Tuesday 4 December 2012

Day 234: Parents as Gods - ADC - Part 81

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Parents as Gods

As Feral Children Proves: the Environment, the Parent – determines what will become of the Child. And that makes, for all practical purposes – the Parent, in fact, as God in a Child’s Life. This should be a Fundamental Issue and Form part of International Law, that Children’s Rights must be Protected, firstly from Parents.

Thus, if the Parent is not Adequately Trained to Ensure the Optimum Development of a Child in their First Seven Years, the Child Will Be Affected for the Rest of its Life. This is Probably the Most Gross Form of Child Abuse that has been Accepted and Allowed on Earth, in spite of the Knowledge being Available of the Critical Impact that Environment and Parenting has on a Child’s Life in the First Seven Years. In this Context, there are many factors that is being Allowed, besides Parenting – Economics, for instance as well, that will Impact a Child’s Life, and Result in a Lesser Developed Human. For All Practical Purposes, what Happens Here – meets the Criteria of a Criminal Offense that is being Perpetrated. But, just because our Laws are not made to be That which is Best for All and are made to Protect certain Interest Groups, be it Religion, Economic, Political or in any other form – we have this Disastrous Situation, which is Growing Exponentially at a Global Level. Like, for instance today – the level of Mathematical Ability in South Africa has been Measured and the Results has been Released, which indicate that 91% of Grade 9 Pupils attained an average of a 12% Mark for Maths. That is Equal to saying, they know nothing about Mathematics.

The Fundamental Building Blocks of Mathematics are Vocabulary, and Tables and Bonds. Tables and Bonds should be integrated to the Quantum Physical Level by the Age of 7. The Alphabet, which is the Building Blocks of Words and Vocabulary, should be Integrated to the Quantum Physical Level by the Age of 7. This is Not Happening, and now we have Generations of People – virtually in a Zombie State. Perfect Slaves, that Allows the Elite and Wealthy to Abuse this Earth, while the Poor is Unable to do anything about it. Simply because, they don’t have the Most Basic Skills that should be a Basic Human Right, which is the Ability to Read, the Ability to do Mathematics and the Ability to Write. These Abilities are Fundamental in Developing an Adequate Human, and these Abilities are the Fundamental Responsibility of Parenting, and yet - most Parents don’t have a Clue about how to Develop these Skills in a Child.

Furthermore, the Parent will Determine the Personality and Character of the Child, the Weaknesses and Strengths, the Mental Disorders, the Emotional Instability, the Delusional Feelings of Influence that allows a Child to become a Controlled Adult. The Basics of Critical Reasoning, which should be Fundamentally Based on What is Best for All Life, Always – is Completely Misdirected to Self-Interest, according to either Religion, or Culture, or Economics, or One of the Arenas of the World System, which are Deliberately Funded to Create these Inequalities and Force onto the World a System of Non-Stop Atrocity. While the Human is being Entertained by Hollywood and Television and Consumerism. In the meantime, the Earth is being Consumed at an Ever-Increasing Rate. This Will not go without Consequence.

Furthermore, the Mind forms a Fundamental Part in the Development of Character and the Body forms the Foundation Structure of this, as the Hard-drive where Memory and Design and Blueprint is Stored and Energized. The Parent Understand Nothing of this, neither does the Teacher, neither does the Psychologist, neither does the World Leaders or the Religious Leaders – how could they be Leaders, if they do not Care about What is Best for All Life, for Every Child Born on Earth to ensure the best Possible Life for Each One.
That is what each Parent wish for their Own Children. Yet, they do Nothing to Ensure that it Happens - and try and Buy this. By the Time the Parent employs a Tutor, it is already too late – because the Tutor you are employing also haven’t got a clue. And although one may get a Result in the System, the System is flawed and therefore the result is Flawed. So, to Feel that you are Adequate because you Excel in the System – only is Evidence that you have Grown in your Stature as an Abuser of Life, because the more you Grow in Stature in the System, the Less you’ll do to Change it. Because, if you change it – you will Lose your Acquired Position of Privilege and Power over others.

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