Thursday 3 January 2013

Day 263: Real Eyes See Reel Thoughts

Close your Eyes!...and you See Darkness. Seeing Anything else but the Darkness that takes on Form, Shape and start to play like a Movie: is Thoughts in the Mind.
Open your Eyes!...and the Physical Reality you See, is the Real Reality. Any Opinion, Comparison, Colour, Preference, Feeling you Experience or See: are Thoughts. The Real Reality, is just the Real Parts that is on Earth, and that is what your Eyes must See to See For Real. Anything that Plays like a Movie: is the Mind, and is the Con of CONsciousness.

The Fascination with the Mind is Mirrored within the Fascination with Movies – Watching the Reels Play. In the Mind you’re a Superhero that Understands things that makes ‘You Special’, where you have ‘Special Skills’ and ‘Special Gifts’. But none of those are in fact Real. They’re just a Movie Reel where you Hide. But, even the ‘You’ that’s Hiding, the one Lost in the Mind – isn’t Real: it’s a Character you Created about You…one of Many.

You have Characters for every Situation, for every Relationship and everything you do. And each Character has different Reasons, Meanings and Values – and you will Dress-up as these Characters in Ways that will Ensure that ‘Your Movie’ Benefits. And ‘Your Movie’ Benefits if you do not have to take Responsibility for the Real Reality, and you don’t have to Clean it up, and you can Trap some Slaves to do it For you – whom you can Give Money.

A Nice Illusion you Invented, that Actually Act like Slave-Chains. And, it has Chained ALL of Humanity, and Turned the Real Reality - into Props and Commodities for your Superhero Consciousness Mind-Characters. And in this, ALL Humans are the Same.

If you Close your Eyes and you See ‘Love and Light’: it’s a Fake, False Reality.
If you Close your Eyes and Open your Eyes and See anything but the Real Reality: you are Making Up your Own Movie, and in Your Movie – you Invent the Storyline, which is really the Lies of your Story which you keep on Repeating, strangely enough: to Not take Responsibility and Do the Hard Labour Necessary to Fix this World. Strangely enough – you’ve even taken body parts like the Heart and made it into One of your Superhero Weapons, with which you can Banish Anything that do not Fit the Script and the Descriptions and the Scriptures of your Movie. And, let Anyone DARE to Challenge your Movie – you Immediately will Change the Movie-Script to Make Them the Evil One’s you Must Destroy in your Movie, because they Dare to take away your Experience, your Feelings you have worked SO HARD at ‘Perfecting’ in Your Movie.

Close your Eyes, and See Who You Are. Are you Real or Imagined?
Open your Eyes and See – do you See for Real? Or are you Just Following your Imagination?

A Vast Conspiracy of Philosophies were Invented over Time to Justify the Imagination. It even Infiltrated Psychology, to Remove the Physical Logic from Reality as you Imagine it. So that you can Live in the Magic of your own ‘Made-up World’. You’ve even Created Ideas about an ‘Afterlife’, which is even Greater than the Reality you Imagine here on Earth.

And yet: you do not Want to Hear. And Most of All – you don’t want to use your Eyes and See and Become Self-Honest. Take yourself to an Area of Poverty and Open your Eyes – do Not Create your Ideas about it with Imagination. See for Real. Go Live with them For Real, and See what your Imagination have Really Created. Go into the Forests that is being Destroyed, and Do Not use your Imagination. See what your Imagination is Creating and what you’re Addicted to. And then try and Stop yourself. And you’ll Find an Interesting thing, and I Dare the Most Enlightened and Highest Consciousness beings on Earth to Try and Stop their Imagination, and SEE Reality for REAL. And they will Find: they Cannot. Because, you have given ALL POWER to your Imagination in your Mind, and you Cannot get out of it – you are In Fact Trapped In It.

There is One Way Out, which is Death. Or there is Another Way out, which is Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty. One of the Two are your Future.

The One Allows you the Gift of Life, as Part of this Physical World. The Other means: you have to Start All Over again, because you didn’t have Enough Integrity and Willpower to Care about Life, and your Self-Interest Won the Day.

WHO will you Be? Your Imagination? Or Real?

You Decide…for as long as you can. But, the Line is Drawn. And, if you Fail at this – you Will be withdrawn from Earth. 
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