Saturday 5 January 2013

Day 265: Respect My Point of View

Respect my Culture.
Respect my Choices.
Respect my Faith.
Respect my Rights as a Parent.
Respect my Opinion.
Respect my Diversity.
Respect my Right of Free Choice.
Respect my Sexual Orientation.

There are so many forms of Respect, Forced upon Life – while All these Respects, were just made up in the Mind, or is the Result of Parental Abuse Enforcing it on Offspring.

All these Forms of Respect would Immediately be Gone once the Person Understand, in Detail, HOW they Create this through the Mechanics of the Mind and See that All of these Forms of Respect are In Fact Illusions.

Yet, you will Nowhere Find Respect Life.

Of All Forms of Respect – the Only One that has got Permanent Consequence, is the One where there is No Respect for Life. You See this Everywhere on the Planet, but All Those that Should be Standing Up for Life – the Enlightened, the Intellectual, the ‘Aware’, the Compassionate, those with ‘Greater Insight’: None of them is going far enough to make sure that a Society is Established that Respect Life, and that All the other Systems that Create Illusions of Respect in Separation, is Stopped.

At the Moment, that is a very Good Guideline – to Give us an Estimate of the Size of the Problem we Face on Earth. You’ll notice that more than 99% of All of Humanity, have Some Respect they Demand for some form of Illusion, through which they Abuse Life. And therefore, the Chances of a World to Emerge that Respect Life: is Still Completely Impossible.

What will it Take to Wake Up People from their Obsession with Respect that Do Not Place Life in Every Way, for Everyone, Always, First?

To Set yourself Free from your Delusions of Respect, to Eventually Evolve to a Being that Respect Life: Join us at Desteni DIP LITE.
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