Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day 371: Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Three)

So, What to Do with all of This? If one is Able to Actually Realize that you Do Have a Synchrological Problem (which is actually a Psychological Problem), that You have Disassociated yourself from this World and Responsibility that exist Here, where you have Billions of People in Poverty and you have a Holocaust in the Animal and the Plant Kingdom going on for Generations already. Without Anyone Standing up to Actually Take Responsibility and to Create a Solution within Legitimate means, like Politically and/or Economically, so that one can Actually Redesign Human Nature to be Synchrological that which is Best for All Life

What to do with this is: if You are Able to Hear what I’m Saying, then you have to Start your Process. Your Process is going to take Years to Correct the Weaknesses in your Character - Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, if you manage to establish that Self Honesty, which will take time, you’re going to Discover a Total New Reality, a New World, a New Responsibility. You’ll be able to Set Yourself Free from being manipulated and Brainwashed by Those that has learned How to Abuse the Quantum Body, the Water within the Body and that has Learned how to Psychologically or Synchrologically Influence you without you even Knowing it’s Happening! Because, you are responding to Feelings and Emotions and you are Responding to the Feeling that it feels like ‘You Know the Person,’ but That is Not Real, because: they are Simply Utilizing YOUR Programming to Activate You with Words in ways that you then end up Experiencing it as if it is a Feeling of home and it’s ‘Your Truth’ – but how can Anything be True if you don’t even Understand How your Quantum Body functions, if you don’t understand How You Create your Thoughts, Where your Thoughts Come From, your Feelings, How your Water Align, how the Crystals in your Water is Designed, How the Relationships and Associations with Memory – long term/ short term – is Designed, the Relationship between the Subconscious, the Unconscious and the Conscious mind, how the Consciousness that you actually Exist as is In Fact Not Real, it’s all An Illusion…? You don’t know Any of these things! Then to profess that you have found ‘some truth’ purely because ‘You Feel Something in your Body.’ So you Trust your Body ‘to Be the Thing that Gives You the Feeling’ about what apparently is Real and Not Real, but at the Same Time you say that the Physical World is an Illusion – It’s a Contradiction, completely. How can you Allow such a Contradiction and Not Realize the Dishonesty Embedded with it? But, that after all is the Weakness in your Character. That Weakness is One of the Many that will have to be Addressed. A Weakness is the Allowance of Yourself to be Brainwashed through Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, Visions or Any Part of Association that you Form with something simply from the perspective of Your Self-Interest. Self-Interest in itself is one of the Greatest Weaknesses of Character that Exist and it’s become a Total Industry.

So, it is necessary to Truly Investigate and Consider that there is Another Way and to Investigate - How you became what you are now? Why are you Able to with Such Ease, Disregard the Suffering of Billions of Humans, Trillions of Animals and Gazillions of Plants? We’re not Talking about All the Other Beings that’s also within/on this Reality With You and Most of them were Here Long before the Human Race Ever were Conceived even.

We will be doing also Explanations on the Design of the Programs a lot more so that One can actually Assist Yourself.

Join us.

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 370: Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Two)

Then you get the Psychics that are Synchrological - and I use Synchrological instead of Psychological, because Synchrological is actually more Accurate if we come to what Psychology Actually Pertain - unfortunately Psychology has Aligned itself More to the Mind and Disregarded the Physical. So, Synchrological will be more the Physical Psychology, which is the Synchrological Psychology where there is a Synchronicity, a Synchronizing. (We will be doing Interviews about Parenting for instance in this Synchronizing so one can understand how to Support Children Effectively through a Synchrological Process.)

Now when you get to the more ‘Successful Psychics’ you’ll find a few very Interesting things: they have developed their Ability in a similar way to all the Other Psychics as a child. They have developed it as a form of Synchronizing with People Around Them, Finding their ‘Weak spots’ and then Manipulating situations from a perspective of ‘Protecting Themselves from Other People’; so it is essentially also from the Starting Point of Fear, Fear of other People, Fear of the Situation, Fear of Being Hurt, Fear of being Harmed. They thus have an Overtly developed sense of Self Protection. When they Become Successful (or they realize that they can), obviously they’re going to Use this all to their Benefit and They Have an Interesting Perspective: they have a Complete Disassociation with the Customer and would Specifically Focus on Identifying ‘Common Denominator Weaknesses’ within Groups of the Population, which they can Address and Speak-to by using Very Specific Compassionate and Empathetic Words. They are All obviously an advanced form of ‘Empathy’ and they can then Use this Information to Manipulate Groups to get them into an Alignment of a Following. This Following will normally Grow in Size and Provide an interesting thing: Lots of Money to the Psychic. The Psychic will Invent all kinds of Approaches, New Ways of doing things, Giving it Names, all kinds of stuff - Simply to be able to Identify Themselves with a particular Brand, because they are Basically ‘Capitalistic Psychics,’ which Develop their own Psychic Ability as a Consumer Product. Then, obviously, Do Value Added Products to it and will Offer all kinds of Causes; you for instance have the ‘Law of Attraction’ Psychics and Channelers that makes Lots of Money by using these particular ‘Techniques’ by Manipulating through their Ability to Synchronize for instance, with Those in their Environment. We’re not going to even go into the Channelers and How that Function, we’ve done a Lot of that – we will do More on that in Time.

Now, the Psychics that are Capitalists will Promote Themselves like a Brand and you’ll See them all over. They’ve Especially been Growing in Numbers since the 1970’s when the Initial Programming of the New Human Nature was coming to a Conclusion: the Human Nature of Self Interest and Self Happiness. From then on you had Many Various Degrees of New Brands Emerging within the Spiritual Communities and Many Branches of Brands and Products were Developed. These particular ‘Success Stories’ are Related to the Level of Effectiveness within the Psychic to Synchrologically Asses the Weaknesses of a group.
Here I’m not calling a Weakness to mean a ‘Personal Point,’ it is a Design Point within the way that the Particular section of the Populations were Designed, through the Parenting point, to have Particular Weaknesses so that they are Particularly Aligned to the Way the System Functions. The success of the system as it Now Exist Depends on Weaknesses within the Human Race. Weaknesses, which can be Exploited Extensively by Aligning the Synchrological Quantum Body of the Human to Particular Obsessions and Compulsions, because Obsessions and Compulsions are the Measurement and the Foundation of Success of Capitalism and Consumerism. Those that manage to Manipulate this, obviously make Bags full of Money. Their Interest, obviously, is Not At All in Producing a Better Human Race or a Better World - their Interest is, at the End, to Ensure that They are Successful.
With these Psychics that Manipulate Groups you’ll even get to Those that will Profess the Ultimate Lie where they have the Followers that Disassociated them with the Physical World and they will say that: “The Physical World Isn’t Real, Just don’t Worry about it, Don’t Care About it, just Care About your Own Happiness while you’re Here, You’re Just Passing Through, This Isn’t Your home, Your Home is Somewhere else After Death.” And all those with Weaknesses in Character that Cannot Handle Reality, that Cannot Stand up to the Responsibility in this world: will Follow these Psychics and these Brands.

This has made for instance, brands like ‘The Law of Attraction’ in some cases Very Strong, because Once the Weakness is Accepted and one Disassociate yourself with Responsibility of the Reality You Find Yourself in: it becomes very Easy to do Whatever You like without Any form of Guilt or Any Form of a Feeling of Responsibility; which is, in a way, Completely Psychopathic and Sociopathic, because - you Completely do Not feel a thing for Anything that Happens to Anyone in this World, Unless they belong to your Immediate circle of Self Interest where you are protecting ‘Them’. But, you are Not Really Protecting them: You’re Protecting Your Self Interest by Only Protecting your Family and Those that you call your Loved Ones. But, the Rest of the world, obviously, is Not your Loved Ones. They are Purely Cannon Fodder that Apparently Do Not Understand Anything about where they find themselves - they are not ‘Evolved’. Yet, you have Apparently Evolved and Reached a state of ‘Love, Bliss and Enlightenment’, which can Take you and Allow you to Disassociate you Yourself and Separate Yourself from this World and What we find Here.

This weaknesses in Character All Starts at the phase of a Child’s life between birth and mostly 14 years old. It’s primarily the first 7 years when the Quantum Body Develops the Capacity to Create a Mind and then the Emotional body is Created by the Mind as a way to Manipulate the Mind and the Quantum Body. Eventually we’ll Get to that, there’s a Lot of things to be Understood about How the Quantum Body Functions and How Energy as Feelings and Emotions are used to Manipulate it to function within a Way that Enhance that which one Believe to be True.

We’ll continue with Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Three) in the Next Post
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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 369: Psychics and the Quantum Body

(We would suggest, in conjunction with this Series “Psychics and the Quantum Body” – to read the “After Death Communication Research Series in this Blog – starting from DAY 151.)

This is an explanation to Help Psychics, as well as explaining the Phenomena within the Design of the Quantum Physical. Here we’re going to look at the Quantum Body, which is the Human Body and its Functioning. It is necessary to also look at All the other Research we have Published and the Explanations we have published through Heaven’s blog and my Blogs - and if you Dare: to Start the Process/Journey to Self-Responsibility.

Now, as I have Explained in other blogs, you have Psychics that are Born and you have Psychics that are Taught. Born Psychics will be somebody that as a Child already has (without any Exposure to Psychic Phenomena or anything related to it) Unusual Abilities, which may Include for instance, the ability to Predict Events that Actually Happened. There won’t be many, in the Design there would only be a Few Instances, but the Instances would be Substantial. If you look for instance, Nostradamus - an Instance within the Nostradamus Ability, (which would be Extraordinary and would be a Confirmation that there is a ‘Born-in Gift’) is where he for instance, kneeled and kissed the hand of a young monk saying that this monk would one day be the pope and then that Actually Happens. That is also obviously Confirmation that Reality is Preprogrammed and that Psychic Ability is Not like an Extra-Ordinary Ability of Freedom, but is actually quite a Nasty thing to Have, because: You are able to See the Preprogramming and what you are able to See is not always ‘Nice.’ Psychics that are Taught, they are Taught to Only See the Nice Things and they are even Taught never to Speak about the Nasty things or never to Talk about Death and stuff like that, which is obviously very interesting.

Now, there’s Various Categories of Psychics, so I will assist with Categorizing the Variations that one have. Psychic Ability is Specifically related to a Predisposition within the Quantum Body where a person has, as a Child, developed a skill, a ‘Synchrological skill’ - that means an Ability to Synchronize their Water. (We’re going to use Water as our Primary Substance within the Quantum Body, because throughout many of the Interviews Done and to Come, we have and will Explain the Major Role that Water Plays within the Total Existence of What is Currently called ‘Consciousness’ and how it Functions in a Quantum Reality of the Body. Remember, the Mind is Not a Real Quantum Reality, it is Purely a ‘haphazard’ putting-together of Only Some facets, which are Specifically used in a being’s Self Interest and Survival.) So, the Psychic will with the Quantum Body, with the Water specifically, Develop and Start to Program the Water to Synchronize with People Around them Under a Specific Banner. The Banner would Initially be Survival and therefore: the Psychic, as a Child, will Use the Ability to Manage their Environment and Specifically to ‘Stay out of Trouble’ and/or to Manipulate Those around them to Get What They Want. They will Use the Synchronization to Identify the Weaknesses in Characters of the People around them and then Align Themselves in How to Use that Weakness to their Benefit, so that They can Get the person’s Attention. Therefore their Word Choices, Body Language, Tonality and What they will Speak about will be Very Specific to the Person, so much so that the Person would feel like ‘the Psychic Knows them.’ The Psychic Actually doesn’t Know them, they are only Functioning within the Synchrological Constitution that they Developed as a Child and as an Adult, they will Find that the World at Large is even Worse than the Family that they were trying to Survive in where they Learned the particular Abilities to Manage their Reality.
You’ll find that there’s a lot of Psychics that’s being taught. They’re Unable to Make a Decent Living within the System and one of the Big Struggles in the System is Survival. Therefore, they would Use their Ability by Becoming a Psychic, utilizing - whether it is a Tea cup, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball or whatever it is they’re using, Using that Specifically to Survive in the World. Because they Believe somehow that Everybody at some level Experience what They’re Experiencing and that they are thus a Vehicle of Emotional and Compassionate Support. Unfortunately, the Psychic does Not Understand What that Means, because they don’t understand the Quantum Body’s Mechanical Functioning. They Don’t Understand also what Happens if You through Synchronicity would allow a Design from another Being, through your Belief, Compassion and empathy– if you allow that to Actually Take Hold of Your Water Substance and Imprint on it so that You can Interpret it through your Mind and your Mind’s Interaction with your Quantum Body, then Use this Interpretation to Speak to the person in a way as If ‘You Know Them’. You’ll Call that that ‘you’ve Placed Yourself, in a Way, in Their Shoes’. So, to a Degree - yes, the Psychic did that, but the Side-effect is that they would be Without the Necessary Skill to Actually Deal with the Information that they have Synchronized from the person they are busy helping. And so, slowly but surely, the Psychic will Accumulate Multiple Design Programs from other people’s lives, they will be Allowed to Run Rampant within the Psychic’s Body, it’ll affect the Psychics Life, the Psychics Relationships, the Psychics Home-Life… All kind of things within the Psychic’s World that will not Function Effectively.

If you would go and spend some Time with the Psychic you’ll see they Live in Two Worlds: the One World where they are Dealing with their Customers and Clients and Another World, which is Completely Different where they are Trying to Deal with their Own Lives, and Not very Effectively. You Seldom find Effective Psychics – we’ll get to the Effective Psychics just now, but most of your Ordinary Psychics: they are Not Very Effective with their Own Lives. When they’re Not very Effective with their Own Lives they also Don’t like to Promote Themselves as Psychics ‘big time’.
There is this Belief that what they’re doing is like ‘God’s Work,’ it’s ‘Spiritual Work,’ it’s ‘Special Work’ and therefore, they would even go as far as Not Charging for it, but Asking for Donations. They can’t explain Why they Feel like ‘That’s the Way it is’ - they would justify it, as I’ve said, with some of the forms of Justifications that it is ‘Special Work’/ ‘it should be available for free’ / ‘a person that Needs to Help Must Get the Help even if they Can’t Pay’ and things like that. So, they would be taking the Empathy and Compassion point quite Far. But, unfortunately, this Empathy and Compassion will have a Side Effect in their Lives, Affect their Physical Body and they will develop All Kinds of situations in their lives, even Health situations, Relationships situations, Money situations that Simply ‘Doesn’t Want to Work,’ they simply ‘Cannot Get it to Work,’ they simply Can’t Make an Effective Decision just about their Own Lives, because there is Too Much of the Information that they have taken on from their Customers that Actually found a Resting Place within their Water in their Quantum Body and is now Influencing their Own Design.

We’ll continue with Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Two) in the Next Post

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day 368: “Please Save a Child”

I had just walked out of the shopping mall and at the Entrance a man was sitting, in his thirties, with a Display about Helping Disadvantaged Children. He wore a thick gold chain and used the words: “Please Help Us Save the Children.”

Now, this goes to the Existence of Charities within the Current System: would the Existence of Charities actually be the Confirmation that the Current System Violates Human Rights? Because, if Children had Human Rights that were Protected - there would have been No Child that Needed to Be Saved from, for instance, a Family Home that is Dysfunctional, from Poverty, Disease or from a Genetic Disorder… from Any Point. Because, in a System that is Based on Fundamental Human Rights, these type of Conditions would Be Prevented and would Be Well Funded if Necessary. There would be No Need to go and Look for Ways to Help these Children, because the Society would understand that: If the Foundation of Human Rights is Violated, Everyone’s Security, Harmony, Peace and Happiness is at Stake, which is Slowly but Surely Busy Happening in the World as more and More People are Finding out that the System they have Supported for So Long is Collapsing.

You’ll See in the Future as the Pension Funds of so many that have spent Lifetimes in Contributing to it, Disappear into the hands of our Wonderful Leaders in Business and in Government, because: You can Only be a Governmental or Corporation Leader in this World if you are Willing to Violate Human Rights – even the Human Rights of Children. And you will Support the Charities that Apparently help these Children, because that Gives you a better Marketable ‘Face Value’, but You will do Nothing about Changing the System, because that will put you in conflict with All Those that Benefit from a System where there is No Human Rights in Fact and where Only the Rights of Those that are Willing to abuse are Protected like Property Rights, Wealth Rights, things that Should Not Exist in the way it exist in a World where there are Actual Fundamental Human Rights.

So, the argument sometimes is that: “It is Necessary to Support Charities to Help the Children in the Meantime!” – Yes sure, but What are you Doing about Actually Getting to a Point of Changing the System so that Charities Do Not Have to Exist?
If You are Doing Nothing to bring about a Change in the System and you’re Supporting Charities, you’re Indirectly Supporting the Violation of Human Rights, the Violation of the Children’s Life Rights – Why would You Do that? Investigate in your life Why you would Accept the Violation of Human Rights? Why would you Accept that Children can be Born into this World in Poverty or into Family Situations that is Abusive - unless in some way You are Actually Also Abusing these things so that You can Benefit.

It is Time to Come Together as One Humanity to Face the Problems that we have Created and the Violations we have Accepted, to Bring about a New Dispensation that is Based on Equal Human Rights in every way. It is Necessary to Educate Yourself about these Human Rights so that you can Understand Why it is Fundamental, Understand the Reasoning behind them, How they would Affect Your Life if they do Not Exist and how Money Protects You from being Exposed to Human Rights’ Violations in many respects; but that Money is Actually the Vehicle with which Human Rights Violations are Perpetrated.

Investigate Equal Money thus, so that You Can Become Part of the Solution in this World.
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Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 367: Investigating Human Rights

It is Important to Investigate All Those that Profess to Stand for Human Rights and to Measure what They Do under the banner of ‘Human Rights’ and whether that is In Fact only Propaganda for the ones that Fund these Human Rights Organizations. You have to Investigate whether they are In Fact Focusing on a Solution to bring about a Constitutional Human Rights System that is Based on Equality, that Improves the Quality of Every Human to be Equal to the Value of Life, that they are Ensuring in their Actions to Lead to an Outcome that will Produce a world where Every Child Born Will have a Home to Stay in, will have Food to Eat, Will have a Proper Education, Will have Decent Clothes, will have a Family that is Well Educated to be able to Educate the Child to be a Human with Dignity, that they are In Fact Acting in the Best Interest of the Human Race.

You have to Look at their Track Record, How Long they’ve been Around? What Funds have they Had, What have they Done with these Funds and Why have they Not Actually Produced a Better World? Then you have to Ask Yourself: Why Do you Allow them to Exist? Why are You Not Either been Starting an Actual Organization that is Focused on an Outcome that’s Best for All or Join One that is Focused on What is Best for All and Make Sure that, in the End, when you Measure what is Being Presented and you take it to a Practical Application and you Check that the means and the Ways they are Proposing will actually Produce such Change through a Political-Democratic Way, thus not Supporting some form of Violence to Try and Get Attention, but that they are In Fact Educating the public to become Better versed at What it Means to Bring About Real Change in the World – How a Political System, a Democratic one Actually Functions? Why the Majority that Stands Together and Vote for a Solution can Actually Change what is happening, and Actually Prevent what is happening. You must investigate Why Culture and Tradition are Allowed to Influence and Violate Human Rights, when Culture and Tradition are Not Actually a Level of Education that One would Like to See for Every Human Being, Every child Born. Cultural and Traditional Ideologies are normally focused on some form of Fear and are Not there to Produce a World that’s Best for All.

Culture which is Fun where one Come Together in a group and Enjoy Yourself = that is what Culture is –That Culture is Obviously Absolutely Wonderful! But the Culture that’s being Bastardized Claiming that it is Culture when it in fact Promotes Inadequate Environments for people and Children Especially, is certainly Not Culture and Must Be Considered to Focus on the Re-education of People. How do we know that Education Works? This has been done already, after the Second World War and you can go and Study The Century of the Self Documentaries, the Human Nature/ the Behavior that is within the Human Mind – now we are not talking about the Physical Human Nature which is the Real Human Nature, we’re talking about the one that they’re trying to Convince You is Your Nature – that was Changed Deliberately to Create a Consumer Society, to Create a Society that Cannot Reason Critically and Investigate All Things, that Does Not Question, a Society that Follows and Only Looks after One thing: Self Interest “Me: the Only Important One.” And in a way this has created the Mess we are in today in the World – an Absolute Violation of Human Rights was this Particular Change in Human Behavior through Manipulating Human Minds. That is Brainwashing and they Admit to it Freely, you can Check this Documentary, you are the Product of that. How Do You Stop That? Do You Understand How it was Done? Do you Know Where this Desire comes from that you must be an Individual that Must Look after your Self-Interest? How this is being Perpetuated? How this is Implanted in your Mind? Do you have any Idea where your Thoughts Come From? Have you ever Questioned it and Investigated it? Have you Ever Mastered the Ability to Actually Remove a Thought and to Place-in a Thought that is Best for You and Best for Everyone Else so that You Do Not Have to Live in Fear and Conflict? No, You Haven’t, Why haven’t you? Because even That, the ability to Help Yourself Has Been Removed through How you’ve been Programmed.

And All The Organizations in the World that Do Not Follow Practical Solutions to bring about a New World that is Best for All, you better Investigate them because there are Vested Interests that Created this so that it ‘Looks’ like ‘Everything is Okay’ - How will you Find Out that it’s Not ‘Okay’ to be in Poverty? Give Away All that You Have and Go and Live like a Poor Person and See How Long You Last? See what You Will be Willing to Do to Eat, have a look what happens if you Have Children while you are Poor, what you have to Accept, what you Think about? The Thoughts that is becoming the Dominant Factor within your world about Survival and just trying to Get the Best For Your Children – this is completely Unacceptable and Absolute Violations of Human Rights, and yet it is Justified. There is nowhere where you can see Organizations Standing up and Questioning that – even our Psychology is being Designed and is being Used to Design a System that Does Not Consider that which is Truly Valuable in a Human’s Life. Instead that which they claim ‘they Can’t Measure’ which is Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts – has All been given Names and now they Attempt to Control that with Chemicals, strange! Because Chemicals are actually Physical things, which means the Chemicals must be ‘More Powerful’ than the Thoughts you’re having and the Feelings you’re having and yet, the Fact that Human Nature is a Physical Thing – that Needs for a Home, the Need for Food, the Need for an Environment that is Effective, the Need for Proper Education, the Need to be able to Speak Properly - All of those things that are Actual Physical things, they are simply Not Placed as Human Rights. They are more placed as Hopes. And as long as you are Mentally Fairly Stable apparently ‘You have Human Rights’ – that is such Bullshit.

Investigate because if You Do Not Take Action to Safeguard Yourself Against the Brainwashing that’s Taking Place, You are Never going to Be Free from what has happened in this World and You Will Teach Your Children to Also become Slaves to a System that Violates Human Rights at a Massive Scale around the World, and That would mean that You are Equal to that Abuse because: You Accept it and You’re Allowing it.

Take Action, Set your Mind Free - and all those that claim “You must Set your Mind Free” Check if they can Actually Explain to you Where the Thoughts and the Feelings Come From? And why they are Just saying “Set your Mind Free” but They Can’t Help you to Actually do it – then there’s a Problem! That’s just Propaganda and you are going to scream “I have Set My Mind Free! I am Me, I am FREE!” But, that’s Not True because You are a Slave to a System and you’re Unable to Change it, you’re Unable to Reason with Effective Considerations, How to Change the System – and therefore you’ll form Groups that have No Potential of Impact Whatsoever, you’ll even go as far as Promoting Violence – Really, To Promote Violence? Do you Understand what that Will Cause? There is Peaceful means with which to Do This.

First of all become a Master of Your Mind so that No Thought in Your Mind is Not what is Best for All Life Always, you have Personally Checked it and you have Removed Anything that Creates Fear Within you, because whatsoever Creates Fear within you Is Brainwashing.

Join Us if You Want to Set Yourself Free.
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 366: The Human Right of Individuality

Yes, have a look: this is the One Thing Everyone Desires: Individuality, Free Choice, Free Speech.

Obviously, the Principle of Individuality is the Fact that One can Express it in a Unique Individual Way, but there is One Thing to Consider: If your Individuality Impose on another’s - making them either a Master or a Slave, then Individuality No Longer Exists. Then Individuality Becomes ‘Master’ or ‘Slave’.

Thus, a Fundamental Right for Each One from the Moment of Your Existence within Awareness is Individuality and the Consideration that: If You Express this Individuality in a way that Relates to others with Respect and Equality, with Respecting their Individuality and thus Doing and Participating within All Things in a way that is Best for Other Individuals as well - they’re going to Respond by Respecting your Individuality.
If you Don’t, then you have a World like Now where No-one Respects another’s Individuality, Nobody Respects another’s Right to Life - because Everybody is Scared of Everyone Else, because Each One Knows One Thing: You will Rather Act in Self Interest, because You Already Expect Everyone else to Do the Same. Instead of Reversing it, Instead of Realizing that: “As You Give = You Receive”.

You see, the Message of Jesus was the Ultimate Model of Individuality: “Give as You Would Like to Receive”, “Do Onto Another as You Would Like to be Done Unto” - The Foundation Principle of Individuality. If You Do Not Have this Principle Intrinsic as Your Own Self Value, then you’re Not an Individual – Yet.
First you Must Establish this Principle, then Individuality can be Born and you May at Last be Called Alive.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 365: Is God a Fundamental Human Right?

Certainly, whether God exists - is Not Subject to Any Rights involving the day to day living of Humans within one Society. The Ideas and Ideologies of God is the Unlucky Event of Being Born into an Environment that will Program you as a Child to have a certain Bias and Belief about God. This Environmental Education of your Bias of God, creating a particular Psychology about Divinity and Life - is in itself a Violation of Basic Human Rights, because You will Regard ‘Your Belief’ to be ‘More Valid’ than someone else’s Belief and even someone else’s Life. When Your Belief is purely, actually, a form of Tradition and Culture that is Based on Hearsay, Parental Influences and Society Influences that is Without Actual Evidence.

The Evidence that is clear is that: the Human Emerging from the Merging of an Egg and a Sperm is certainly much more Advanced Biological Technology than what the human can currently Understand with Science. But, the Fact that it is Technology - is based in its Repeated Production of a Similar Object with Similar Specific Abilities that Varies in the Degree of its Genetic Ingredients. Obviously, if one improves the Genetic Ingredients = you Improve the Product. Does that mean there is a God? Certainly Not.
The imposing of Cultural Traditions or Ideas on Children so that they Become a Copy of your Ideology - is Certainly a Violation of Basic Human Rights, because what becomes ‘compromised’ is the Ability to Reason Effectively in a way that You Become a Contributor to Society in a way that is Best for All Life, which is Paramount and Fundamental in Producing a Society as Humanity that will be Best for All and that will have a Society that lives in Harmony and Peace. If this is Not Considered, we create a Segregated Society where things like Religion and God is made to be ‘Human Rights’, when They are In fact Not Human Rights. They are In Fact Causing Violations of Human Rights and Cause Segregation in Society that result in Consequences as we can view in the Relations between Groups in this World.

So, in Understanding and Considering Human Rights - we have to look at the Practical Points that Influence and Produce a World that is Best for Everyone and Where our Beliefs, Traditions and Cultures interfere with that - That certainly Becomes no longer a Human Right, but actually a Violation of Human Rights.

Here we would suggest reading DAY 363DAY 364 posts – as the Redefinition / Reconsideration of what Human Rights from an actual, real Physical Context practically means - which will in fact Contribute to humanity at large and even extend into and as the earth/this physical existence. Because, with regards to how Human Rights are now Defined: they are more contributing to separation, inequality – benefitting only the few, at the cost of the majority of humanity/this physical existence.
Therefore, to expand your understanding/perspective with regards to why we say our relationship to God/Religion/Ideologies is contributing to the outflow-consequences we’re now facing with regards to Human Right – please refer to the Posts of DAY 363DAY 364
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 364: Basic Human Rights and Crime (Part Two)

If you are Serious about Bringing forth World Change, it is time to Become the Master of Your Own Mind. Being the Master of Your Own Mind is to Not Fall in the trap of the Ideologies of Love and Light, because these Ideologies are Purely side-effects of the Consumer system. If you Look at it, since the 1980’s such Ideologies Developed in a Total Consumer System. All the people that should have been Standing up in Unison / Oneness and Equality, to Demand and Bring about (through Legitimate means, like Political Democracy) a New World System that is Best for All, which is an Actual Act of Love and an Actual Act of Enlightenment: are now Trying to use Love and Light to Make Money. Chaining themselves and others to the System and into a ‘Feel Good’ Ideology that will Never Produce a Better World.

How Long is it going to be before You Realize you’ve Duped Yourself and you’re Duping and Misleading Others? That you are Purely a Result of a System that Deliberately Manipulate and Control the Very Thoughts You Have? The Question is Never Asked: “Why was it that when I was Born I could not Think? Who Placed These Thoughts Inside Me? Where Do they Come from? Who Benefits from these Types of Thoughts? Why are they so Aggressively, Emotionally Controlling that I do not Want to Consider that my Fellow Man Could Be a Human of Integrity? Who Made me Believe this? Who Placed all this Information inside me?” Investigate.
Investigate What has Become of Yourself and if This Character, this Personality that you have Designed with which to Participate in this World - is In Fact based on Knowledge and information that is Valid and that is in Alignment with That which is the Basic Human Rights of Everyone: All Born Equal Before God/Creator. That Equality is Unquestionable – yet, there is No Reason that is Forthcoming from the Educated Elite of this World, as All is Using the Education to Enslave more and more, coming with the Idea that: apparently because they ‘Studied Hard,’ which was What - Reading from Books, Writing Exams, Getting a Piece of Paper (which is now suddenly ‘Worth Money’, because you can take this Piece of Paper and Make Money with it) and this is apparently giving you some Rights and Authority over What Is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ in this World? It Gives you the Idea that you can apparently Control Who Gets Access to Basic Human Rights on Earth and that Your Basic Human right of Owning Parts of the Earth and Owning all kinds of stuff - is apparently Worth ‘More’ than the Rights of Those that Don’t Have the Same Opportunities as You in terms of Education, Housing, Food, Water?

In terms of Having the Know-How, which is a Basic Human Right - How your Mind Actually Functions, Where your Thoughts actually Come From and to Ensure that these Thoughts, these Programs are In Fact in Alignment with the Basic Human Rights that is Based on the Fact that We Are All Equal as Life.
Have a look at the Psychology that’s being Developed, None of it is investigating or bringing forth the Answer as to Where and How Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings comes from and are Created. Instead, Diseases are created by giving things/behaviours Names that are the Result of What is Being Implanted Into the Minds of Men and Making Money out of it. Making humans Believe that there is apparently Something ‘Wrong’ with them’, when there’s Nothing Wrong with You as a Human, per se. What the Problem is is what is being Planted Into Your Mind and you’ve Accepted it and Allowed it to happen - the Ideologies and Ideas about What You Are, What this World is; All this Information has become part of your Total Physical Existence. That’s why you can Think and Speak it, seemingly Without Seeing Where it’s Coming From: it is Embedded within your Physical Flesh. That’s Why the word ‘Flesh’ is the word ‘Self’ - the Real Self. That’s how you Learn to talk and walk, that’s how you Learn to drive a car - it becomes Automatic and Everything You Have Learned, You Have Learned ‘till it became Automatic. Once it was automatic, you Start to Believe, Erroneously, that ‘It is You.’
This is Why it is Important that One Do Not Seek Revenge for What has Happened in this world, but that one Seek Forgiveness. Self-Forgiveness for What you Have Allowed and Accepted in this World and Within Yourself - as to the Reason Why you have allowed and accepted Slavery to be Perpetuated in this World and Why you have Allowed to Accept the System that does Not Honor Basic Human Rights. Within this, also Being Self Honest so that you can Identify these Misnomers that have become Part of your Automated Process of Thinking and Behaviour – This is Not Human Nature. Human Nature is Based on What the Physical Needs are of Each Human: A House, Education that is in Alignment with What is Best for All life, Water, Food etc. as the Basic Human Rights which Every Human Needs - that is the Human’s Nature, that Nature of the Flesh that must be Looked After. Instead, Erroneously, you’ve made to believe it’s all that is happening in your Mind and that That is your Human Nature. But, that is what is being Implanted Inside you, because You are Not Those Thoughts, You are Not Those feelings, You are Not Those Emotions - they were Implanted into you by People that Didn’t even Understand How it Works: your Parents! They Didn’t Know, they’ve Accepted it and it’s been going on for Many, many, many generations.

When are you Going to Realize that there is a Fundamental Problem within What is Being Accepted in this World as Human Nature? When are you going to Realize that Human Nature is the Flesh and is thus where Human Rights Must be Focused?

Make Sure when you Study Human Rights that you Draw a Little Picture of Yourself on a piece of paper and Start having a look at What are the Rights You Should Have and Everyone Else Should Have to Have a Life of Decency, Happiness and Fulfillment in this world. You can Actually Work it out for yourself - Even with a Mind that is being Controlled by Thoughts and Information and Knowledge that is Not Valid according to What is Best for All Life on Earth. Then, Start the Process of Reeducation - we have Free Training Programs with Support Available to Help You to Break the Brainwashing that is Controlling What you Believe you Are, that is Controlling your Thoughts and Emotions. It’s a Process that’ll take Time, yes! You Have Allowed it to Exist within you through a Process of Time. It takes Time before a Child starts Speaking, Thinking, Building a Personality, Walking and Crawling – These Things Take Time. Therefore, it’ll Take Time to Break your Brainwashing - that is What it is and that is Why Desteni was for instance Created: a Ways and Means to Break the Brainwashing. That is Why we are being Attacked so Violently by those that Understand one thing: We Have the Answer and We Are in Fact a Problem (to them) - that Will Bring an End to These Ideologies, where Wealth is Centered just in ‘the Hands of a Few’ and the majority are Without Basic Human Rights. They Know and Understand that Eventually, once the Human Race Starts Understanding, there will be an End to this System as it Now Exist. It is Already Collapsing and there is No way it can be Saved. It is impossible.

So, now it’s Time to Wake Up. Do Not Let things ‘Slide’ in this World, because it will make the Process of Correcting the System on Earth a Lot More Difficult if You Allow this to Slide. In Every Country those that are Ready Must Start Looking at Forming Ways to Bring People Together around an Approach of Constitutional Equality, because it is Necessary that we Start Looking at the Situation and it is Necessary that we Start Educating People so they can Understand the Problems We Are Facing.
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Day 363: Basic Human Rights and Crime (Part One)

Currently we have a very Bizarre Criminal Justice System. We have one that does Not Protect Basic Human Rights, it Protects Rights like ‘the Ownership of Property’, which Should be a Basic Human Right for Everyone on Earth, but entrench Protection for Only ‘The Few’. ‘The Few’ that Mostly Acquire this Right by Controlling the Free Resources of the Earth and then Engaging Wage-Slaves through the Control of Food and Access to other Basic Human Rights – like Water and a Home; by Controlling that, the Majority of the Humans are Forced into Slave Labor to Produce a Currency called Money with which they then Enchain (which is Chains) and Control the Laws of this World. But, These Laws are In Fact in Violation of Basic Human Rights, it’s in Violation of the Basic Human Right that Each Life is Equal. This ‘Equal before God’ Human Right is even in the American Constitution, yet if you look at its Application - it does Not Empower Everyone in the U.S.A. with the Most Basic Human Rights’ Access to the Right to Life, the Right to Property, the Right to Water, the Right to Education etc. All of this is Controlled by another bizarre thing called: Money, and the Money is Controlled by a Small Minority Instead of it Being Available for Everyone as an Equal Right.

If we have to Look at The Law when it would be Based on the Constitutional Equality of Life and Entrench and Protect the Basic Human Rights Equally for All: we will Not Have the Majority of Humanity living in Poverty and the Small Minority Living in Obscene Wealth = That is a Crime, because that is achieved through Violence. This Violence is perpetrated by Controlling, with Money, things like a Police Force, Security Forces, Armies… all of these Wage-Slaves laying down their Lives so that ‘Some’ may have their apparent ‘Rights Protected’. While these Rights are not Equally Available for All, because it’s made Subject to Bizarre Constructs like Money and by Claiming that you Apparently have ‘Equal Opportunity’. When ‘Equal Opportunity’ in fact means/should mean: when you are Born, you have the Opportunity for a life Worth Living, that you have the Resources, Education, Housing, Water etc. Available to have a Decent Life –that’s a Human Right. The current Human Rights and the Charities that Protect these Bizarre / Obscene Human Rights - are All being Funded by Corporations. Corporations that Acts as Mere ‘Cover-ups’ to Protect the Rights of a Few that has Obscene Wealth. Unfortunately, there is a Secondary Elite that’s being Created, which are all Employed by Corporations and are Enticed with Money to Also Protect these Rights - because Suddenly they have Wealth, Property and all kinds of Accesses, which is Not Afforded to Everyone on Earth. And because They Have it, they don’t want to Give it Up, because Apparently: “they Worked Hard for it’ - That is Not True. You had an Opportunity and because You had No Morality, No Integrity: you Took that Opportunity and you never Used what you Obtained Illegally from the Earth, to Actually Ensure that Everyone on Earth are Protected with Basic Human Rights.

The majority on Earth actually have the Legitimate Power to Bring about a Constitutional Change in the World in Every Country that will Protect Basic Human Rights in Every Way – that’s through Democracy. By Voting and Establishing Political Parties Based on Constitutional Equality, the Equality that is based on the Fact that All Life is Equal and therefore: there are certain Intrinsic Human Rights that Supports this Equal Life of All that Must be, by Virtue of Birth, as a Birth Right, which is a Human Right - be Available to Everyone.
Therefore, if we look at How our Legal Systems Currently Makes a Crime of anything that apparently Violates the Rights of the Wealthy, there seems to be a Serious Problem. Obviously, by Making Sure that the Money is Controlled and that Everything that Happens in the World is Controlled by this Money - makes it Very Difficult for the Majority to do anything, because: they’re Always Chained to Survival - instead of Being Chained to the Human Right of an Equal Life of Prosperity, Happiness, Freedom and Liberty. Strange enough: those that Hope to one day Achieve Wealth - will also side themselves with the ones that Abuse and Violate Basic Human Rights. Do you Understand the Consequences that May Arise once Humanity Realize that their Rights are being Violated in Atrocious Ways for Hundreds of Years? Where are You going to be Then? Isn’t the Poverty that is Happening in this World/ the Abuse of this World a Holocaust that is of a Magnitude that has Never Occurred Before? - and it is Escalating, because the Basic Human Rights of Every Human being is being Violated Every Single Day in Every Possible Way.

The Equal Life Foundation is Focused on the Education, Establishment and Promotion of Equal Human Rights, Basic Human Rights - that is Actually/will be, Measurably Result in a Benefit to Every Human Being and that Prevents the Abuse and Dictatorships that are Created by Controlling Access to Resources through Bizarre Mental Constructs like Money. That’s why we for instance propose Equal Money, because Money is being Printed anyway and the Value given to Money is Arbitrarily Assigned to it and becomes like a form of Coercion where one just Accept It. One can Print Money and Ensure that Everyone has Money. One can Give Money a New Value, the Value of Life and therefore: Money Becomes an Equal Value - giving Everyone Access to Resources in this World.

It will obviously massively Change the Way we View Life. It Will Change our Education System, because currently - our Education Systems do Not Advance Human Rights, Protect Equal Human Rights or Assist the Human to Understand, with Proper Reasoning, What it Means to ‘Be Alive’ even.
Everyone is Deliberately Trained to Enhance and Take Part in the Current System of Control, but this Current System of Control has already Failed: there are Not Enough Jobs - you Can Educate more People, yet there is No point to Educate More People when there is Never Going to be Enough Jobs and so, only Hope is sold, making them subject to Debt. ‘Debt’ that is in fact a Violation of their Human Rights, Debt that is In Fact a Crime Against Life.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 362: Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation

The Equal Life Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that focus on Redefining Human Rights to Result in Rights that Produce, at an Individual Level and a Global Level, a Result that is Best for Every Individual in the World; instead of having Multiple Different Organizations trying to do something, acting like Charities, being Controlled by the People that Donate to them - this is One Organization that Handles All of it and it’s Not a Charity. That means: We are Not Dependent on Donations. It Functions like a Business and is thus Self-Funded to Make Sure that there is No External Corporations that has a Say in Policy, firstly and secondly, because the Human does Not Like Donating unless they ‘Feel Bad’ about something. What we are doing is Producing the Ultimate Good so, You do not Get Donations for the Ultimate Good - and therefore: Donations is virtually Non-Existent within the Equal Life Foundation, with Very Little coming in that format.
It is a Non-Profit Organization, because it’s Protecting the Income to Not Go to Any Individual, but to Remain Within the Organization so that it can Focus on its Core Intent, its Objective to bring about a Constitutional Human Rights Dispensation that is Best for Everyone on Earth.

The First Fundamental Human Right that the Equal Life Foundation Promotes and Underwrites is that: Every Individual, Every Human Being has an Equal Life Right. That means: the Life You Have is Equal in Each One at the Point of Birth. That which Separates Man from Man is What Happens After-Birth once your Education starts for instance or your Environment Influences you, your Parents Influence you or the System Influences you - then You Start becoming a Separate Individual and are Taught Not to Respect the First Point that Makes your Existence Possible, which is Life. Life - that is the One Thing that is the Same. You cannot say: “One Person Has More Life than Another Person” – that Life, as a Life Force, is the Same in Each One and thus is the First Fundamental Right.

The Second Fundamental Human Right is that: Each Human Being is Made-up of Substances that is Given Freely by the Earth, so to speak - dust, water, clay, All the Chemicals and All the Parts that Forms the Eventual Physical Body. The Resources on Earth that are Available are also Freely Available. Therefore, All Resources on Earth, Fundamentally, as a Human Right - Belongs to Everyone. It is simply to be Managed in the Best Way to Ensure that Everyone that is on Earth Actually Receives the Support to make it possible to have a Life that is Worthwhile with Dignity and Happiness, in Peace and Harmony. Having Resources Controlled for the Individual Benefit of a Few is Nothing less than a form of Dictatorship and it is Disregarding Basic Human Rights in Every Way Possible.

The Third Fundamental Human Right is that: Every Human, Fundamentally, Requires Food to Exist, Food to Have a Life on Earth and therefore, Food (which is primarily, actually, a Substance that is Produced by the Earth for Free, to a degree - except for the Human Labour part) - Food is the Third Basic Human Right. Without Food, Nobody can Exist. The very moment Food becomes a Scarcity that is Used for Control, one Actually Produce and Change the Human into the Behavior of a Slave-Master Relationship and there exist No Human Right in that Relationship.

The Fourth Fundamental Human Right is a Fundamental Right as well, because the Human cannot Exist without Clean Water. Thus, Water (also freely Provided by the Earth - except for the part of Purifying it, which is the Human Labour part) - is a Fundamental Human Right that is Not Possible to be Negotiated, Sold or in any other way Used to Diminish Another Human Being. To Do such things is In Fact Human Rights Violations and a Crime.

The Fifth Fundamental Human Right is that: Every Human Being Requires a Place to Live, a Roof over their head, a Home, a House. The Human is Not Designed to Live out in Nature. The Human Requires a particular Known Way of Protection: a House. Housing is Not Negotiable when it comes to Human Rights, there is No Way that Anyone that has a House can Claim that their Right to a House is more than another and that they have a Right to Allow Others to Sleep on the Streets or to have No Place that they can call ‘Their Own.’ Thus, a Home You Can Call ‘Your Own’ is a Basic Human Right, which is part of the Fundamental Nature of the Human Being, the Actual Human Nature which is: You need Food, you need Water, you need a Home.

That brings us to the Sixth Fundamental Human Right, which is Education. Education is the Way with which the current Division is Created on Earth and How the Justification of the Abuse of Human Rights are in Fact Done. Education is What Creates the Human as it is Now, that Creates what is Now called ‘Human Nature’. But, in fact, the Nature of the Human is that: the Human can be Educated and this Education, Fundamentally, must be Based on What is Best for All - considering the Human Rights Equally for all; thus Producing an Understanding, From Birth, on How to Coexist on a Planet with Limited Resources, yet We are All Here.
Thus, it is a Violation to Allow Education to take place in a way that Justify Abuse in any way whatsoever, because it is a Known Fact that the Human will Become the Result of their Education. This is in fact Used and Abused Extensively by Those that Benefit from Being in Charge of the Education of the Human through Media, Education (Schools and Universities), Religions, Entertainment, Consumerism; as All the Systems that Now Educate and Manipulate the Human - simply Do So in Violating the Most Basic Human Rights, Justifying Why these Human Rights are Apparently ‘Not Valid’ and that the Only Valid Human Right, currently, is Profit, Ownership and Master-Slavery Relationships - all kinds of things that is in No way Actual Practical Human Rights or Fit in with the Very Nature of the Human being as a Physical Being.

The Seventh Fundamental Human Right is: the Right to Have a job, the Right to Labour, the Right to Have Access to the Means through which the Ecosystem, the Economy is Managed, which is the System of Distribution of Resources on Earth. Without such means, one Creates a Master-Slave Relationship and there are No Human Rights within that Relationship. Therefore, a Basic Human Right is a Job, Employment, being part of the Ecosystem so that one can Receive from it as you are giving to it. An Ecosystem is a Give and Receive, each one Participates by Giving Their Labour so that they can get/receive from it the Result of the Labour. Within that, there are Different Skills and Skill Levels that are Relevant to the Current Genetic Dispensation that has been Accepted – so, Some will be More Intellectual and some Less Intellectual. The More Intellectual will find More Interesting or Effective ways to take Substances from the Earth and Create New Products that can Benefit Everyone. Others will be Less Effective with that, but More Effective with Physical Labour and therefore: their Genetics will Support Physical Labour.
Identifying the particular Skill one has to Contribute to the System, the Ecosystem, the Economy obviously is Relevant, but At the End of the Day - The Right to Receive from the Ecosystem an Equal Measure Is a Basic Human Right as Part of the Basic Human Nature of a Physical Being that finds Themselves on Earth. Thus, Violating it as it is being done at the moment through the Current Systems that is being Utilized, Controlling it through Controlling the Education Systems so that nobody can Realize what they are Really Actually Allowing and Accepting on Earth - is Criminal at the very least.

This is but the Beginning parts of the Basic Human Rights that the Equal Life Foundation represents. You are Invited to Participate in both Specifying Considerations of these Human Rights and to Assist in looking at Practical Solutions, Practical Ways within which we can Bring about a Dispensation on Earth that is Based on the Physical Human Nature that is Defined by the Human Rights of Each Being that Find themselves Here on Earth. To so Ensure that This World Become That which is Best for All, to Investigate and Bring to an End the Misnomer that is currently being utilized and claimed to be ‘Human Nature.’
Human Nature is Not a Mental Condition, it is a Physical Condition. The Mental Condition can be Understood if one do the Research and See how Easily that can be Controlled to Bring about all these Violations of Basic Human Rights. All of this research is also done by the Equal Life Foundation. We already Have Solutions on How to Sort out and Bring to an End this Violating Human Nature Ideologies that’s being Imposed through Education – and to with these solutions, bring through an Approach to Education that is Based on the Actual Functionality, Mechanics of the Human Mind/ Body/ Spirit Relationship so that one can understand How we have Created this Mess on Earth where there are Currently No Basic Human Rights Whatsoever. Human Rights Doesn’t Exist Yet. The Human Rights that’s being Professed to Exist = that’s Not Human Rights as that Only Protects the Rights of the Masters, that only Protects the Rights of Those that Violates the Rights of Every Human Being Here on Earth.

Join us, Become Part of a Solution. It is Time we Face our Creation Here on Earth, which is a System that Violates Every Day, in Every Way - the Rights of Every Human Being. Even Those that are Masters are being Violated by Themselves, because they are in fact Not Acting Like a Human, but Acting like Someone that has No Understanding of What Human Rights Actually are.

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