Tuesday 19 March 2013

Day 328: Noam Chomsky Quote Experiment on Quora with Anonymous

“The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out the people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don’t know how to be submissive, and so on – because they’re dysfunctional to the institutions.” – Noam Chomsky

The Implication of this Statement for all those that use Academic Qualifications and their Position in the System to Glorify themselves, is obviously Vast. The words imply Brainwashing – used, specifically, to Control the Flow of Information within all Institutions that Fund and Manage Knowledge and Information in a way that it Benefits their Lust for Profit.

Obviously, these Educated people claim that: “they are Free, and can Think for themselves”. We wanted to Find out if this is True. And to Find this out – we Need an Environment wherein none of the Participants know the Real Reason for the Experiment. The Internet is a wonderful place for this, and as a Group we have done several Experiments without the Group even Knowing it was happening.
The Experiments were first conducted in the years before the Portal became Public, through the Portal, on Existence on the Other Side of the Veil. Therefore, because all things are Connected and is in fact “as above, so below” – all the Patterns existing on Earth, are Predictable. This is How Control Functions, this is How Society is Kept Stable on a Path: by Ensuring that the Filters of the Individual Functions to ensure they only See what they’re Expected to See. And those that Comply – Benefits from the System, those that don’t – are Simply Ignored. Therefore you have Very Smart people that do not get very far in the World, simply because they will not Comply with the Control that Now is not just a Corporation, but also All those that Benefit or have Benefitted in the Past from their Association with the System through their Position – being it as a Lecturer at a University, or Working for a Corporation, or being a Subcontractor for Corporations, or working for Government, or being a Professional that are Protected by Laws and ensured, through the Laws, that they have a Decent Life on Earth. These one’s are in a Minority. But, it looks like they are a Majority, simply because the means of Communication and Media Only allow the view of this Minority. The Majority of people on Earth are Ignored, and are in fact Slaves Chained by Money, or rather the Lack of Money.

So, for some Time – we have been on a New Social Platform called Quora. Its reach is rather Limited and it is Populated by Academics, and those that Believe themselves to be Successful due to the Money they make in their Lives and Association with the System, and those Still Studying to make a place in this World for themselves within the System. In a way, all those on Quora – fits this Description of Noam Chomsky, but without Testing it – they will Claim it’s Not so. So, our Existence on Quora was without any harassment, or conflict and All Quora members acted with Dignity and Respect and we were Participating without even being Noticed. If the Quora System exist in Equilibrium – it is an Interesting way to Communicate. And, in this – the Principle was discussed to Vote up Comments that, when Investigated in its Totality, would Lead to an Outcome and Support an Outcome that is Best for All Humans on Earth. Those that do not Support this, and should be indicated as so – must be down voted. This is simply based on the Principle of Free Choice: are you Able and Free to make a Choice that Always Lead to What is Best for All, or are you Not Free and thus Controlled by your Self-Interest, which is tied to the Filters imbedded within you through your Education, Religion, Upbringing, Environment, Money, Politics and Association with a World where you Benefit without Consideration of how your Benefit Harm others?
This went quite well, and without Notice. And although not all of the Desteni Group were Aware of the Specifics of Principled-Application, I notice that many Naturally were able to Discern where Information was Flawed and would Lead to Justifying a World of Control and Abuse –rather than Considering that the World needs a Solution that will Result in a Better world for All.

All that are on Quora, except the Sceptics that claim that Human Nature cannot Change – do have a Desire for a Better World, but that is in Conflict with the Privileged Life they have. So, they pay lip-service to the Ideas and Ideals of a Better World. But, it would be Interesting to See what would happen if they are Faced with Actually having to Apply the lip-service and Investigate All Things, Test it within a Practical Reality Set and to See whether they have Faith in their Own Beliefs. On the Sceptics that Claim that Human Nature cannot Change and therefore, the System we have is Perfect: the Premise is obvious, the Sceptic have accepted their own Human Nature as somewhat Flawed and Destructive and they use it Regardless of how it Harms others. There are Psychological Terms of this Type of Behaviour where there is Simply no Compassion or Empathy. And, for the Moment – due to the Filters installed through the Systems Intended to Create such Nature in the Human, as you can see with Documentaries like Century of the Self, and many Relevant Documentaries on this Facebook Group HERE – join it, and Educate yourself. In these Documentaries you will Note how Deliberately and Specifically human nature were Changed over the years, and one can Clearly see that from the 1970’s: this New Nature became the Dominant Force that has taken us on this Ride and has Created an Economic Disaster on Earth. The Role our Learned Friends play in this, is not yet Realised – because the Filters were So Effective. Within this, you can also look at Why those that Educate like our Education System so much – because it Provide wonderful Privileges of Enrichment – for this, watch the College Conspiracy Documentary.

As in All Patterns – the One Predictable Pattern in this Experiment, was one that presented itself as “Anonymous”. There is an Interesting Quote, which say that: “being Anonymous and wearing a Mask – reveals the True Self”. In this, it was QUITE Self-Evident. Strange enough, many using this Mask – do it Under the Disguise that ‘apparently’ they are “good at heart and well-meaning”. As Anonymous functions as a Filter, specifically Designed to Guide the Mind-Set of people to Accept a New Form of Control – specifically Directed at the Internet, One must Investigate this Pattern more Closely. Here, Look at the Specific Writings on Paid Internet Trolls:
Pay for Comments – Confessions of a Paid Disinformation Internet Shill
As well as the Government version of these Type of Filters that Guide Policy around the World, like the Economic Hitman. The same type of Filter has been Employed over many years, and here people are Specifically used to Influence Groups and Guide them towards Accepting New Policies and Preventing, obviously, that any New Idea arise that may Challenge Control of the System.
In this, we Investigated – extensively, all Possible Solutions on Earth before Desteni went “Live”, so to speak. From this was Born the fact, that: to Stop bickering about all kinds of Solution – we must go for the ‘kill’ and Design the Ultimate Solution that is Possible, Practically, here on Earth. Which was a Combination of Desteni and the Equal Money System – as it would Require the Removal of Filters and Brainwashing before one could Realise the Simplicity and Effectiveness of a System like the Equal Money System.

Within this, we knew that – it won’t take long before we would be Targeted by these Internet Trolls. The Decision was also made, that – the Best platform to Reach the most people, would be the Internet. The Point of Anonymous was twofold, and has been very Effective: To Create a Fear of Abuse, to such an Extent – that people would Desire and Ask for more Control, and when Control is Presented – people would Accept it, without Question. In this multi-faceted Solutions will be Presented, like for instance – multiple search-engines we had on the internet years ago, and it will then be slowly Merged to only become One System like what we have now: Google. Slowly but surely – Google would introduce more and more Control. But for that – enough Abuse must Exist so that people will Accept Control, and therefore: Google will Allow Abuse under the banner of “Free Speech”. But, in fact – it’s Not Free Speech, because Free Speech would be about Contributions that will Enhance the Freedom of All Humans to exist in Peace and Harmony. But, conveniently – in the Definition of Free Speech is included: Free Abuse.

Now we have reached a point were cell phones will shortly introduce the Point of the microchip through a Biometric Login. Banks has already started introducing it as well, and in the not-too-distant-future – Google will introduce it as well. You’ll Notice a distinct Silence from all those that scream “I WILL NOT BE MICRO-CHIPPED!” It’s simple: their Filter is “I want the latest New Technology” – the fact that that is Micro-chipped Technology, linked to Flesh-Technology like fingerprints and eyes scans – simply don’t Arise in their Minds. And, you will See no big “hoo-hah” about this Progression. Obviously, from an Equal Money perspective we knew this was going to happen and we want it to happen, because there is a Fortunate Side-Effect: it brings an end to abuse and will eventually Expose those that benefit from Abuse, Extensively. Though, you may say that this Control will Limit the Growth of an Equal Money System –but, as you will See in Years to Come: the Collapse of the Economic System will continue and the Problem on Earth will become Unbearable. And, more and more of those with Money – will be marginalized and end-up with Nothing. While those at the Top will become Greedier and Greedier, they simply cannot Stop this Disease.

So, Anonymous – through random, pointless Acts and many Trolls using it simply because they are inadequate and Angry due to the Filters in their Mind they cannot grasp: used this Disguise through which to Abuse Extensively. For this Reason – Psychology in the World have Risen to Prominence and in time to come, this will be used Extensively in our Current System to Remove those from Society that cause Harm through either incarceration or through a much easier medium: Chemical incarceration (Medicines, Drugs, Psychotropic Drugs). This has already reached Astronomical Proportions. But, the planners of this have Not Considered and Investigated All things and the Consequences are Accumulating, and like a Damn that will Eventually Burst – there will be a Slow, Painful, Awakening.

So, back to the Experiment:  one morning Arise on Quora – our Famous Internet Troll, with the Disguise of “Anonymous” – perfection in motion. And, immediately – the Flaws of the Quora Network became apparent. Anonymous flooded Quora with Questions of Harassment with Personal Attacks and in the Vein of this Particular Design – with Deliberate Fear-Inducing Lies. The Destonians responded as was Necessary. Responding with Supportive Information that always Guide and Lead to an Outcome that is Best for All Life and All Humans. Here, you can See Links of this on our Forums to the Responses we placed:

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This Shattered the World of Many Quorans that exist in Extreme Convenience due to their Association with the System and very quickly an Internet-Mob developed – a Fascinating thing to Observe, and all Dignity and Respect Disappeared. These Educated one’s did not Investigate the tens of thousands of Documents and Videos of Desteni and Equal Money –they simply used the shortcut, and took the Internet Troll’s information as “Gospel” – quoting it as if it is the ‘Ultimate Truth’ – becoming commentators presenting themselves as Experts. Simply Proving the Effectiveness of their filters, and that the Solution of Life on Earth is not the Minority that is in the Claws of the System and completely Brainwashed into a Particular Sets of Behaviour: The Future is in the hands of the Majority, Disempowered, Poor, Ignored – and THIS Majority, scares the Elite Minority.

You can go and check the scary things that came out of our Learned Friends, and Forgive them – because they do not Know what they are doing. They are just the Result of their Education, and there is Simply No Capacity for Reason…not yet, anyway. Very few Quorans Responded with any form of Awareness. The Moderators of Quora failed to apply their own Guidelines – allowing the Social Network to be Flooded, allowing an Internet Mob to Develop, Allowing what they would term ‘Free Speech’ under the banner of ‘Free Abuse’ – in spite of very clear Guidelines that is supposed to Prevent it. In this Single Exercise –Quora Failed in its Mission. And, this will be on the Psyche of everyone that Observed this Event or may read about it later. A subtle Fear will be there, and no one will again Emerge on it, to make of it something of Greater Value – something from which People would Learn, and where People can Search the Depths of themselves to look for Solutions for this World.
This Whole Event, except for its Imprint on the Water of each one – lingering as a Resonance, compounding the Consequences, just like a Homeopathic Remedy: will disappear from Conscious-Memory. And, once again: it All worked out as it was Programmed – fascinating. And, most Players were not Aware of anything – and believed themselves to be in Complete Control.

We’ll continue this Blog tomorrow, with revealing the Cancer-Experiment we did some time ago, and the Forgiveness-Experiment we did from the Beginning – and Explain the Role of our Internet Trolls.  
Here, we will also in these Posts indicate, which people on Earth actually Speaks the Truth - Study for instance, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky and more names to follow as we Progress. These people have, to a Degree, managed to Break through the Filters. Learn from them. They still have some Filters, but they have Progressed as a Human Being, to become a Better Human.


  1. Fascinating Blog, thank you very much for sharing - lol! we can certainly all learn to see the matrixes here, great way to learn to see ourselves.

  2. It was quite a fascinatingly quizzical ride on the internet over on Quora. I bet most people on the Internet even realize that there are paid trolls out there twisting the perceived nature of reality to further some unknown and sinister purpose.

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