Sunday 31 March 2013

Day 342: The Internet is the Global Mind (Part 1)

We are now looking at ‘the Oneness of Mankind’ and as Globalization takes place, the Internet developed as the Global Mind of the Body of Humanity. Within and as the Internet, you can See What you See in the Human Mind. For example, what plays a ‘Big Role’ in the Human Mind is Sex/Porn, so you’ll see a Vast part of the Internet is the Exploitation of Each other through Sexual Abuse. Porn, in essence, is Sexual Abuse as it Only Exist because people Make Money out of it, the others are So Desperate that they have No other way of making money and some are purely just Greedy and want to Make a lot of Money.
You will also see that Discourse on the Internet Proves a fascinating thing: Those that claim to be Intellectuals, those that have ‘Pieces of Paper’ saying they have ‘Academic Degrees’ - are simply just as Nasty and Intolerant as the average human being is in their mind. There is No Difference to the Content of the Mind, no matter what your Education – so, Integrity and Standing in Reality is Not Determined by a ‘Piece of Paper.’

Those that have got ‘Pieces of Paper’ now, are Basing their Knowledge on people who invented the ideas (/knowledge and information) that Didn’t have ‘Pieces of Paper’ when this all started. So, the ‘Piece of Paper’ in itself has No Foundation in anything and it is Producing only a world that in No Way is What is Best for All. So, Never allow yourself to be Intimidated by a ‘Piece of Paper’. It is certainly not Peace of Mind, because ‘Peace of Mind’ would mean that: You can Co-Exist with your Fellow Human Being and Other Life Forms on Earth Without Causing anyone Harm - by Producing a System that’s Best for All. Those with ‘Pieces of Paper’ cannot do so, because they have specifically been Educated with Filters to Create the Current Global Society where the 1% Controls everything and the 99% are Slaves. To Ensure that the Slavery continues, it is of great Importance to them that the Internet becomes a place of ‘Ugly/ Vile Human Thought,’ because as long as the Human Thinks: the Human is Lost and In Complete Control of Whomsoever has the ability to Drive their Paranoia. This has been Demonstrated. We have Demonstrated to the group, very Effectively, the extent of the Problem that is Faced in the Global Mind. The tools for dealing with this Global Mind is very simplistic: you Insert the Correction, you Engage and then you Disengage - and you Let the Virus Eat Away at the Madness of the Mind and Those that believe that they apparently have ‘Some Value’ within their so-called ‘Energetic Body.’ (For reference/context of this process/demonstration by the group – we suggest reading DAY 328DAY 332)

The Attempt that will be Made through the Global Mind is (and to some extent they’ve been trying that already), to Create ‘The Soul of the Human’ as a form of ‘Freedom,’ ‘Freedom of Speech’ - Pretending that, somehow, by having ‘Absolute Freedom,’ just like ‘Absolute Free Markets’: it’s all just going to Magically ‘Come Together and Get Better’, ‘Take care of Everyone’ and it will trickle down to everyone… You can have a Look and if you Study this, you will Notice that is, In Fact, Not what is Happening.
In Fact, the Desperation of the World Economic System has now made All Social Media ‘gathering places,’ where everyone is desperately trying to Invent the ‘Next big thing’ to Make a Living. Instead of creating a System that just Solves all of this like the Equal Money System, everybody is trying to ‘Make a Life’ on the Internet. Now, let me tell you: It’s Not going to Work! You are Not going to make Money on the Internet. Have a look at the next stage of this Globalization and the Mind that Moves into particular Control. Remember the Problem of the Human, which is: Convenience, “Please Don’t Inconvenience me”. Therefore, the Human will follow the Corporation, because they have the Structure and Design to Make Sure that you Get What You Want without any Inconvenience. Anything else where you have to Support another Human so that They Also can ‘make a living’, will mean you have to ‘Inconvenience Yourself’ and you are Sure as Hell Not going to Do That…

Not to Worry, the Global Poverty is going to rise, and rise, and rise…strange enough, at this stage, you’re still going to say: “That’s OK, because I have a Hope, I can find another way, I am an Entrepreneur, I will use the Entrepreneurial Spirit!” Now your ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ is going to be based on your Savings and you’re going to Dump all your savings into your ‘Business Ventures’…a Few will make it, but Most Won’t. The Many that Won’t make it will Not Say a Word, because you will be Too Embarrassed, you’ll be ‘Out of Pocket’, you’ll be ‘Too Poor’ to Speak up and you’ll feel like a Failure and a Loser, you’ll Give up Hope, you’ll be Hopeless - not realizing you were Without Hope from the beginning. You’ll feel Powerless, because you’ll realize ‘You Have No Way Out’…
Yes, You Have a Way out! You have to Change. When you have only Change left in your pockets = that is the only time you’re going to start considering Change…that is So Sad.

In the Meantime, the World is going to continue. One will be able to Survive by doing Manual Labor, which was the Intent of Globalization anyway: to Create as Many Slaves as Possible, to Make Sure that Those with Money are Not Inconvenienced, because ‘they are Superior’, they made it Possible for Everything in the World to be ‘Cheap’ and Available for Everyone ‘If You have Money.’ So, if You don’t Have Money, you have to Work, because the ‘Good Book’ says: “By the sweat of your brow, you’ll earn your keep/living.”
Unfortunately, until you Realize that You Do have the Power Politically, Constitutionally and Legally - in fact, under the very Constitution of Creation, You Were Given Life Equal. Unless you Honor Life Equality, also in everyone else, obviously: You will Not be Honored as Life Equal and therefore, you Hold the Key to a Solution on Earth.

The Internet is the Global Mind (Part 2) to continue in the Next Post

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