Tuesday 29 January 2013

Day 285: Alcohol, Drugs and Demon Possession (Part Two)

The Danger within Drugs and Alcohol, must be Understood from the perspective that - it is Preventable Consequences, rather than anything based on Fear and Comparison to other Dangers with Living on Earth.

In the Past, the Human Learned through Great Cost of Life that Personal Hygiene Prevents Disease. Now that we’re at the Age where the Mind must be Conquered and Equalized, we have to take Hygiene to the Higher Gene.
This Higher Gene, represents the Living Awareness that All Life has Equal Value, and thus – the World Systems of Co-Existence, must Reflect this Equal Value. If One Combine Inequality with Drug-use or Alcohol-use, Suppressed Energies that Formed their Own Presence over Time: will Step Forward and become the Presence of a Person that Suppressed it. This is, in fact, a Demon. It is an Entity less than Man, consisting only of Energy and is thus De-Manned.

Man as the Physical Form with All the Tools and Systems that makes Life as a Physical Form Possible – is the Actual Life Form on Earth. If One allow a Lesser-Form, that is for instance just based on Consciousness-Energy, to take over and Direct the Physical Form: the Potential of Harm Increase, and thus Preventable Danger come into Existence. Being in the Presence of someone that is Possessed by their Suppressed Personalities: is a Quick-Study as to What Should Not be Allowed.

Therefore, if we as a Human Race are Able to Prevent Situations that can Bring Harm to Another quite Randomly: Why would we not do it? What is the Personal Interest, in Allowing Random Events of Danger to Exist – just for the Fun of it? Never mind Planned-Danger, like War. The type of Consciousness that Must be Created, to take over the Human Physical Form, take up Arms and Kill others in the Name of Ideology, in itself Spells of Nothing less than Evil and should be termed as What it is: the Beast, the Demon, the Devil Incarnate. All Metaphors that Exist nowhere else, but as the Consciousness-Entities man termed ‘Personalities’.
There are Many of these Personalities, and Many of them which seem to be ‘kind and beautiful’. But, if you Study the life of a Human in every way: you will Note that Personalities functions like a Media-Organization that Advertise the Desires and Hopes and Dreams of the Consciousness, to Achieve Satisfaction of Self-Interest. This has Infiltrated all of Human Society – at Every Level. If you Dare to Call-out the Name of the Abuser As the type of Consciousness it Represents: All the Demons Attack.

Therefore, Those that Do Understand what it Means and What is Necessary to Create Life Equal, for All on Earth – will have to Face the Demons all around, and Seek to Find the Spark of Life that is Still inside the Consciousness-Possessed Human. This will not be an easy task. That which Can Hear, currently, is Not Alive. And therefore, will Scoff at All Life – in Favour of Self-Interest, in Favour of Belief, in Favour of Being Right, in Favour of Energy-Constructs like ‘Love and Light’; and will try All Kinds of Means to Scare Away those that are Reminding, that: Life is Not Honoured on Earth, that Life is Not Supported on Earth, that All the Evidence is Clear in the Physical World – Life is Not yet on Earth.

We Ask those that May Hear this, to Confront their Consciousness-Ego’s and Personalities – and to Learn How to Remove such Possessions, before it becomes Dangerous. And to refrain from Substances that will make it easier for these Self-Created Entities to take Control of the Human Body, and to do rather stupid, harmful things.

Understand that, to Deny that the World is in Trouble, and to Deny that All Life on Earth is Not Treated and Supported Equally: can Only be done by a Demon – even in the Name of Love. As Many Old Scriptures Warned: “The Demon is the One with the Most Light”. Light, after all – is just something one Create, it doesn’t exist in the Mind, Naturally. Natural Light – comes from the Sun, or from Electricity that is Converted through mechanical means; that can be used as a Functional, Supportive Substance on Earth. The Light of a Demon – only Screams that it is ‘special’ and has No Substance of any value, that brings any change in any of the Systems that are Currently on Earth.

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