Sunday 13 January 2013

Day 271: Conspiracies of Synchronicities (Part Two)

This blog is a continuation to:
Day 270: Conspiracies of Synchronicities (Part One)

For Context from the Previous Post:
“And therefore, Success – Secretly, is Agreed to be “to do Whatever it Takes”, and then Once you are Successful - then you have to try and Give something back to Society; it’s like trying to Pay a Debt.
But, is it Really a Debt? It’s Not Really a Debt – it’s Actually like a ‘Guilt Factor’. A Factor where you then try and Create for instance, a Product that’s Affordable for All, made Better and all kinds of things – Cheap. But, the Side-Effect of that, is that: you Cause Millions of Jobs to be Lost because you Destroy the Basic Capitalistic System, because you can through your Own Advantage that you have, with one particular Point, you can Take Advantage of the System by Creating a Monopoly, by Creating it Cheaper and Affordable for Everyone.
Nobody wants to Realise that you’re Actually Causing a Massive Problem, because – “You’re Doing something Good!” Unfortunately – you’re Not.”

Unfortunately – you have Created a System that Failed, which is Equal to the Whole Acceptance of “You’re Imperfect” and therefore, you can Justify this.
But, if you Study the Laws of Physics – which, unfortunately, very few do – and you Study Basic Mathematics – which, unfortunately, very few do – and if you Study Vocabulary, Language, the Meaning of Words and How the World is Created – which, unfortunately, very few do within the Context of ‘What’s Best, Commonsense, Self-Honest’; you’ll Find that: Inevitably, it is Possible to Perfect this World within the Bounds of the Laws of Physics.

We have already online Programmes and I mean, just because you’ve been Programmed to Only Respond to things that’s ‘Free’, because ‘then it’s Valuable’ – it (the online Programmes) is Free, initially, but like in All Things: Unless Money Moves – there will be Nothing in the Current System. There are also More Points you can Participate in to Bring About a World that is Best for All. That is What we Stand for and that is What we Do.

Those that Already Walk with this and that has Applied the Tools – have Already Proved this to Themselves.

Those that Attack us, Refuse to use the Tools because, then they’ll have to Change and therefore – they Attack those that Move to Bring about a World that is Best for All at a Personal Level; constantly under the Same Threat as an Extension of the Whole World System: “You’re Imperfect”, “There is Something Wrong with you”, “How can you Dare to Want to be / Bring about a World that is Best for All?”, “How can you Dare to be Perfect?”, “You’re Not Allowed to be Perfect - You’re Imperfect” – and then Lies, and Deception, and Deceit, and Poison like the Forked Tongue of the Snake is Spread Everywhere.
And, Unfortunately – those that are Still Subject to the Instruction of “Obey – you are Imperfect”, will Believe All these Lies and will Not Take Action to Improve themselves. And that is Still, virtually, the Complete Majority of Humans on Earth – Many, we have Tested this in Every Way. A Massive Problem we have in this World.

Everything Works-together like a Conspiracy of Synchronicities. Constantly Sending the Message: “Obey – you are Imperfect”, “You’re Born in Sin”, “You’re Not Good Enough”, “the World can’t Change”, “Accept what is Here” – and then, you are Given an ‘Answer’, an Illusion as Consciousness as Religion, as Spirituality, through which you can Escape, Waiting for Death as the ‘Great Escape’ to go to ‘Another World’, apparently, to a ‘Better Life’, apparently, which obviously, if you Study the Law of Physics: Is Impossible. There Is Only That which you Are and Allow – Even Beyond this, because: ‘Magically’, your State of Energy don’t Change, ‘Magically’ your State of Being don’t Change, it is What it is Now and what you Accept Now; and if you Do Not Understand the Most Basic Principles of What makes it Possible for you to be Consciousness, to have a Thought, to have a Feeling, to have Emotion: If you don’t Understand That even – How could you Ever be Free?

Freedom is: To Really Understand How things Work. And then, you’ll Discover – that there are Things about Yourself, that you have Never Realised, that Affects this World in Every Way Possible. An Action Must be Taken. If you don’t – Not to Worry, Action is Taken on your behalf, Always. Because, your Opportunity of Life is Eventually Taken Away through Death. And if you can’t Transcend Death As Equal as Life: Nothing Remains. That’s Why you can’t get Any Real Messages from the Afterlife – you get these Strange Bullshit Messages, like: “I see somebody with a Colour Hair Brown and Blue Eyes who’s name Starting with an ‘H’” – you know, really, really very Limited Information. Because, there is a Big Problem: there is No-One Left, After Death. So, there is No Message to come. Many has Tried to Transcend Death and then to Send a Message from ‘Beyond the Death’, like a Message in a Bottle. You don’t get that – because, there is Nothing Left.
There is No ‘Life after Death’ as you would ‘Like it to be’. As you would ‘like it to be’, is according to What you have Now – what you Now Imagine, and What you Now Believe. There is None of that. Study the Law of Physics, Study Desteni - and you’ll Understand Why.

Is the Message Scary? Yes – it’s Made to be Scary, by all the Brainwashing you are Receiving All the Time that says, that: “There’s Something Wrong with you”, “You’re Not Good Enough”, “You must Obey – you are Imperfect”, “You’re Born in Sin”, “You are an Fallen Angel”…But HEAR us: You do HAVE the POWER to CHANGE this. There are Certain Obvious Commonsense Rules that for instance, you have to Prove it through Creating a Reality within your Current Existence, within the Law of Physics that is Best for All. Without doing that: there is No Evidence that you have Really Changed. And that Evidence is Not so much for anyone else, but for Yourself. Because, you are Always Equal to What you Are and Who you Are in Every Dimension of your Existence.

And, there is a Line that is Not to be Crossed, which is Part of the Physical World’s Purpose: to Eradicate That which is Imperfect. Which is Why you would Eradicate Pests and All Kinds of things in this World that Mess around with your Food, that threatens your Health. They’re Also Living Beings – you kill them with ease, because they Threaten ‘your Life’. But your ‘life’ is not Real Life. So, Imagine – Real Life do the Same. In Real Life – you are a Disease that Threatens Life and thus must be Eradicated. And that happens at Death, just as you Do it to All the Bugs and Weeds in this World.
Nice Example isn’t it? The Real Truth about yourself.

Join us at Desteni I Process LITE and Start your Process to Life – before it’s Too Late.

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