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Day 245: Immortality of the Soul and God - ADC - Part 92

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Immortality of the Soul and God

The Immortal Soul, many Claim, they BELIEVE exist. But, it is Only based on Faith. Faith is Extremely Important for those too Ignorant to Heed Jesus’s Call, which said: “Investigate ALL things, and Keep what is Good”. And thus, this Ignorance Feeds Many Varieties of Faith, that has Only Brought Destruction, War and Inequality on Earth from the Beginning of Time.

For those that Control the Resources, normally in the Name of their Families – Faith is very Important, because if you can Convince the Populace that you Must Exist by Faith Alone, and that Faith is the Only Value: your Control of the Resources on Earth will Not be Challenged. The Elite has done this for Eons of Time, with Great Success.

In Modern Times, they've managed to Distract the Populace with All Kinds of Popular Movements, like Occupy Wall Street – to bring the Faith Principle into a Complete New Thought Arena, by Distracting the Populace to Focus on Irrelevant Ideas. While the Resources Provided by Earth, Remains Safely in the Custody of the Elite Families.

One of the More Prolific Ideas of Faith – that Developed as a Substitute for Christianity, is Spirituality and Consciousness based on the Immortality of the Soul. This took the Business of Faith to a Whole New Level, because those that Believe in the Faith – is quite Similar in their Nature, in their Conviction to those that Believe that Jesus Died for their Sins and washed them Cleaned with His Blood. The New Age Spiritualists, only Replaced the Blood of Jesus with the Spirit of Light and Love. And made of it an Equal Business to Christianity – where, more and more New Age Gurus, Accumulate vast sums of Wealth in their Endeavour to keep the Populace occupied and Distracted from the Truth, that: the Resources on Earth that Belongs to everyone – is Not in the Hands of Everyone, but are in the Hands of the Elite.
The Elite, Act in their Own Interests by Controlling Publishing and the Media and Promote the Works of the New Age Gurus, where – the Competition is Extensive and it is Seen as a Form of ‘Success’, if your Books gets Published to Spread more Beautiful Stories of the Faith in Beautiful Spirit Bodies of Immortality. You See, only the Names Change – but the Basic Pattern Remains the Same.

This Faith is Created by Thought, Emotion and Feeling, and just as None of these Gurus can in Detail Explain to you the Structured Design of a Thought, they also Cannot explain to you the Structured Origin of the Soul. Because, if you Knew the Design of the Soul, the Intent as to Why it was Created and that, In Fact, it is Not Immortal – and that you end up Participating in it through Thoughts, you have no idea where they came from: if you had this Self Honesty – you would Immediately Stop your Self-Delusion, and you will turn your Face, to Face the Problems on Earth that affects so Many Children that do not have Any Equality as Life, when they are Born on Earth. We are not even mentioning the Adults, the Animals and the Plants and other Living Forms.

You see, the Dear Souls – are the SOULdiers of the Wealthy, that are Accosted – under the Banner of for instance, the Law Of Attraction and Positive Thinking – to Champion the Ideas of Abundance and Success, that forms Part of an Unequal Economic System. Using Financial Success and Lifestyle Success as ‘Evidence’ that, apparently – you are of ‘Purer Soul’ or of ‘Purer Spirit’. Bullshit to Baffle Brains. And Most Spiritual People, do not do Any Real Research – but Read these Books, that are not even the Original Works of the Authors, as they were Edited according to the Criteria of the Publishers, to Entertain Popular Thought, and then come to Profound Conclusions about their Immortality as a Soul and as a Spirit.

We can Understand this happening, because our Total Education System, utilize a Fantastic Method of Brainwashing. Where Critical Thinking, is Designed to Criticize Anything that Challenge the Accepted Line of Positivity within the Great Dream, within the Pursuit of Happiness, because: Challenging anything that Interfere with the Dream – is Automatically ‘Negative’. For this Reason – you will Not Find an Immortal Soul, or a Great Spiritual Being, Willing to Investigate the Exact Structural Design of Thought, for instance. Because, they Believe in their Profound Faith, that their Feelings, which is obviously ‘Good’ – are the ‘Evidence’, that they are ‘Correct’ in their Assumption.
Unfortunately, the Feelings are Created by the Thought, and the Thoughts – all of them, is Not the Product of the Being. In Fact, the Being is So Disempowered, that it has Never had Any Original Conception of Anything – but is Always just a Copy, of the Generation that went before, which Follows Self-Interest as Happiness in the Claim that that is, the Evolution of ‘Intellect and Consciousness’.

The Physical World was Designed, to Mirror the Actions of Humanity and to Show the Delusions of the Mind. Therefore you can take the Mind away, and Earth will Continue. You can take the Human Away, and Earth will Continue. But, you Introduce the Human with the Mind – and the Spiteful manner in which it Refuse to take Responsibility for Life: and the World and Nature will be Devastated.
The Evidence is Clear – the Self Honesty is Not.

Dear Soul
Please be Aware, that Upon your Death – the Soul will be No More. Find it in you to Investigate All Things and to Change yourself into Life, Evidenced in How you Live on Earth as Part of a World System that Consider All Life, Equally, and Give to All – what is Best for All, from Birth to Death. That is the Forgiveness that will Save yourself, from your Delusions.
Investigate, thus – Self Forgiveness in Self Honesty. 
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