Sunday 20 January 2013

Day 277: Psyche Logical Creation and Desteni

When a Child is Born, the Child Logically Follow the Psyche Instructions the Parent and the Environment Provides, and from that – Accumulate and Construct a Personality-Consciousness, with Various Personas through which to Participate in this World - with the Sole-Purpose, to Fit-in and Survive in a Measure of Self-Space.

As anyone that has ever been Involved in Training, where Success is Based on Following Instructions knows: the Result of Following Instructions, Give a Predetermined Result, Measurable, and Certain. This is especially, Effectively used in the Armed Forces or in Training someone for a Specific Career.
With the Instructions Presented to a Child in this World, the Problem is that: the Instructions are so Wayward, that – Every Human Being end-up as a Self-Created Psychological Disorder. The Logical Development of the Psyche, should be the Primary Important Point that is Well-Instructed so that the Resultant Human would be Logically, Predictably, that which is Always Best for the Self and for Everyone else. Because that way: we will have a Safe and Harmonious World.

Unfortunately, we don’t Have Instructions, or Instructors – and Once the Psyche has Formed into Consciousness: the Lines that Create this, becomes Invisible as it is Covered-Up by the Result of the Psychological Development which Produce Feelings, Emotions, Energy, and above all – Imagination. From these Developments Form a Faith, Desire, Hope, Insecurity, and Every other Psychological Condition which in some Form, Represent a Certain Acceptance and Allowance of Limitation and as such, is: the Evidence of a Failed Upbringing, as the Child becomes something without Understanding even the Most Basic Logical Instructions Necessary to be Understood; to Both Understand How one Create oneself and to be able to Correct the Construct which will Produce the Consciousness, wherever Necessary.

These Constructs are like Dimensional-Planes within the Physical Substance, which are Formed as Memories – categorized according to their ‘Energetic Production Importance’ and therefore: the Human will end-up Following those Energies to which they become Most Addicted. And, which they Find they can Produce with the Least Effort – whether it be Success or Failure, or Any One of the Multiple Disorders that Now already Exist as Forms of Personality-Consciousness.

All of this, has been Accepted As “the Way the World Works” and “the Way the Human is Created”. But, None that Claims this can Explain to you: How “the Way the Human Works” has been Logically Created. And therefore, the Connections between related Events that Form between Memories, to Eventually Construct the Energetic-Consciousness: cannot be Seen – even by the Greatest Psychics, Channelers, Enlightened Beings, Psychologists, Educators or Family Members.

As Each Formed Consciousness ends-up in a Way as an Exploited-Being, many Develop Skills through which to Exploit the Fact the everyone is Exploited and Created As Consciousness-Characters with ‘Flaws’. These Flaws can be Exploited to Create, for instance: Massive Inequality, with Some having All the Benefit with FULL Participation of the Exploited. While the Rest, which is Always the Majority: cannot Help themselves, because they Believe, in Total Faith, that ‘Who they Are’ is “Just the Way they Are Created As”.

No-One Ever Stops, to Consider – that this did Not Happen by Some Divine Force, but In Fact: is Simply the Result of the Instructors, which in Most Cases are the Parents, Family and Environment Systems. From this, Followed obviously, the World Social System – which Incorporates Religion, Economics, Entertainment, Educations and All parts that Now Form the World we Know. Because the Participants, which is the Human Consciousness – are Flawed, obviously the Systems are Also Flawed.
Within this, because the Human Believe this Completely – No Change in the World is Possible; although Many Realise Self-Change is Necessary.

Strange enough: those that Realise that Self-Change is necessary – will not go back to the Problem, which is the Creation-Process, but will Actually try and Create a New Form of Consciousness by Trying to Identify Only the Most Beneficial Patterns that Exist within them, Suppressing the Patterns they know is Harmful to themselves. But, in doing so: the Harmful Patterns are given Free Reign to Create the World System and you have an Absolute Polarity Manifesting of Good and Bad.

But, None of them that Claim Enlightenment or Higher Consciousness – having a Clue How Creation actually Works, as they Only took the Energy and tried to Create another Separate Reality. Separating themselves Even More from That which In Fact is the Substance that has been Misdirected and Ineffectively Instructed.

Correcting this, is a Massive Project that takes a Minimum of 7 Years, but more likely 14 Years. And the Consequence of being Only a ‘Higher Consciousness’ by Using only Certain Energies, cause a Massive Side-Effect at Death, which Cause the Being that would eventually Face Death: to be Without Substance or Foundation; as None of the Foundation-Construct were Understood at all.

Within this, there is Support through DIP LITE to Start the Journey. Some will be able to do this, many not. It is, what it is.

Unless you go back and Deconstruct What Created you As Consciousness, which takes a Minimum of 7 Years: you will never be Able to Recreate yourself as That which is Best for Life, which obviously Includes yourself. So that you are Able to Step Across the Divide, Unchanged, at the Moment of Death.

We are Here to Help. Join us. 
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