Thursday 13 December 2012

Day 243: Happy Birthday and God - ADC - Part 90

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Happy Birthday and God

It is Implied, by each One, on Earth that – the Birthday, which is the Point of Arrival on Earth, is apparently a ‘Happy Occasion’. Can we Truly say, that this is so for Everyone on Earth? What Determines this apparent ‘Happiness’?

Those, mostly with Money, will Claim that this ‘Happiness’ is a Gratefulness for being ‘Alive’. Those without Money, is Certainly not in a Position of Gratefulness for being ‘Alive’. Those with Money, Refuse to give up their Money and Live just on Gratefulness.
Yet, every Child is Indoctrinated into the Idea that a Birthday, the Arrival Point on Earth, has something to do with ‘Happiness’. And this ‘Happiness’ is accentuated and Equated to What Money can Buy, in terms of Party Gifts, Sweets, Cakes – on this ‘Special Day’.

Let’s look at this, from another Perspective. Does God have any say in the Amount of Happiness there is on a Birthday? Or is it Money that Determines that? And those that Claim that “it is about Love, not Money” – do so, maybe because they don’t have Money. Is their Claim based, on the Fact that they have Given up on that they will Never have enough Money? And they have Decided to Accept their Condemnation to a State of ‘Getting by’, Survival, or Subsistence - Purely because, the World System Force them into that Position.
If we Remove God from the Equation of “Happy Birthday”, you’ll Notice that – Nothing on Earth Change, and everything Remains Exactly as it is Now, because God has no Say or Effect or Input, or anything to do with Life on Earth, especially Nothing about Birthdays or Happiness.

So, the Existence of God, in Relation to Life on Earth – is Actually, Totally, Irrelevant. Who Decide what happens on Earth, but the Human? Whether everybody on Earth will have a Happy Birthday, Yearly, with Enough of What is Required for a Happy Life on Earth – is Decided by Every Individual on Earth, Independently, and then Acted out, within Alignment with the Groups that Form around the Self-Interest that the Groups Want to Protect.

This makes One Thing Very Clear: If Life on Earth is Ever to Change – it’s going to Depend on the Individual, and with what the Individual Align themselves with. And How the Individual use their Power they have on Earth, which is Money, and thus How the Individual Direct this Money and Spend this Money.

If we look at the Groups that has Formed on Earth, to Direct Society – we Must Remember, that: All Groups were Born from the Principles of Inequality, with the Intent to Protect Inequality. Therefore, for a Group like The Equal Life Foundation – the following Points are Pertinent: We will Never get any Support from any Grouping that were Formed by Inequality, because: we Represent Equality as What is Best for All Life, Always.

The United Nations Presents Inequality. The WHO Presents Inequality. The IMF Presents Inequality. All Religions Presents Inequality. All Corporations Presents Inequality. All Educational Institutions Presents Inequality. All Economic Systems Presents Inequality. All Political Organizations Presents Inequality. All Families Presents Inequality. All Cultures Presents Inequality. None of the Groups currently on Earth, will Support in Any Way what is Best for All Life so that Every Child will have a Happy Birthday.
Only the Individuals that Realise their Responsibility towards Change on Earth to What is Best for All: will Determine whether this Happens, according to How they would Align their Support. Within this, each one Must Realise, that: Every Group that Exist to Protect Inequality – will Refuse to Stop Inequality, and will In Fact try and Prevent Equality, because that is the Nature of their Existence.

As the Group Grows, that is Destined to Change the World, and the Destiny of the World: we will Eventually Reach a Large enough Group, that Will Constitute Change on Earth – and Bring About Constitutional Equality as What is Best for All Life. And then: Life will be Born on Earth, and for the First Time - For Real, will have a Happy Birthday.
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  1. Agreed, only then can we really shout Happy Birthday, when coming into this world won't mean having shackles on an endless payroll-path unwinding as we come of age.


  2. Thanks for this blog. Fuck all birthdays till life is Equal.

  3. Thanks for sharing - Common sense, which, if it was common in fact, the world would be a different place. Equality is the only way to change what is here into something worthy of life that will in fact support life.