Friday 4 January 2013

Day 264: Aliens have Landed!

The Introduction of Aliens into Human Culture as a ‘Threat’ and/or a ‘Saviour’ – started as early as 1938. For this, See the second part of the three-part Documentary Series “The Power Principle”. Collate this with the Stated Objective, based on Creating a Conspiracy Fear-based Mind-Set, first within American Culture and then, through the Spreading of American Culture to a World Culture and you will See: the Massive Psychological Damage that’s been done to Mankind Generation after Generation.
The whole 2012 Phenomena, expanded this Extensively. So much so, that – it Became a Commodity to Buy and Sell, Profit-Driven and therefore, apparently ‘Justified’.

The Danger of Not Understanding What and How and Where your Thoughts are Created and What Create your Emotions and Feelings: make Each One a Very Easy Target for Manipulation, through Fear. And as Fear is Not Alone, it will Coin its Partner called “Love”. Therefore, as the Whole ‘Love Conspiracy’ Grows – be Sure, what’s Really Growing: is Fear. And Fear is the Centre-Piece under the Disguise of Love, of a World without Integrity or Morality.
All the Vocabulary that is Used to Justify ‘Positive Thinking’ and ‘Love’ – are Shaped and Moulded to Create and Maintain a Human Race Incapable of taking Responsibility for Life on Earth.

It is Impossible to Reason with Someone that Thinks, because: the Thoughts are Designed to Present information in Structures that Imitates ‘Reason’ – when it is Not In Fact, Reasonable and thus, to the Benefit of All Life on Earth.

The Starting Point Necessary, for One’s Emancipation from the Age of ‘Love and Fear’ is: an Understanding of your Own Functioning that Produce Reason that Result in What is Best for All Life Always. This is the Key to Producing a Harmonious Society on Earth. And, this Harmony is In Fact Desired by All – but, Unfortunately: the Value Given to Consciousness as the Illusion that Each One Become, through Education once they Arrive on the Planet – is Still Dominant, and Actual Reason Do Not Yet Exist.

If you are Ready to Explore, A Reasonable Existence on Earth and Willing to Correct your Reason to Become Trustworthy as Life – Join us, with a Free Training Program through Desteni DIP LITE.
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