Friday 22 March 2013

Day 332: The Ku-Klux Klan on Quora

We continue with the discussion on the ‘Internet Lynch-Mobs’ that was created by one person Acting with a ‘Silver-Tongue’. Actually, ‘Silver-Words’ like “Hitler” - causing so-called Educated People in this world to Succumb to the Filters that were Preprogrammed into their Minds through their Education, Religion, and Parenting, and Media and other means. Virtually instantly creating a Lynch-Mob that all Dressed the Same – metaphorically – in white, Absolving themselves while Blaming, Accusing and Crucifying others simply because they are Presenting Forgiveness, they are Presenting the Message of Jesus: ‘Do onto Others as you would like to be Done onto’ – they are Presenting a Message of ‘All Life is Equal’ and immediately, a fascinating level of Segregation Emerged and you had ‘White clad’ members in the Mob starting to Speak or Write without investigation, following the point they perceive as ‘Evil.’

Have a look how that Happens, like in South Africa. It is said to be a Violent Country, but if you Live in South Africa like we do, you Never see Violence, the only place you see it is on Television and in the Media. The good things that happen are Not mentioned, the Peace and Harmony is Not the Point that is looked at. The point that is looked at is the Point of Evil, the Point of Fear, the Point that Threatens, so that you can remain Submissive. With the Internet Trolls, that is their objective: they need to Guide you so that you are Mentally and Emotionally prepared for the changes that come and the control that would Ensure that Those who Benefit from the System and Profit immensely - remain Protected, and that the Rights of the Individual, the Human Right, the Life Right – do Not become More Important, but that the Rights to Profit and Property is Protected Above All, even if it brings Suffering beyond measure. But you will Not see that suffering in the Media or on Television or in the Movies, nobody wants to See that because: that will Question your Integrity, and therefore you’ll only look at the things that Justify your Integrity, which is why the Media, Television, Education and Hollywood exist. They are Marketing and Propaganda Tools to make sure that the ‘Hitler-Style Existence’ exist worldwide, Protecting the Pure Elitist and the ‘Purest’ are those that have followed the System and that Benefits from it. They can Justify and explain ‘Why’ they are ‘Special’ and they’re ‘Dressed in White’ and they’ve even got their own Religion: ‘Love and Light’ - specifically Justifying how a mental attitude, which is your own Self-Preservation Attitude, which is your own ‘Exclusive’ world - is Justifiable. While all the World that we All Share, which is the Physical World - is made up to be an ‘Illusion’, and so an ‘Illusion in the Mind’ is Presented as Reality and is backed up by for instance, Media, Religion and Education.

So we end-up with a fascinating situation, a situation where people would in fact Allow themselves to be Controlled by even One person, immediately Crucifying others. This Crucifixion of Jesus and his Message has happened throughout the Ages, and it’s Happening again. It just Happened again on Quora, and yet Even Those that profess to be following the Message of Jesus didn’t notice, because they are not really following the Message of Jesus, because they’re not Living it. It’s just Lip-Service. It’s not Real-Service. It’s not Ensuring that Life is in Fact Preserved and Supported on Earth in a fashion that indicate The Living Words. Lip-Service is Not Living Words, it is just presenting Mental Illusions. While the Physical Reality, which is the True-Measure of the Application of the Message is Clearly indicating in a world where there are a Lot of Christians: there is No Real Living Message of Jesus. And Once you refrain from using the Name of Jesus or his Message, if you’re Not living it, that Violates your Integrity and Thus becomes the Ultimate Judgment that you’ll have to Face, because the Dishonesty of that is Extreme, and the Harm that is Perpetrated ‘in the Name of Jesus’ and so also ‘In the Name of God’ is Beyond Measure. Because the Name of Jesus and his Message is then used/abused to justify mental illusions, instead of being/becoming a Living Message / Living Example as the Living Words of Jesus visible within this Physical Existence. And so, it becomes easy for Human Nature to use/abuse the Words of Jesus as just Lip Service and redefine the contexts of the Words to align with the inherent evil of man – which then justify/excuse/validate atrocities being done in the ‘Name of Jesus/God’ which is actually within/behind it ‘in the Name of the inherent Evil of Man’.

There Should be No Possibility to Capture on Film any point of abuse on Earth to anyone. That is a Society that is Living in Peace and Harmony, and to claim that Human Nature apparently is ‘the way it is’, that’s not true. Jesus proved that to Present or Pretend, that: because he was apparently ‘the Son of God’ while you’re Not ‘the Image and Likeness of God’ - that is quite strange. Because Jesus purely stated the Obvious: ‘I am the Image and Likeness of God’ – which means ‘I’m a Child of God’, ‘I’m Male’, therefore ‘I’m The Son of God’ - you’re supposed to be able to Exactly Live that as well, but you Don’t - conveniently, you’ll only use it from time to time. So, if Jesus was the Son of God/Image and Likeness of God – with you being male/female and also created in the Image and Likeness of God, then you are also a Son/Daughter of God, which then makes you Equal to Jesus in that regard. But no-one is Living that equality with and as Jesus as his Words in this Physical World.
There is a Lot that needs to be Accounted for and One will be held Accountable. The one Point that’s certain is Death, and at Death you will be held Accountable. It’s not a judgment, it’s simply The Truth. If you were In-Fact Able to Cross the Divide, you will see so. Anyone that tells you otherwise, is doing so in the name of their own Self-Preservation. You can also Mathematically assess it, because Creation is a Mathematical Principle. The Problem is your ‘Freedom of Choice’ and How you Define that ‘Free Choice’. Free Choice is the Freedom to Choose what is Best for All Life, is the Freedom to Choose to See Life First and Not the so-called ‘Diversity and Differences’ that is manifested through Form that makes Individuality Possible as how ‘Free Choice’ is currently defined within the context/starting point of ‘Self Preservation’ to allow the ‘Freedom to Abuse’ - and to claim that to be ‘Free Speech’ or ‘Free Choice,’ is an obvious oxymoron, it’s an Obvious Lie, it’s an Obvious Point of Abuse.

So, read the Journey to Life blogs of many Destonians that’s there. It’s all there for your support to Show that the Human Can Change. It’s a Process. Take Part in it, Learn Why it is a Process, because it is important to Understand: a Child is Not born with a Language, a Child is not Suddenly a Christian, or a Muslim – all of that is the Result of Filters built-in. Why are you Doing this to Yourself and to your Children?

When Are You Going to Stop and Regain some Integrity?

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