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Day 256: When the Negative is Positive in Secret Geometry - ADC - Part 103

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When the Negative is Positive in Secret Geometry

One of the Tell-Tale Controls in the Preprogrammed Consciousness is where the Experience as ‘Positive’ is seen as ‘Truth’, instead of the Actual Physical Evidence of Individual Lives on Earth Not being Equal, and Best for Life. This is particularly Evident in the New Age and Spirituality Scene, where: the Emphasis is placed on the ‘Positive Experience’, past, present and future without an Inkling of an Idea – What and How the Actual ‘Positive Experience’ is Created as an Energetic Force.
Even attempting to Share HOW the ‘Positive Experience’ is Created, which may Invalidate it and may Prove it to be a Negative Experience in fact: is Simply Ignored, Denied, Shouted down - whatever way possible, the One Trapped by the Platonic Solids Relationship of Least Resistance that Produce an Energy of ‘Positivity’, is Regarded as the ‘Only Truth’.

Unfortunately, the World is in Reverse and Every Positive Experience that is Separate from the Actual Physical Reality, were Designed Specifically to Cover-Up the Negativity of the Actual Life on Earth with a Shiny Energy Veneer. Because, it was Imperative for the Production of Energy on Earth that the Slave must be Appropriately Conditioned to Never Move from its Position within which it would Produce the Optimum Amount of Energy through the Mind to Feed the Dimensions of the Afterlife.
This has now been Inverted, which means: these Energies now will Follow a Geometric Expansion in the relationship of Pi, which is called the Fibonacci Spiral; and it will Stretch the One Trapped within the Preprogrammed Design of Positivity to the Point of Final Breakdown. Not only in their own Lives, but within All Connecting Lives that Support this Atrocity and Abuse of Life through Positivity. This is a really Sad Story, because: Breaking Free from this Positivity through Experience is not the Recommended Method. As this would be a Most Daunting Experience, Stretching over Many Years, which will Eventually bring some Commonsense and Self-Honesty; to those Unwilling to Investigate the Mechanics of Positive Thinking and Thought in general and the Feeling-Experience specific.

So many of the Positive Thinkers Claim that “one must have an Open Mind” or “the Mind only Functions when it’s Open”; one should rather adjust this to: “a Mind is Only Open, when you Can Openly Investigate the Mechanics of the Mind. And you only have an Open Mind, when you In Fact Understanding the Exact Mechanics of Every Thought, Feeling and Emotion you have Ever had in your Life - to Understand How you have become who you are now.” This place into Question All Those who Claim to have ‘Open Minds’, because: they haven’t got a clue, and here I have to use it again – how Even One Single Thought is generated, through the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical.

We are just a Product of a Program, but Act all ‘Holy and Mighty’ – throwing around Grand Ideas of Life after Death, Ascension, Spiritual Guides, Angels; WOW – Soldiers of Light, this is a War you can’t Win. Because, it’s an Illusion and you will Always Lose in the End, because All the Energy, All the Thoughts, All the Emotions and All the Feelings, and All the Connections, and All the Love, and All the Light: will End with your Last Breath. And, what will Remain: is something very close to Nothing. Because, NOTHING that you have Lived were Real, and that which were Real, making it Possible for your self to Live, the Physical World: you have Disregarded, you have even Claimed that it is an Illusion. Here again, I must Remind you: try and Hold your Breath and See whether Love and Light will keep you Alive. Try and Hold your Breath and see if you’ll Ascend.

Self-Honesty, Self-Honesty, Self-Honesty.

We of Life, do not Mind Waiting. And on the Other Side of Death – even this Nearly Nothing of you that will Remain, we will Assist you and Prepare you to Once Again Enter the Physical and Face your Illusions and Delusions. But, you will have to do it in the Physical World, in the Physical Realm by the Laws of Physics. Unless you Transcend this, you will Repeat the same stuff and the Horror will Grow, as it is Growing Already – if you DARE to LOOK. 

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