Thursday 28 March 2013

Day 339: Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God? (Part 3)

“So, to get out of Fear, you Have to Transcend Fear and Love as its Polarity Existence and Not be Consumed by the Energy that is created in the Friction of your ‘Fear-Love Relationship,’ because that Energy Do Not Create Real Awareness, it creates Consciousness, that Consciousness Do Not Care about Life At All as the World is Evidence of!”

It is Vital, for those that can Find it Within themselves - to Develop a Discipline. A Discipline to Discipline Your Own Mind, to Discipline Your Own Body, to Discipline Who You Are into a Functional Product that is Best for All Life. You are now a Product of Fear; you can just as well be a Product that is Best for All Life.

How can one Understand what Love Would be, if you Cannot In Fact Transcend the Polarity principle of Love and Fear that now exists? How can you Honour Life, if You are In Fear and In Love? You Cannot, because you will use ‘lofty words’, which In Fact are a way of Cognitive Disinformation that you Apply on Yourself and that is Why you Don’t See How it is Used in the ‘Bigger Picture’, because you are Using it within Yourself all the Time. Where you are Claiming, through ‘Beautiful Words’, that Apparently: ‘things are much better than what it is.’ You are your Own Media, your own Television Channel that is Happening in Your Mind through Visualization-Media, Meditation-Media, Feeling-and-Emotion-Media, Thought-Media and having ‘Good Thoughts’ the whole time to blot-out Reality and say ‘It’s not real.’

Remember: What’s Within You is Without You, what is Without You is Within You. That’s how we Change the World and you Do understand this. All those that are in ‘Love and Light’, which is in the opposite polarity of Fear, Claim that they know this…but You Don’t Live it. That’s why I Challenge you, because on the Other-Side of the divide there is Nothing left of you. So, within the principle of “as within = so without” – what becomes of you after death, is what you in fact were within/during your life, which is nothing real, nothing substantial, not ‘life’ and not ‘living’ as there is no ‘life’ that crosses-over, only the remains/remnants of memories of what you were on earth as Consciousness, as Energy. Millions Die Every Day - Not only Human, but from All Parts of this Existence. If you can Really Access the Afterlife, you can in an Instant, Immediately, Communicate with Any being that’s dying - Even in their Process of Dying. Understand: you as a Human Being cannot See this, because you, as a Human Being, is Not the Life Force that’s going to Leave. You are the Consciousness that’s going to Die. Therefore, You Do Not Continue After ‘Life’. You have to first Transcend this Consciousness, Become the Physical Life that Exist here - if you want to Continue Beyond-Death and You are Not Able, because You are Not Real. You are Just Energy, Dependent on the Vehicle that you are in for your very Survival, so when that Vehicle Dies: You Die.

Help is Available, if You are Willing to Take Responsibility. We do Understand that Few at this stage will Take Responsibility and Much is being done to Help you to Eventually overcome some of your Fears, so that you may be Able to walk you own Process. But, as it is in All things: if You Are to Become your Own Creator, you Must become the one Responsible for You. We Cannot ‘Do that’ for you. You Have to Do it. Otherwise, you will Not be Worthy of the Life that you have been Gifted.
We are what Man Should be – you are Not yet. We are Not Special, we are Normal! You are Not Normal, because You Believe ‘you are Special’ - strange isn’t it? While you all Claim we are Claiming some ‘greater things,’ many claiming all the Amazing things we can do - No, what we can do is Normal. The ‘Amazing things’ are, amazingly, those things that Allows Life to be Abused, that Allows Poverty to Exist, that allows One Nation to Take Everything from all the Other Nations while their People Do Not Question it….

Will I Die? Yes, I will Die. But, there is a Difference: I Will Continue. I Already continued. You will Understand it, once you are Equal in Life and you’ll be Amazed that you could have Missed it. But, that is the Power of Fear - especially when you are the Creator of Fear. As long as You are Creating Fear in yourself, you’ll try and Create Fear in others to try and Stop them from Reminding you that ‘There is Something Else, there is Something More’ – you don’t want to Hear this. So, “Shut up!” - you all Scream as you can watch what happened on Quora to our so-called ‘Highly Qualified’ Fraternity of Academics in this World. Forgive me if I have No Respect, because How can you Respect Fear? They are Not Real People. They’re Just the Product of Fear. Therefore, they will use Everything they have, which is only Knowledge (which can be and is Disinformation), they will Use that as if it is ‘real’, claim it to be fact, they all Scream for scientific fact – when they already know Science Actually Knows Nothing. Next time you get sick, go to the Doctor and see if the Doctor can really Diagnose Anything and you’ll notice the Doctor Can’t. We don’t have Science. Not Yet! Yet, when it comes to most important questions they’ll Scream for ‘scientific evidence’, when the Evidence is Clear: it’s This World. It is What you Allow to Exist in Fear. The Science of this World, the End Times Signs is all you need - that is Real Signs, you see ‘Science’ is Reading Signs. But, the Fear is what Prevents you from Being Able to Hear.
Even Empathy and Compassion is Irrelevant within this context, because at the end of the day: your Equality Depends on You and the Measure of that Determines Everything. If you exist in Fear = Equality is Impossible, because you don’t have the Quality, which is the Quality of life, and therefore: You can’t have Equality. Even if you Scream and Claim it - it is Useless, you’re only doing it out of Fear, not out of Understanding. If it’s Understanding: You’ll be Silent and You’ll Stand – but, you’re Not Equal.

Amazingly enough - there seems to be some form of ‘Mercy’, because You are Still Here, you Still have Time to Hear. Will you Hear? That’s the whole thing about Freedom of Choice, isn’t it? You are ‘Free to Choose’ – that’s astounding. The very same choice you’re not Willing to Give to Everyone Else on Earth - You Have. If that is not Abuse, that you would not even Exercise it for yourself: it’s because you’re Not Exercising it for yourself that you are Not Willing to give it to Everyone else. You see Why Freedom of Choice doesn’t exist? You are the Reason why.
Are you That Weak, that All you can be is a Bully? Or All you can be is One that can be Influenced by a Bully? That, All you are is Fear and All you can Be is what is Influenced by Fear? Then, that is the Answer of your Life, isn’t it? There is Nothing-else for you…and Suddenly Without Notice: you will No longer be here and Nobody will Notice. In spite of your Feverish attempts to try and leave some memory of yourself in this world of your ‘grandeur’ - it will disappear. This Earth has existed a Very long time and yet, there is only a written history of a few thousand years – ever wondered Why? What happened to Previous Civilizations? Why were they simply Wiped Out? Do you think this isn’t going to happen to this one? That Is How Irrelevant one is that Do Not Honor Life. The Evidence, the Scientific Evidence - is This World.

There are thousands of Documents and Recordings with Desteni to support you, but you will Not Hear. Because, when you Read this and you Listen to the Interviews: the Fear will become so Overwhelming that you want to put your head like an ostrich in the sand, Pretending that ‘It Just Cannot Be!’ But, it Is.
We Will Never Give-up on You. You are the one that Gives up on Yourself. We can Never Give-up Our Lives, because We Are Life – you are Not yet. Nothing can Happen to me, because I’m not subject anymore to what happens. My Life is Here, Wherever I Am. No matter what Fear you throw at me - it is Irrelevant, because I am No Longer What You are now. Yet, I used to be that. I Understand. And, Alone I had to Face this. There was No One that could Really help me to Face my Fear, I had to Self-Honestly Face it, to Realize to what extent my Self Interest was Dominating and Separating me from the Gift of Life. I’ve been there, I Know it can be Done, I am the Evidence, I am the Science.

So, Become Part of a Most Astounding Project: a Project of Life, a Journey to Life - where You Become the Giver, First to Yourself, because Unless You can give Life to You, you Cannot be Life. As You Give, You Will Receive. Then you can Come and Be Part of the Process of Giving to Others, so that they may also Realize that They Must Give Life to Themselves, they must become ‘The Giver’. As You Give, You Receive and then you’ll Grasp the Message of Jesus. The Message that Stand Beyond-Fear and yet, even That has been made a Message of Fear.
If You Believe in Jesus out of Fear of God, or Fear of the Afterlife, or Fear in any form whatsoever: You have Not Understood the Message of Jesus. You Have Missed it Completely and Hear me: No One will Save you, Ever – Yes, it’s Fearful to Hear. But, Listen to the commonsense…I Dare you.

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