Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 284: Alcohol, Drugs and Demon Possession

As we have Indicated, several years ago, with the Beginning of Process: the Nature of Demon Possession, while under the influence of Alcohol and Drugs, will Escalate - and More and More People will Experience this; as well as an Increase in the Severity of the Actions that’ll take place While under the Influence.

Understand, we are Now Not Talking about Demons as Separate Entities as they Existed before, but we are Talking about Mind-Demons and System-Demons – Created within the Human.
In this, the Mind-Demon is more of a Personal-Nature and the System-Demon are more Embodiments of the Abuse through the System – for instance, Abusive Power. Mind-Demons for instance, are where a Mother will for instance Hurt her Child. System-Demons, are more where people work In the System as a Policemen or a Soldier and Embody the Power they Perceive they have and then Commit Atrocities. You’ll also have System-Demons for instance, related to things like School Shootings where, specifically, Drugs are more Involved. Now, when we talk about Drugs – we’re not only talking about Illegal Drugs, but also Legal Drugs.

Now that we are Reaching the End of the First Cycle of, Metaphorically, ‘Heaven coming to Earth’ – with the Individualization of Life Progressing: the Individual will become more and more Aware of their Inner-World, and end-up Defining themselves according to the Information that Networks in the Mind as the Various forms of Conversations that is going on in the Mind.
As we Enter the Next Phase, which is the Corrective Phase of the System on Earth, which will Take Approximately Seven (7) Years, just as the Deprogramming Phase took Approximately Seven (7) Years: we are Now at the Cusp; where All Systems are Nearly All Individualized within the Human and Process will Become, in the Years to come – Dramatically More Difficult. As, there will be an Extensive Personal-Experience Within and the Various Characters of Good and Bad, Light and Darkness and the In-between Characters of Grey and Middle, Seeking Balance and Domination: will Battle it Out within the Minds of Men and Women.
These Characterizations have become More Individualized as Each Person have Focused their Self-Interest to the Extreme in their Own Happiness. By Focusing so Extensively on the Pursuit of Happiness, the Dark Side of Characterizations have been Allowed to Grow without Interference.

So, Here is Going to be a Few Guidelines to Assist you in Protecting yourself in the Time to Come. It’s like a ‘Do-It-Yourself Psychology’, as you have to Notice the Tell-Tale Points within yourself and others to Prevent Events that will Flow from Extreme Possession.
Now, for Most Not Familiar with the Desteni-Process yet: you Will Call your Experience of Emotional-Response within – a Form of Thought, we have termed it “Backchat”. As it is a Form of Self-Talk that is Negative, Judgmental, Aggressive and Self-Righteous in Nature. When you Notice these Type of Backchat-Thoughts occurring within you more and more often, Realise that: one of your Demonic Characters are Busy Integrating to Take Control of your Life. By the Time these Backchat-thoughts become Words and Actions you Speak: you should Immediately get Help, because it’ll Escalate and by the Time it has Complete Control – you may Harm others or Yourself.

When you are on Drugs or Alcohol – you Open the Door for these Negative/Dark-Side Characters to Suddenly Come Out and Take you Over, in a Form of a Fit. You’ll see these types of Fits, especially in the Use of Bath salts, but be Sure it’s no Longer related to just ‘some Drugs’ – there are More and More Reports of people using Cannabis that also end in Similar type of Possessions that end up Harming others. Especially Children are Vulnerable around people that use Alcohol or Drugs.
Please Note that: even Weed is Dangerous. And it Drops the Guard of your Conscious-Mind and then the Negative Embodiments you have been Cultivating Secretly in your Subconscious as your Backchat Thoughts of Judgment, Aggression, Hate, Love-Obsession – every Form of Thought that is Obsessive-Compulsive that you Cannot Stop that Keeps occurring and makes ‘you Right’, and makes ‘others Wrong’: are Dangerous, and you Must get Help. To take it out Yourself – is a Long-term Process, which you can Walk as well. But, initially – it is Necessary to Realise that you have a Problem.

If somebody around you Change in their Behaviour and Become More Vocal about their Feelings about another Person, which is Obviously out of Context and indicate either a Positive or Negative Obsession: it is Time to speak to the Person and to Establish How Severe the Problem is. If the Person is still able to Communicate with you and Realise in the Communication that they do have an Compulsive Obsession that is Happening in the Mind: one can Assist them through a Process of Self Forgiveness and Writing. If the Person Reacts to you with Aggression and Self-Righteousness, understand that the Possession has already taken Form to a stage where Reason will not be Considered. You’ll see this a lot in Family Relations, and as Jesus indicated: “there will be Conflict between Father and Son, and Mother and Daughter, and Brother and Brother, and Sister and Sister”. This Conflict will Escalate.
Understand, that this is a Mental Disorder, as the Mind is in Disorder and the Person that has Backchat of the Nature mentioned: No Longer have Directive Control at All Times. Do not Confront a Person that has gone into a Demonic-Fit. They are a Danger to you and others. You cannot ‘talk them down’. Trying to Restrain them, without Help – will be Dangerous.
It is Best to be Prepared as Prevention is the Best Cure. But, Unfortunately – Humanity has Never Walked the Path of Prevention. But rather the Path of Managing the Consequence, by which Time – the Damage is Done.

Things like Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder is Escalating and will Escalate More. This is Due to the Massive amounts of Chemicals Ingested - and taking Drugs and Alcohol, makes the Situation Worse.
Understand, that each Character – whether Positive or Negative, that occur within the Mind: will Build a Chemical-Relationship in the Body, which will Become part of the Memory from which these Obsessive Compulsions originate. They are Developed over Time, and once they have a Full Functioning Capacity – will build the necessary Energy to Become a so-to-speak ‘Emotional Outburst’. And during such Outbursts – a Split in the Mind may occur which Cause, in many cases, a Permanent Character-Split. This is Unfortunate that Man has Chosen this Road, and yet: it Must be Walked.
It is Necessary, in Severe Cases, and for Prevention – to Call on Psychologists if Necessary, for Support. Unfortunately, Psychology has not yet Progressed to a Stage of Diagnosis that is based on Prevention. But, this will be Necessary in Time to Come.

We will continue with this in the Next Blog.