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Day 254: Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 2 - ADC - Part 101

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Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 2

The Secret isn’t really a ‘Secret’, because – all of the so-called Enlightened ‘claim’ to Understand this. But, they Refuse to Investigate How they got Lost as the End-Product of Sacred Geometry, which is just the Reward of ‘Love and Light’. Imagine, Selling Eternal Light for a Reward of ‘Love and Light’…

In the Design of the Physical, we have to Look at some of the Results that eventually came forth from the Mind, externalized as Technology. If you look at the Combustion Engine for instance, and you Study its Parts – you’ll Notice that: the Critical, Functioning Parts of the Combustion Engine necessary to Produce Energy, Follows and Functions as Platonic Solid Variations, in various Sequences; Creating a Force that eventually Drive the Engine.
These All first Existed, in the Mind as the Mind and was Preprogrammed. No-one Invented this. Each Inventor has been Selected and Programmed to Deliver an Object that would, in the end, Engage the Human Race in a Process of Seeking Rewards - Forever staying out of the Present Reality, Never Understanding the Physics of it.
This was Necessary, so that the Interdimensional Systems of the Mind – could follow a Timeline of Production, as it Consumes Substance, for the sake of Generating Different Frequencies, Formats, of Energy – necessary for Creating Universal Control throughout the Universe, through a Similar Reward System as the Consumer System on Earth. The Consumer-System in Heaven, was Simply just going by a Different Name: the Soul System.
Fascinatingly enough, Indicating the Sole Purpose for the Human Existence, being that: as a Slave – Producing the Energy Necessary for the Multi-Dimensions Existence, in Form.

Now, this has been a Process that Required the Complete Submission of the Physical Vehicle, into the Acceptance of the Process, which was termed “Evolution” - so that the Human would Never Question what would Develop on Earth. Therefore, the Systems would be Designed in Pieces and the Human has got to Piece it together, and once a System is Effectively Constructed – the Human would Receive a Reward as a Feeling. For instance, a Feeling of Achievement, or a Feeling of Accomplishment, or a Feeling of Purpose – for a Little While, the Feeling would be Dominant and then, again, the Human will Feel there is ‘Something More’…the Next Feeling. And start Searching for the Pieces to Piece together another System, which would Lead the Human to Believe that they are In Fact the Mind, that their Thoughts and Feelings are In Fact ‘Real’, and that this is Confirmed through their Experience and Accomplishment. As they would Convince themselves that they are becoming ‘More’ through each Evolutionary Step. Ascension for instance, being One of the Steps.
But, in Reality – All they’ve Done: is Taken Preprogrammed Pieces from Forces with a Hidden Intent – Piece it Together, until they Become the Experience of the Feeling Produced by the New System. They would then Feed this System, and Keep it Running for as long as its Designed Life. Producing Energy that then would be Harvested, for something Quite Different to what Everyone Believe.

It was Obviously Imperative that No Human Ever Gain Access, to the Real Intent – because that would Cause the Eventual Understanding of All the Systems, which will Cause, eventually: the Human to Wake Up, which will Cause, eventually: the Human to Gain the Ability to Set themselves Free from Enslavement. And that would Cause the End of a Mechanical Existence, where All Emotions and Feelings are Produced by Interdimensional Systems, Presented as Feelings and Thoughts – to Keep the Human Entertained and Engaged in a Faith of Purpose and Meaning, which would Never be Anything that is Best for All Life. But, the Human would Not Notice that, because: they’re Existing, continuously, in Fear – Attempting to Complete their Task by Piecing together a System, which will Result in the Experience of ‘Love’ and which they would then See as ‘Light’. This ‘Light’ and ‘Love’ will Shine and become Brighter if they Focus on it, because – then, the Machine/System Produced, would Function and Produce MORE Energy. And the Energy, will Give the Human the Illusion of ‘Power’. A Power they Never want to Give Up, because they believe it’s ‘Them’. They even call it ‘Divinity’.

One should Ask, Why have you Never been Allowed Access to the Actual Multi-Dimensions of the Universe as the Afterlife? And Why, Those that Claim to have had Access, would Only Ever Enter Controlled Dimensions – where they Interact with Just a Few Beings that Feed them the same Information that is Already on Earth? One Should Ask, Why we Find it Virtually Impossible – to Change the Patterns of the Thoughts and Feelings, the Life Patterns? And Why, one can Feel No Compassion, this is Real Compassion, for Other Living Beings? And Why we Justify Only for our own Self-Interest this Purpose-Seeking, this Feeling – many cases, without a Name; but, it’s Like – one tend to call it a ‘Higher Purpose’: “There must be something More”…?

We’ll continue with this in the next Post
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