Tuesday 15 January 2013

Day 273: Trading with Death

Each One, is Born as the Living Word – Endowed with the Power to Create Living Words. It’s like it is the ‘Business of Life’. But, if the Ecology of the Living Word is Not Understood, and you Create Words, Alive, separate from yourself – Not Supporting yourself As Life: you take a Little Bit of your Life Force, and you Endow the Words with it. You keep on doing this, and eventually run out-of Life Force. And What Remains at Death – is Very Little.
Trading with Death, is Trading your Life Force, ‘till there’s Nothing Left.

All this is done in a Peculiar Thing, in a Peculiar Way called: ‘Free Trade’…or, sorry: ‘Free Choice’; because you have the Capacity to Say “No” and Not do this, but to Actually Create What would be Best and Sustainable for Life, All Life, including yourself – instead of Creating Words within the Design and Construct where it becomes Separate from Life and it exist Only to Satisfy your Self-Interest.

It is the same Trading that happens within the Market Place: you are In Fact ‘Selling yourself’ for a Pot of Lentils, for food – you’re ‘Selling yourself’, so that you can have More than others. And, you’re not only Selling the Life Force of yourself – you’re also Selling the Life Force of the Planet, because you make things out of the Living Planet and you Convert it into Commodities, into a Value-System that do not Support Life and then you Trade it. And then you call it “Fair Trade”, but the Fairness in it is Only the Beauty that you Want for your Self-Interest – there is No Real Fairness as it would be in Equality and Oneness. So, there is No Real Fair Trade – there is Only Trading with Death.

Now, if you were Able to Access Life After Death and Observe when a Person Dies and What Remains: you will See exactly what we mean - what Remains of a Person at Death, is Virtually Nothing because you have Traded Everything and you have not Substantiated, and Confirmed, and Integrated Life As-Yourself. You have Integrated Self-Interest As-Yourself and you have Exchanged that into Various Forms of Words that you Keep Alive, by Constantly Feeding it your Life-Force which you call ‘Energy’.
Now, This ‘Energy’ is Unfortunately That which you have Converted into Commodity-Style Living and in this Commodity-Style Living – you have Agreed, through the Greed of Wanting More, that: you will Exchange your Life Force, for Currency. For Current Self-Interest, Current Happiness – Immediacy, but you will Not make sure that What you Create is What is Best for All. That is Trading with Death. That is the MARKet Force. That is the MARK that is, in essence, That which is called “Judgement Day”. Because you are Marked by the Mark of your own Actions. The Mark of your Being.

Unfortunately – many has Claimed that it is the Mark of the Beast. No, it’s the Mark of your Being: Who Are You, What Are You and How have you Become This? What have you Created with What you were Given AS the Living Word? Are you the Living Word?
Jesus Gave the Example and Showed the Laws of the Living Word that Constitute Creation as the Living Word: “Give as you would like to Receive”, “Do unto Another as you would Like to be Done Unto you” – those are the Laws of the Living Word. That must be So for Every Living Being that Share with you One Reality, One Breath that Breathes the Same Air as you - that are within the Context of One Reality of Laws. Laws that can be Directed to What is Best for All.
But, Unfortunately – as it is Evidenced in Every Single Word of Every Human Being: this does not Exist. Peculiarly, the Mind with its Thoughts are used to Design these Living Words and to Exchange the Life Force into a Form of Energy where the Living Word then becomes the Object of your Interest as Self-Interest. Then, you Treat your Creation with Absolute Disrespect.

Now, Imagine that when you Die: you have Become the Very Object of your Own Creation. You have become the Same Words that you have Given Life to, which were Not Life-itself, and therefore - you are then Treated exactly as you have Treated everyone else, and Everything that you have Created. And, Anyone that in Any Way Claim to Communicate with What is in the Hereafter – Must be able to Give you the Exact Karma-Outcome of their Life, piece by piece, Every Thought, Every Word, Every Action – Everything you have Done in a Life must be Able to be Dissected to Show you What you have Done. That’s the type of stuff we do at EQAFE, you can check the Life Reviews, we Give you Dimensions of What One Actually face After Death.

So, Trading with Death – is a Dangerous Game to Play. Because, by your Own Hand – you Determine your Outcome. By your Own Hand – you Determine the Outcome for your Children on Earth. By your Own Hand – you Determine the Outcome for All the other Living Beings.
If you have a Look at where we are now already in this Situation, you’ll Notice the Peculiar Story, that: Many Beings are, in fact, Becoming Extinct - Simply through the Hands of the Human, through the Words of the Human that is Not Alive As the Living Word according to the Laws of “Do unto Another as you would Like to be Done Unto you” and “Give as you would like to Receive”. But, Words have been Created to Say: “Give it All to Me, because I DESERVE IT”, “Give it All to Me, because I WANT TO BE HAPPY”, “Give it All to Me, because it’s MY RIGHT”, “Give it All to Me, because YOU SAID I CAN HAVE IT when you Made your Choice”. The Fact that All Choices Presented within the Trades and the Markets Forces of this World, are Done under the Design of Deception, which called “Persuasion”, “the Secrets of Persuasion” – you are Persuaded through your Own Greed, your own Hope that ‘things May turn Lucky’; to Actually Design a Choice for Yourself, where the Outcome Inevitably Results in a Trade, a Trade off of ‘Who you are’ in Exchange for your ‘Happiness’. The ‘Happiness’ is Temporary.

There is Another Way of Happiness. But, would you Ever Consider that Happiness is: “To Give as you would Like to Receive”, and that Happiness is “To Do unto another as you would Like to be Done Unto you”?

Unfortunately – the Commonsense of such a Design is BEYOND Self-Interest, because: Self-Interest has No Interest in Anything else but to Earn Interest on its Limited Contribution, it’s Limited Sharing.

Trading with Death…Time to Stop.

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