Tuesday 8 January 2013

Day 266: Thank God for the System

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We had an Extreme Storm a few days ago that Caused Extensive Damage to the Electricity Supply for many people. Now, you have Electricity – you should go without it for a few days to See How Dependent we as a Society is on Government and Management; thus a System. And, if this System Fails – Everything that Connects one to the World, Grinds to an Immediate Halt.

This is the Problem, also with Revolution – like in Libya, where the System and the Government gets Destroyed, Causing untold Misery for Many. Those that Promote and Fund Revolution should be Living without Basic Support like Electricity, Roads, Water, Food Supply and See How Long they will Last.
Obviously, Here is also an Opportunity like never before – for All those that somehow Believe in a ‘Higher Power’, when an Extreme Strom comes and Cut your Vital Supplies: Prevent the Repair men from doing anything, go into Meditation, Positive Thinking or Prayer – and Fix the Problem with your Thoughts…let’s See if this Whole Idea of Thought and Consciousness is actually Worth anything when it Really Counts. Let’s See if God will Step-up and Magically Remove the Fallen Trees from the Electricity Lines and Restore Electricity to your Home.

You do not even Require Self Honesty for this, because the Result is Self-Evident: No God, No Positive Thinking, No Consciousness, No Thought – will Restore your Physical Supply of Electricity that’s taken for Granted. We’re now not even Talking about the Billions that do not even Have this.
This is Why it is Essential, that: Any World Change must go hand-in-hand with Personal Change that is Practical, based on System Management and Government that will Function in a Way that is Best for All. This Happens within the Rule of Law, through Voting for a System that is Best for All. And if No Political Party Exist yet that is Based on the Fundamentals of a System that must Function in a Way that is Best for All: then, it’s Time to get off your Behind – put the Past Behind you, and Create such a Political Party.

You will Find, though – that: 99% of the Humans are So Brainwashed and Dumbed down that they cannot even Conceive a World that Function in a Way that is Best for All Life.

We are So Addicted to the Few Trappings, like Electricity and the Hope to become Rich – that: the 99% that Can Vote, because Remember – in this World, you are only part of the 99% if you have enough Money to be able to Actually Consider What Government to Place in Power through Democracy; only this 99% actually have any Say in the World, and Put 1% in Power. But this 99% are Completely Addicted to the Reward Systems that is Offered to keep them Enslaved to the Greedy Hope of Wealth and Prosperity.

Actual Prosperity is where Every Living Being in this World Prosper and Live to their Full Potential. Full Potential Being: Living in an Environment that Support All Life Equally, that Ensures Happiness, that Prevents Fear and Addiction to the Mind, that Ensures that Each Child Born Understand EXACTLY where every Thought come from so that they can Prevent Mind Control and Abuse from all kinds of Faith-based Ideologies – whether it be Religious, Political, Educational, Psychological, Economical. Whenever Faith Exist: the Ideology will Promote Ideals of Inequality, because - What’s Best for All do Not Exist in Faith, it Exist as the Action each one Must Take to Ensure that there is Never Anything Unknown that could Cause harm to Another and All basic Essentials must be Available as a basic Human Right.
The Very Moment you have Basic Essentials and Claim that Others can’t have it, because it is the Will of some ‘Greater Power’ – you are Abusing your Greater Power which is based in Money, Wealth and Greed.

It is Essential that Human Integrity as Life Equal be Restored as the Fundamental Rule of Law in this World. Call Out Those that protect Inequality, Become Politically Wise – Install a New Government, through Democracy and Re-Educate the Abusers of Life; in the same way they now keep Millions in the Chains of Inequality – ‘till they Repent and Show through their Actions that they Also Care about Life. 
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