Saturday 16 March 2013

Day 325: What Characterize a Demon? (Part Two)

(If one Read this Post and had not yet Read the previous post – we suggest, for context, to first Read the previous post DAY 324.)

The Mind Demon that for instance, Achieve a Certain Level of Understanding of the Current System – would become Very Proficient at the Manipulation of Feelings. Because, that Way they can get what they Want and this is Done without Remorse, and Justified through Structured Emotion and Feelings to get a View that makes it Sound as if What they are Doing is Acceptable, because – everyone has a Choice, and they’ve Accepted that this is the Way things are.

An example of this, is for instance where – an Individual will with words/behaviour, manipulate their work-force/labour-force to Believe that the work/labour they’re doing and the amount of Money they are receiving for it, is ‘valid/worthwhile/just’ and/or manipulate with words/behaviour charged with emotional/feeling energy to make the work-/labour-force believe that “there is No other Way”. In this, those that Manipulate with emotions and feelings through Words and Behaviour, protect their own Money/Resources and Control the masses into accepted and allowed life and living Conditions without question. And so, such ‘Mind Demons’ that understand the Current System/Money System – with Money, essentially representing ‘Physical Energy/Physical accumulation of Energy’ – are able to resource Energy as Money from Humanity, through using Words/Behaviour in creating ‘Two separate Worlds’: the World of the Elite and the World of the Masses to control their resource/accumulate of Physical Energy, as represented by Money; taking for themselves, the Money/Resources through manipulating/ ‘drinking’ it, as Demons, from/of the Masses.

They would then normally end-up as an ‘Upstanding’ Member of Society that Benefit Extensively from the Energy or Labour of others. But, there would be Simply No Remorse. They would also, Deliberately, make sure that Not enough Resources – which, in the Case of Control is Money – Moves, so that: those that is Within the Coven, that means under their Control, Remain so-Controlled.

They’ll go one step further and make sure that they Control the Government and so can make sure, that: even the Laws of the Land, with the Help of their Covens which is Those that is Dependent on the Money that is Cycled from the so-called ‘Head’ of the Coven – that Those Remain in Power. Because it’s All about having enough to Survive. The Acceptance of Survival is also an Emotional-Character. The Fear of being without is simply too Great, and therefore: one will Accept the little you have without Question. You will Feed-it, though, through Backchat or Thinking and Emotional-Turmoil, but in fact: you’re only Feeding your Character. You’ll Never take Actual Action, because the Character is in Complete Control.

And so, the Demons of the Earth – control the Masses within and as each Individual Human Beings’ own Mind, with the Character-relationship created to/towards Money. Because Survival and Money is Feared, it becomes easy to Control human beings with Money, and so becomes easy to control Humanity with Money through Controlling Money/Resources-itself. Thus, all such Mind-Demons have to do, to accumulate Money and Resources from the masses, through keeping it all to themselves – is activate/initiate/instigate the Individual Human’s Thought and Backchat Patterns of the Character they created, in fear, in their Relationship to Survival and Money, and the Human Beings’ Thoughts and Backchat will start repeating and cycling in their own Minds, activating emotional-responses to Survival and Money and so, in fact, keep themselves into accepted and allowed life and living conditions in relation to survival and money, without Question – without Considering/Standing up for a better way of life/living as each individual human being is keeping themselves Controlled, in their own Mind, by their Own Survival/Money-Characters and the Emotions that it initiate/evoke within them.

If one Get to the System-Demons: they are Particularly easy-to-see when you Look at the Professions that the System Represent as Necessary within the Control-Construct that Allows those that is at the Top of the Feeding-Chain of the Demon Earth-Colony can Always have what they set-out to Have. The System-Demon, if you Look at it, you can Study it by Observing for instance a Family-Man at home that is a Policeman and How that person Change once they take-on the Role of ‘Policeman’, or the Role of ‘Nurse’, or the Role of ‘Fireman’, or the Role of ‘Doctor’, or the Role of ‘Lawyer’ – they Become an Absolute Subservient Servant of the System and Act on Behalf of the System. And, one can say that it is the ‘Head’ of the System – Representing the System as the Living-Flesh. With No Consideration for Anything else, but – in the End: its Own Survival and therefore, the System’s Survival. Because the Dependency on the System is Complete, it is Complete Control - it is Absolutely Certain, that you won’t do Anything else.
This means, that: once one become a System-Demon – and become OF the System, where one change one’s Self-Definition/Character to ‘fit into and play/become the Role’ of Policeman/Nurse/Fireman/Doctor: how the System function within those/such Fields - are Never Questioned. Because what is Most Important – is one’s own Character-relationship to Money/Survival, and will accept, through accepting/becoming/Characterizing oneself into a Role within the System, will accept and allow the Entire System to remain existing as-is and even protect/defend it, to protect/defend one’s own Survival/Money and Characterization/Self-Definition in the Mind, as all that one will see/experience in/as a ‘tunnel vision’ is that fact that “I am Surviving”, and so would not in fact See/Consider/Regard the masses of Humans that are NOT Surviving/Living from their relationship to the Very System that one is accepting and allowing to continue existing, and that is the very cause/source/origin of the Majority of Humanity existing ‘outside of the System’. And so, would Never consider for example – a Change of the Entire System to ensure that All have enough, equally as one, and have an equal and one opportunity to Life and Living because, as a System Demon – one become the same as the Mind-Demons that exist within this System without Remorse of what this Very System is perpetuating within Life on Earth for Humanity/this Physical Existence as a Whole.

We’ll continue more in the Next Post…

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