Saturday 6 April 2013

Day 348: The Global Mind – Scientific Farming (Part Three)

We Continue with Seeing whether there is, in fact, ‘Anything Free on Earth’ – and you’ll say to me: “Sunshine is Free!” No it’s not. Whether you can Enjoy the Sunshine, lay on the beach, depends on what? Money. No Money, you don’t have Free Sunshine and you don’t have Access to All Places where there is Sunshine, it‘s all determined by Money. Then you’ll say to me: “But, Free Speech is Free”. Oh no! It’s Not. ‘Freedom of Speech’ Doesn’t Exist! Whether you can Speak ‘Freely’ or Not, is determined by Money and the very Moment Anyone Threatens your Money - You Use your ‘Freedom of Speech’ to Abuse and Attack, and Suddenly - ‘Freedom of Speech’ becomes a Weapon of Money, Protecting your Money, your Property - and all of that you Claim to be Your Rights, your ‘Human Rights.’

Human Rights is something Completely Different to that which is currently Used and Abused as Ways to Protect Money. As you Watch the world you’ll see it’s the Minority who is Protected. There is this Great Fear, that if the Minority Rights are Not Protected: the Majority will take over, therefore “Let’s Enslave the Majority and Keep them in Chains, the Chains of Money, let them Only exist with Some Change in their Pockets, then they have to Work the Whole Time to Survive and they don’t’ have Time, or the Resources to Threaten Our Money.”
And so, our Human Rights Do Not Protect what is Right or Wrong, it doesn’t ‘Right the Wrongs’ and Certainly it’s Not Protecting That which Everyone Value Most, which is Life. Because that’s the One thing that you Can’t Buy - Life. But, the very Moment it enters this world it is being Controlled and Chained by Money. What Type of Medical Help is Available for a New Born, for a Mother? What is the ‘Point of Entry’ into this World? It’s Controlled by Money – No Equality, it’s more like ‘the Luck of the Draw.’

Human Rights would be the Recognition that All Life is Equal in Each One. It would be the Recognition that the Environment Determines the Outcome of a Life on Earth. Human Rights would be that Every One Born has a Right to the Resources on Earth as Food, Shelter, Water, Sunshine - the things that are Freely Available on Earth, then must simply be Managed to the Benefit of All. Human Rights Should be that No Political Agenda May Exist that will Interfere or Diminish the Right of Any Single Human on Earth and/or that can Limit the Right to Life of any single human on earth in any way whatsoever.
There are Just a Few Basic Human Rights necessary to have a World that is Best for All and that is in Peace and Harmony, because Peace is Not to have a ‘Bigger Piece of the pie’ or to have ‘More Pieces’ than another. Peace is to Have Enough and Not to have the Need to Protect What You Have from another. You only ‘Need to Protect What you have from Another’ if you have More than another and you are Not Willing to Share it. Immediately you’re the Cause of Anger, you are the Cause of Disdain and you’re the Cause of Hate, because You’re Willing to Abuse Another so that You can have Happiness. You see, Happiness Costs Money. Every Experience on Earth Costs Money and in spite of Every Life coming to Earth being Measurably Limited to only a Certain Time Period, there are still Those that Try and Control All of that.

There Is a Way where All on Earth can Coexist without the ‘Harm of Money’ and Exist in Harmony. There is a Way where All can Exist in Peace, where Each One can have an ‘Equal Slice of the Pie’ - it will not be The Same, but it Will be Enough. There is a Way where Conflict will be Significantly Reduced, where Unhappiness will be because of a ‘Mental Condition’ rather than a ‘Money Condition,’ and therefore it can be helped. But currently, if you have a Mental Disorder, like what is Caused through Poverty, where you Cannot even See that there is Something more Possible, where you are Constantly Consumed by your Desire to ‘Get More Money’ so that you can be ‘More Free’ and you can get all the Things that you See Those with Money Have: that No Longer will Exist – and suddenly, the Minds of Men will be Free to Consider Greater Things, Things that will Benefit Everyone. Science will be Free to Consider Endeavors that can Benefit All, Without the Desire to Personally Profit from it.

Investigate whether you can find One thing in your Life that is Not Subject to Money. Then Place Yourself in the Shoes of Those that Do Not Have Money and try and Visualize what that Life is like, especially with What You Now Know once you’ve Had Money. Then, Watch within you How your programming React, How Little you’re willing to Share and How Little you’re willing to Give. Then, take out the Bible and Ask yourself the question: if You are a Christian and You Believe in Jesus - Why do you not Follow in his Footsteps? Why are You Not Giving as you would Like to Receive? Why are You Not doing What you would Like to be Done unto? Why Do You Not Investigate All things and Keep What is Good? Why do You Not create Conditions on Earth that Will be Able to be Named ‘Heaven on Earth’?
If you Can’t Answer these questions and Change Yourself to What is Best for Life, it is Best that you Put down the Bible and Never Touch it Again, because you have Dishonored Those that Came before you and Showed you that There is Another Way. No matter How you Pray, there can Never be Forgiveness, because You were Not Forgiving, You Did Not Stand for a System that is Based on Giving, and Therefore you Cannot Have Forgiveness.
The Only Forgiveness Possible is To Give as You Would Like to Receive – that is the Evidence, therefore it is Self-Forgiveness – You have to Not Place Yourself First, You have to Give First: that is Self-Forgiveness. You have to Realize the Importance of Such things in Producing and Creating a World that is Best for All Life.

You Have the Means to Realize What is Necessary to Honor Life - Why Don’t You Do It?

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