Friday 25 January 2013

Day 283: Music as Seduction and Personal Statements

Music is the Jungle with which you Advertise your Sexual Preference. This Sexual Preference is Always without Experience or Expertise, as it is Based on your Imagination as it was Stimulated by the Corporation to Direct your Creative Powers through Buying Products that will Fulfil your Desire for Happiness.

That is Why more than 90% of All Successful Music has some Sexual Theme in it. That is Why Teenagers and Young Adults Play Music Loudly: to Advertise their Sexual Availability, just like an Animal Marking its Territory.
This Preprogramming of the Humans to Consume has made both Life in General and Sexuality, specifically: a Basic Expression and Experience of Consumption, with No Regard for the Deeper Values Existing within the Living Form.

Study Why you Listen to Specific Music, Why you Like it, Why you Change your Preference, Why Specific Feelings are Generated. For instance, during Christmas time - Christmas Music is Played, which Increases Consumption. But, the Sexual Context of Christmas Music is to Seduce and have Sex with a Virgin as this Heightens the Experience of Power and Conquest. As this is Seldom Actualized for Real – the Shopping Experience for the Latest, New Product becomes the Substitute for the Sexual Fulfilment.

I wonder Why Positive Psychology does not Explain How the Positive Experience of Sex with a Virgin is linked to Christmas Music that Accumulates in Personality Disorders like Paedophilia? 
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