Friday 28 December 2012

Day 258: Vampires in the Soul of Sacred Geometry - ADC - Part 105

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Vampires in the Soul of Sacred Geometry

Vampires are Portrayed as Eternal Beings that Live on the Blood of the Physical Body, the so-called ‘Common Human’.

This is not Unlike the Portrayal of the Relationship between the Soul and the Flesh. Erroneously – those that Profess to be ‘Souls’, will Claim that the Body of Flesh is a temporary Illusion. And they would base it on the Experience they Generate through Mind Systems, which Follows the Design of the System where: the Search for Meaning and Reason, would Follow through the Combination of Predesigned Platonic Solids as Key Parts to Systems that produce Energy and Visual Input which the Person Align with, So Intensely that they Believe that it is Real, and they Disregard the Simple Reality of a Breath and Food and Bodily Functions that Keeps them Alive.

In this, these ‘Souls’ End-up Acting like Vampires in the Physical Reality, Seeking to Consume everything in their Path for the Self-Interest of the ‘Feeling’ that Produce, according to them, the ‘Experience of Happiness’. The fact that this ‘Happiness’ is Produced at the Cost of the Suffering of Uncountable Living Beings – Simply is Ignored or Seen as ‘Collateral Damage’ of an Illusion that will ‘Suddenly, Magically’ Disappear.
Strange Enough – all is in Reverse, and it is the Soul that Suddenly Disappear upon Death. The Body would remain as Part of the Physical World, to again gather Dust in another Life Form – not necessarily Human. Like a Maggot, where the Life Form will Breathe and Eat and be in a Relationship and have their Being.

Apparently, the Consciousness as Personality is a ‘Higher Form’ of Being, because – it can ‘Reason’. But, in fact – it has No Reason. Reason would be the Ability to Directively, Always, Manage All Existence in a Cooperative Way with Respect, Understanding the Inherent Equality as the Life Force that Animates the Form. But the Consciousness Refuse to Consider this. Because that would mean, it Must Give-Up its Self-Interest which is Focused on the Continuous Systematic Production of Energy and Feelings by Systems that the End-Result as Consciousness Never Sees, Never Understands, Never Considers.
Frankly, to be the End-Product as Energy and Feeling – without Understanding the Mechanics of Production: is the Height of Ignorance, and is the CORE Cause where All Life Forms and Life itself is Ignored.

As Above, So Below Dictates – that: what Happens on Earth as How Consciousness Ignores Life = Also Happen in Heaven. And that we Found as you can Explore in for instance, Journeys into the Afterlife and other Recordings that is Available for those that Dare to Consider that: If you Ignore Life, Life Will Ignore you. You Decide your Future, your Existence by what you Allow yourself to Be and Become.

In this, the Family virtually Act like a Vampire Coven that protects Self-Interest – No Matter What, and will Destroy Anything that Stands in the Way of its Survival. While, there is Another Way: the Co-Existence of All Form in a Harmonious Way – Giving to Each Life, as one would like to Receive Life. And to manage that within the Laws of Physics so that Each Life, from Birth to Death – could be the Optimum, Actual, Experience of Being on Earth. Where, in fact – All Needs are Sufficiently Fulfilled. Unless some would Take the Resources like Water, Control it, Put a Price Tag on it and Allow a Billion People No Access – simply because they have No Money. In this, the Real Illusion…is Money.

Yet, Those that Dare to Claim themselves to be ‘Souls’: are only able to do so, because they have Money as a Weapon to Protect them and Keep their Lifestyle so Designed, that they can Claim, Erroneously, that: their Success is Based on their ‘Spirituality’. Their Spirituality, in fact, is the Result of Deliberate Designed Systems that Purely Emphasize the Evil Nature of the Soul and the Spirit, which would Dare to Exist without Considering What is Best for All Life, Always. That Alone, Determines All Futures and All Lives.

May you Wake Up, before it is Too Late. 
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