Tuesday 5 March 2013

Day 314: The Children of the Law of One (Part Five)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

So, the Law of One Continued…

We’re Looking at Family and Siblings. Families, which is the Fam-i-LIES – the very Lies that has and have been and will be Creating Massive Famine around the World, and that – through, over Time, has been Escalating.

Now, as you Start to Realise the Truth of the Lie - Who’s going to be the Ones that is going to Place you under the Most Pressure Not to Forsake what you’ve been Taught, Not to Forsake the Way the World Works, Not to Forsake That which is Possessed, That which is Owned: it’s going to be your Family. Your Family is where the Lie is Born, where you were Created into a Lie; and therefore, those Not yet Able to See the Lie for What it is – is going to Rely on the Lie, and is going to Fight you. And, you’ll See How Nasty and Evil that is – to What Extent That will Go. Absolute Lies will be Spread - there will be No Investigation, there will be No Consideration, there will just be Lies.
And, remember: the Family do not Mind what Lies they have to tell to get you into Line. The Family do not MIND what they have to do. That’s Why – at a very Young Age, the parent will already use White-Lies to Direct the Child, because it’s Acceptable. Any Lie is a White Lie, if it will Change the Person’s Mind to what the Parent want it to be. So, the Parent don’t Mind what Lies they have to Tell and with what Conviction they need to tell the Lie to get you to Remain within the Program, within the Encryption.

It is part of the Encryption, Little White Lies – not Realising that these Little White Lies are no Different to the White Light, isn’t it? No Different to the Whole Idea of Light and Love, because it’s all like, ‘Clear’. There’s No Darkness in a White Lie – No Matter how much you have to Lie, because it’s “Justified”, Justification. “It is Righteous, you MUST do it, because it is in the Interest of those that you Love, that you Must be Evil”…It is Fascinating this Encryption.
So therefore, be Sure with your Siblings, your Family - as Jesus Warned, Remember - 2000 Years ago he said this is going to Happen. You can go and Check it out. Why and Read Children of the Law of One, when it was Already Written in the Bible? You see, it’s because the Same Story is just Repeated in Different Ways – maybe to Show what? That you’re not going to Learn anything, you’re not Really going to Change – you’re just going to Justify and Keep on Lying. There’s Not going to be Any Real Transformation. Just Self-Interest and Self-Righteous Endeavour to make yourself Sound better, Look better, Shine better, Shine More!, More Light!, Whiter!

It’s, like – this Bizarre thing of How the Abuse went, that you would be WASHED CLEAN by the ‘Blood of Jesus’…you try and Wash yourself with Blood and See, if that’ll get you White Out and Clean: Fascinating, you are Washing your Self-Righteousness with the Blood of Many on Earth. And, does it Bother you at all? Whether it is Animal, or Plant, or Human – you don’t Mind who must Die so that you can be Happy, who must Die so that you can give Your Children everything, who must Die so that you can have a House, who must Die so that you can have Money…You don’t Care. You Never Cared, EVER. That, every Piece of Money that ever goes through your Pocket is Stained with the Blood of the Innocent. You don’t Mind, you’ll still accumulate it – it’s all Blood Money, it’s Nothing else. ALL BORN IN AND ON AND BASED-ON the Principle of Blood, of Winner Takes All – “The One’s Death is the other’s Bread”, and that is so Acceptable.

There is No Morality. There is No Self Honesty. There’s No Consideration. There can be No Trust. You have No Integrity. There Can be No Integrity with the Current System. You Cannot Live within the System, with Integrity. It is Not Possible. You Have to Change it to What is Best for All, but…Will you? Not Really, because - you Can’t: “you’ll ‘Lose too much’”, you See - because you’re already Possessed too much. That’s the Demon within you – your Possessions: “I am Possessed by what I have, I can’t give it up - therefore, I can’t Share, I can’t Give as I would like to Receive, because I already HAVE.” - Encryption, encryption, encryption…Backchat, backchat, backchat – Self-Righteous, Justified.
“MY Point is Justified” – the Little Voice in the Head Repeats, over and over and over and over. You Think that’s You – that Little Voice? If you would DARE to Investigate how ANY Thought Works: did you Know that Not a Single Thought is in fact You? It is Just a Memory, Functioning like a Recording with a little Trigger that goes off and then Plays the Recording. You’re the One that’s Listening to it, You’re the One that Acts on that little Recording. Because, in that Way – you ‘Feel Better’, ‘you didn’t really do it’ – because, on some Level you make The Voice responsible, and not yourself; but you don’t Even Know that is How you Encrypted it. Because, you Believe ‘it’s You’ – but, you’ve already Projected it into the Future, that: if you Find out, that’s How Thought Works like Voices in the Head – you’re going to Feel Better about it; because, I mean - ‘you were Fooled’, ‘you Didn’t Know’, ‘you didn’t do it, because it was ‘The Voice’’…Really? You Knew. You Created it. You Created it this Way, and Every Possible Way so that You can be Justified to be the Ultimate Evil that Ever Existed…

So, let’s go back to Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis. This is a Key to Understand, because with that – you can Assess the Sacred Geometry and See How you have Created the Illusion of the Flower of Life.
Because, you Step from the Source, the Thesis, The-Is, the Flesh – into the Mind, which is a little step away. And from there (the Mind), you Step into the Soul, or Spirit which is a little step away – you Align it, and it Forms a Spiral, it Forms the Building Blocks of the Sacred Geometry. And then you Return to the Source, but it’s a little bit away from it – it’s the same Pattern Repeating itself, and you do it again: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Synthesis, as being the Achievement as you, as Consciousness, as Energy - Every time Searching to Feel Better, to Be Better – but it’s Not Real. And so you do it Many Times over and over, and every time you Create a Spiral and then the Spiral Moves through Time – and every Time, in Time, it is Just a Little Bit Further in its Alignment, and it moves around a Centre-Point. The Centre-Point you Believe to be Yourself – one Spiral, then the next Spiral a little bit further on; and as they Start to Overlap: they Start to Create the Flower of Life. And, it Looks Magnificent – “Look what you’ve Created! Through All your Lives, a Flower of Life – your Magnificence!”
But, in All of that – you Never Look back at your Source, which is – like in this Case: the Planet Earth, the Heart of yourself, your Very Source and Origin.
What have you Left-behind on Earth?
How has Life Flowered on Earth?
And, if you would Dare to Look back – you’ll See: It’s All In Reverse. If you Reverse it All, you’ll See: You haven’t’ Created the Flower of Life – you have Created an Abomination, a Picture. You’ve Animated a Picture, which you Present as yourself – Without Life. And you Called it: Sacred Geometry. And THAT is the Law of One? And, you are Equal to That? And you couldn’t even Understand the Most Basic Process of Creating it? Isn’t that Shameful? 
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