Wednesday 27 March 2013

Day 338: Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God? (Part Two)

Throughout History, no-one has Ever ‘Crossed the Divide’ in a simple, functional way, that is Immediate - having Access to Everything as it exists throughout All Time, Assessing What is Best for All – that being the bottom-line principle we have placed. We have Removed All Points that may create any form of Grandeur, that would create any form of ‘Specialness’ and we have focused only on That which is Relevant to Each One’s life – not only Here but also upon Death. Because one thing is certain: Death is Certain. Therefore, it becomes and should be - the most important Study of your life: What Happens at Death, so that you can be Prepared, isn’t it? Because, You are Going to Face it. There is No Way Out. If you are Not Prepared to Face Death, there is going to be a Consequence. As you well know, there are Always Consequences to things that are based in Cycles of Time.

In the Nth Degree, if you are to Face God and you cannot Face God with Integrity (that means, with showing that You Have Valued Life and not only in You, but in Everyone else): There is going to be a Consequence, isn’t it? You are then Not Worthy of that Life you were given, temporarily. Therefore, you Cannot Have Eternal Life – Jesus explained this. Yet, You Do Not Want to Hear. And, from a certain perspective - if you are not going to Value Life: it doesn’t matter, because you’re just not going to ‘Have Life’ when the Time comes. This ‘Time’ is not Doomsday…come on!
Doomsday is what we have on Earth Right Now, what we have Created. We have Created the DOOM for Many that do not even have the Opportunity to be able to Consider this Question (Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God?) that I’m placing to you. The Fact that you can Hear this Question means that, in some form, You are Abusing Others to Have What You Have. You are Abusing Life. That’s the Only Reason You can Hear what I am sharing – no other reason. Therefore, according to Your Fear, you Must Attack Me, because I am Presenting to You the End of your Mastership, the End of your Dictatorship. Yes, I am Presenting that to you. I am Presenting to you that: ‘Who You Are’ is Fundamentally the Reason Why the World is in Trouble, that You Do Not Honor and Respect Life, that There will be a Consequence upon Death and that No one can Help you with that. The Only time you have to do something about it, is While You are on Earth. Therefore, don’t leave before you have Not taken care of this point and You Have not Changed yourself, through your Freedom of Choice, to that which is Best for All Life. Because, if you Dare to Leave - only You will Pay the Consequence and there is only One Payment you Can Make, which is Your Life.

So, to take your life before you have corrected yourself - it doesn’t mean anything to anyone, but to you. You are then ‘taking your life,’ that’s why it’s Called that and that means it’s Over. It has No Effect on Anyone else, but You - and so we say Don’t do it.
If you believe that you Can’t do it – take Responsibility for yourself, for Life and Change, then that is how it will be, you will not do it and therefore: all you’re going to do is Abuse, eventually Just yourself. There is Really No Reason to Do that, because the Support and the Help is Available to Walk the Process which takes many years of Correcting yourself and Re-Aligning yourself to Become Respectful of Life, to Value Life and to Change the World System to that which is Best for All Life, to Challenge the Creator, Fundamentally - and to Show that it was Not a Mistake to Give You the Gift of Life. Take Time Every Day to Study, Educate yourself, Consider the Questions, Study the Journey to Life Blogs, Study the Desteni Material, Study the Equal Money System Material – it All Holds a Key, a Key that can Support you.
Understand, those Around you will/may React with Fear and when they React with Fear they will ‘Lash-out at you’ trying to create the same Fear in you again, because they understand that Fear is the Key to keep everything ‘the way it is’. Therefore, they Must ‘Do their Best’ to generate Fear in you – that’s all they know! They have known Nothing else, understand that.

Understand that, Getting Rid of the Fear is Not so Easy if it is All that You have Ever Known. So, you’re going to have to Stand in the Face of these Attacks - all focused on one simple thing: to Generate Fear in you. Yet, it is an Appropriate Test to see if you have Overcome Fear. So, we all have to Walk through this.
In a way, the God you face is the People around you, the Products around you, the Products of Fear that try and keep you in Fear - and That is How you face your creator. Your Creator, in essence, Being Fear - until You are No Longer affected by Fear. Then you will See: There Is Another Way. But, as long as Fear exist - you will Only See Fear and that, unfortunately, exist Within you as Your Mind, as Your Spirit and as Your Body.

The Ultimate abdication of Responsibility is to go to the Opposite Polarity of Fear and to go into Love, to Pretend ‘the Fear Doesn’t Exist.’ You are in Severe Trouble if you go into those ‘type of scenarios’ and strange-enough - individuals in such scenarios Will Claim that they have reached a ‘Higher Consciousness’…That is Why the word ‘Consciousness’ has got the word CON in it, it is a Con. It becomes an I-Con, it is Delusional - because all you have Done is Not transcend Fear, but moved to its Opposite-polarity.

So, to get out of Fear: you Have to Transcend Fear and Love as its Polarity Existence. Not being Consumed by the Energy that is created in the Friction of your ‘Fear-Love Relationship,’ because that Energy Does Not Create Real Awareness: it creates Consciousness. That Consciousness Does Not Care about Life At All as the World is Evidence of!
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