Wednesday 2 January 2013

Day 262: Consciousness is a Parasite

Consciousness is the Result of the Accumulation of Information and/or Knowledge into a Predefined System that Link the Information and Knowledge together, in a Way that Give the Entity that Forms as Consciousness – the shortest route to Benefit the Most in its Quest for Survival within its Environment. It Functions Solely in Self-Interest. It is a Thing that Developed and Accumulated its Survival Expertise over a very long time, Cloning itself from Generation to Generation – where Son will become Father, and Daughter will become Mother; Inevitably Repeating the most Functional Survival Pattern for the Particular Strain of Consciousness that are Related through its Common Quest for Survival.

Strange enough, many Claim that Consciousness is some ‘Higher form of Awareness’. If Consciousness was some ‘Higher form of Awareness’: it would have Accumulated an Impact in this World, that would have Resulted in a World that was Best for All at an Ever-Increasing Pace. But, because it is just a Parasite that Accumulates Justifiable Survival Skills: it Accelerated Devastation of All Competing Parasites as Consciousness – to Devastate Competition in every way Possible.

Obviously, Consciousness do not Care about Reality because Reality would Show the Ugly Face of Consciousness in the Mirror of the Way the Group as Consciousness Functions.
Unfortunately, Consciousness is Simply Too Skilled for Most and is Probably the Best Designed Ego-Trap that was Ever Conceived. When the Child is Born - they do not have Consciousness as Survival, immediately. But, they Develop it Very Quickly and Inevitably would Follow its Example Set to make sure that Consciousness on Earth Survive, No Matter What…Even if it means the Extinction of All Life.
Fortunately as Consciousness can Only Exist through the Energy it Siphon from the Physical: when the Physical Body Dies – Consciousness Dies. A Little bit of Awareness that the Physical Body May Acquire – will Continue.

But Consciousness As a Product of Information and Knowledge Packaged in Multi-Dimensions of Memory, Animated through Energy – makes such a Show of Light, that: it Blinds the little bit of Life that manage to Stand in the Vicious Onslaught for Dominion that takes place, as Consciousness Ruthlessly Exterminate any form of Resistance to its Faith and Belief, that ‘somehow’ it ‘Must be Life’, because ‘it can Experience itself’, because ‘it Thinks’, because ‘it Believe it can Generate an Energy called ‘Love’’…but even Love only Exist at the Behest of Energy Produced by the Physical Body. Try out Starvation and see how long you’ll be able to Generate the Feelings of Love that is so Revered as the Evidence of the Benevolence of Consciousness.

Consciousness is a Pair of Sides, like a Coin, like a Value-System – where the Pairs are Opposites that cannot exist without each-other: Love and Hate, Profit and Debt, Good and Bad; Always you’re the One or the Other As Consciousness, because these Pairs are One - That is the Oneness of Consciousness. And in this Eternal Battle between these Opposites: Life becomes a Slave.
But, fortunately – Life Continues, when the Road of Consciousness Ends. And eventually, Life will be Restored – even on Earth, and Consciousness will be Eradicated Forever. 

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