest that Result from a Preprogrammed Illusion, is Seen as Valid, as Change.

We can Investigate History, and we will See the Trend has Always been – to Change the World into more Sophisticated forms of Slavery, more Sophisticated forms of War, more Sophisticated ways of Brainwashing, more Sophisticated ways of Control – but NEVER do we Change the World, into a Place that will be Best for All Life. And, in spite of the Evidence – we do Not Change our Stance, to Give the Responsibility of Change on Earth to God. Millions upon Millions Pray every day, Fervently, that God must Arrive in some form and Change the World into Paradise. Generation after Generation – the same Prayers goes up to the Heavens, and Yet: we are Too Blind to See – that we are in fact Changing the World. We’re Changing it every day. We are exterminating, Daily, more and more Life Forms – because they Interfere with our Pursuit of Happiness, our Self-Interest.

If there is Anything with More Evidence that it is in fact an Absolute Waste of Time – it might be Prayer. Prayer is the Single Human endeavour, that throughout All Ages – Never Produced a Result that in any way Show that God Exist or is Interested, in the Affairs of Man. Strange enough, you’re not even Allowed to say this without being called a “Blasphemer”.
When you say that “Prayer is a Waste of Time” – you’re actually telling the Truth. You should be Hailed as a Hero, a Saviour because – you Dare to Speak Up, based on Actual Evidence.

The level of Delusion of the Human Being – is So Astounding, that we should Ban the Birth of any new Children on Earth, until we have Removed the Mental Disease of Religion forevermore. Because, any Child Born on Earth – is certain to be Abused to the point where they become just a Copy of the Parents, which will Pray to Change the World, while they go on Abusing the World. That is Definite Child Abuse. It is a Definite Crime. The Evidence for that is Overwhelming.
If God exist, you better have a Very Good Excuse why you Prayed, and did Nothing to Change the World to What is Best for All Life. Because, if there has ever been enough Evidence to send every Human to Hell: we are now Living in that Time. Not a single human can Claim, based on the Evidence – that they Deserve to go to Heaven. No Human Love their Neighbour as themselves. No Human Give as they would like to Receive.

It is Important, if you can Hear me – to Consider the Evidence. To make an Effort, to Free you from your Delusions. Do some Investigation, throughout History – to See if Religion has ever made the World a better place, and Find it in you to Actually Forgive yourself, for Allowing yourself to Not Change the World to What is Best for All Life.
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