Saturday 19 January 2013

Day 276: Bulimia and Desteni

“Let me Bully my Body, ‘till it Fits my Imagination.” The Problem with Bulimia, is: Imagination – and Imagination is a Product of our Profit-driven Society, where Imagination is Deliberately Cultivated to Consume the Mind-Personalities and Create Consumers that Guarantees Regular Profits.

It is the Enslavement of the Mind-Imagination to Images and Projections of Comparative Perfection. This is a Peculiar Need for Perfection that is as Unique as the Individual Bulimic. The Separation that exist between Body and Mind-Imagination as Personality, is So Extreme – that All Touch with Reality is Lost. And the Most Basic Commonsense of the Fact that Functional Life on Earth is a Physical Body, is Replaced with an Imaginary World where Body-Image is Always Judged and every Attempt is made to get it to ‘Fit’ the Imagination. There is Also an Irrational Fear that was Created by our Wonderful Capitalistic System that Demonized Fat as some Great Physical Poison, that must be Eradicated in Every Way Possible.

The Bulimic also Overlaps with the Anorexic, but the Bulimic Embodies the Concept of Competition so Extensively, that: if they’re not First and the Best Perfection, they’re a Failure - and this Failure Embodies a Throwing-Up of Food or the Use of Laxatives; both Words that Embodies the Concept of ‘Giving Up’ and the Lax Nature of Discipline within a Natural Order.

Psychology being a Product of Profit and Capitalistic Consumerism – Pounced on this Opportunity to Create Management Programs for Long-term Profit, with No Real Concern or Understanding of the Problem. This has Made Psychology Part of the Problem, without any Solutions.

The Fact that Secrecy plays such a Big Role in the Life of a Bulimic – stems from the same Secrecy that the Corporations use to Protect their so-called ‘Intellectual Property/Rights’, which is Why you never Really Know what’s in the Products you Buy and no-one Dealing with the Bulimic ever really know what’s actually going on in their Imagination. This makes Treating it Impossible, because – the Bulimic is not Treated as Responsible, but as ‘Diseased’. And that is Why Food Production in the World is Not Responsible – but Diseased, Inside and Outside, Above – Below: is Always the Same – and Bulimia is but a side-effect of our Social System that Totally Disregards the Value of Life and Place Emphasis on the Value of Imagination.

Understand that, the Bulimic is Quite Capable of Stopping their Inner Disorder as Imagination, If they Understand How they Create their Imagination in the First Place. But that, no Parent, no Educator, no Psychologist Understand at all – as they are All in some way a ‘Failure’, and thus in some way Bulimic. Trying to Force Nature into the Shape of Imagination to Achieve some form of Happiness that can apparently only exist in the Imagination.

With Desteni, we have Solved this Problem some Years ago and Present the Necessary Support that will Assist a Person to Self-Perfection, in a Way that is within the Natural Order of the Physical World. Within this, the Person Learn to Understand their Own Creative Power and that, when this Creative Power is Abused as Imagination: there are Consequences, which In Fact do Not Bring Perfection – but brings Total Inner-Chaos and Extensive Stress that is Placed on the Physical Body.

There is No happiness, in fact, in Imagination – as Imagination requires Fear at all times to be Fuelled into its Obsessive, Positive, Direction; which in the Case of the Bulimic is: to Perfect the Body according to Imagination. ALL forms of Positive Direction in the Imagination – is Always Fuelled by Fear of Not Achieving it or Falling in the Opposite of the Imaginary Positive. Therefore, No Positive Thinking is actually Ever Positive, it is In Fact the Most Negative you can Ever be, because: you are Imposing Negative Consequences onto the Physical World through Positive Imagination.

At Desteni, we Present Training to Support those that Can overcome their Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) of the Positive Imagination, causing Negative Impact. For that we have Desteni I Process LITE and Forums and Blogs that may Assist. This will Not be a ‘Quick Fix’ as you have not created this Problem with your Imaginary Friend as the Positive overnight, and most of the Symbolism and Thought Characterizations and Memories that you use in Creating this False Image of yourself – took Many Years and you can’t Remember them all. So, it is a Journey to Life.

What is the Reward of this? To become a Whole Human, Perfected in Every Way – that Honour Life, that Respect yourself and others, that Live in Balance and Live a Life Worth Living
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