Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 268: Trust and the Laws of Physics

Being a Hostage on the Earth as Host – Requires one to Understand the Laws that Governs Existence on Earth. Being a Hostage, do Not mean Freedom is Impossible, while in the Physical Existence.
Freedom for instance, in your own Imagination is very Easy because you’re only Accountable there to your Own Desires – are you Fulfilling it in your Imagination or Not?

Freedom in the Mind, is Not Individuality – it is Dictatorship, where Only You as the Mind have a Say and Decide the Outcomes. Individuality on Earth Follows Different Rules – neither of which are Imagination or Magic. In Fact, it is Very Measurable and the Laws of the Physical can be Adjusted through one’s Participation to Produce Varying Results.

Currently, the Laws of Physics in terms of Life Experience – are Manipulated to Serve the Best Interest of Only the Few. Which Cause Massive Disadvantage for Many Individuals - in a Way, being in a Double Hostage Situation: Not only being Held Hostage by Earth and its Forces, but Also by Humans and its Forces of Self-Interest.

This in itself, Controlling Life on Earth like a Game of Monopoly – Keeping Assets and Resources within the Family Bloodlines, Preventing Anyone that is Not part of the Bloodline from Benefitting from the Free Resources that Earth Provides: is Nothing but – Criminal. Those that Allow this, is Totally Aware of what they’re Doing and Plan Deliberately to Protect their Control through Manipulating Knowledge and Information and the Energy that it Produce as a Way to Control the Physical Actions and Movements of Humans on Earth, through Fears like Survival, Lack and also many more Fears Introduced deliberately through Conspiracies; to keep the Human Resources of Intellect in such Disarray that it Simply Cannot Step Beyond its Programmed Bias and See what is Real and what is Not.

Through Influencing the Imagination of the Human – Control over the Law of Physics is Gained, as the Imagination will Direct the Physical Mass as the Human in a Direction to Exert a Force and thus Create a Physical Object or Objects or Systems or Ways of Life – still within the Laws of Physics, but: For the Law to Function this Way – Great Inequality Must Exist and the Masses must Absorb the Inequality and Lack so that the Few can Have the Great Quality of Life that Wealth and Control Produce. This is Sold to the Dear Souls that are Trapped as a Possibility for them as well, with a Barrage of Media which Sole Purpose is: to Control the Imagination. And the Few that are Deliberately Lifted into a Life of Luxury as Examples that Imagination can Produce Wealth – are Flaunted like a Carrot on a Stick in front of the Majority of the Human Mass that Absorb the Inequality, Generation after Generation, while the Bloodlines keep Control, rewrite History – to Fit their Version to Influence the Imagination of the Many with Ease.

They also Make Sure that the Masses are Educated in a Way that do Not Include the Keys as to How the Mind actually Functions, but Only Include the Result of an Imagination that is Apparently ‘Set Free’. This Makes the Masses that Dare to Become Enlightened susceptible to Believe their Imagination as Feelings to such an Extent, that they Defend it unto Death; becoming part of the Forces of Control – Never Questioning their Own Imagination because they don’t have the Skill to.

Anyone that Dare to Question Imagination: is Immediately Disregarded without Any Investigation. Using Religion in All its Forms, which Include Atheism – by Promoting particular Philosophies, Created the Illusion that “Freedom of Imagination” is the ‘Actual, Real Freedom’ and made Most of Humanity the Soldiers of their Own Incarceration. Very Clever – this type of ‘Imaginary Wisdom’ that make the Imagination Believe that it has Found the ‘Ultimate Truth’.

Although this Seem like One is Living by the Laws of Physics – You are Not In Fact, Living according to these Laws. To Live according to these Laws and to Prevent yourself to be Controlled by your Imagination: you have to Understand the Mechanics of the Physical. And in this, is Very Important that you Must Understand the Mechanics that Create Thought and Memory and How Energy Plays a Role within this – to come up with an Easily Controllable Imagination.

You’ll Notice that those that are Under the Control of Imagination, will See themselves as ‘Great Thinkers’ and ‘Enlightened’ and will Defend their Position, without Ever Self Honestly Investigating Any Part of Who they Are as Imagination.

The Earth Exist as the Place to Earth the Self within Laws where What is Best for All can be Produced, and to Set one Free from Imagination, Thinking, Feeling, Energy as Consciousness.
Unless you can be Trusted to Produce What is Best for All Life in Every Way Possible within a Physical Law-base: you In Fact Abdicate your Right to Life by your Own Free Will. So, no-one else is to Blame but yourself for Not making the Effort to Understand How you Became What you Are. Or How the World became What it Is.

Support is Available for Those that Do, somewhere, within themselves – have an Inkling of Actual Care.

Those that Attack the Desteni Message –are Lost, and as some has Already Found that First Attacked Desteni and then Investigated: the Desteni Message is What is Best for All, and Only Ego as Imagination will Prevent One from Investigating this.

Fortunately, for Earth and the Future of Life on Earth – Death exist, which Removes, Inevitably, All Imagination. And Return the Wasted Life to Dust.

Join us at Desteni LITE and Start Writing your Journey to Life. You have all the Support, to Find Real Freedom if you Dare.
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