Sunday 17 March 2013

Day 326: What Characterize a Demon? (Part Three)

(If one Read this Post and had not yet Read the previous posts – we suggest, for context, to first Read the previous posts DAY 324 and DAY 325.)

For context from the Previous Post:
“The System-Demon, if you Look at it, you can Study it by Observing for instance a Family-Man at home that is a Policeman and How that person Change once they take-on the Role of ‘Policeman’, or the Role of ‘Nurse’, or the Role of ‘Fireman’, or the Role of ‘Doctor’, or the Role of ‘Lawyer’ – they Become an Absolute Subservient Servant of the System and Act on Behalf of the System. And, one can say that it is the ‘Head’ of the System – Representing the System as the Living-Flesh. With No Consideration for Anything else, but – in the End: its Own Survival and therefore, the System’s Survival. Because the Dependency on the System is Complete, it is Complete Control - it is Absolutely Certain, that you won’t do Anything else.”

And the same for even those that’s already out of the System: they’re only out of the System, normally because they have Money and the Money must be Protected, and therefore the System must be Protected. And therefore, as long as they’re Safe – they Will do Nothing about what is the Situation on Earth. They will Talk about it, they’ll Fuel their Energy-Characters, the Demon-Characters – but they will do Nothing about it, they will do Nothing about in fact practically being part of a Process of Actually Changing the System and the Consequence it create/manifest. But will continue participating in it, even though Talking about the Consequence, and in that participation with no-change, but only talking about change – continue protecting the System as it exist, because they are safe/protected and so will keep the system safe/protected and so act on behalf of the System, as the System. And so becoming a System-Demon, that only accumulate resources/money as physical-energy for themselves, at the Sacrifice of the majority of Humanity, and this Physical Existence as a Whole.

Now, since the Demons in the Afterlife has been Removed/Changed (meaning, there exist no more Demons in the hereafter/afterlife) – and All the Energy that is Generated on Earth, in and as Human Beings own Minds - has been Inverted into one’s own Mind and Physical Body to Feed the Characters (this has been going on for the Last 6/7 years about) – you will See an Extensive Increase, and this will Continue to be to so, an Extensive Increase of Extreme Behaviour as the Demons become more and more Dominant within the Characteristics of the Human Nature.

(We would suggest here investing in the Interview Dawn of the New Age – explaining how/why, with the Opening of the Portal, no more Demons exist in the Hereafter/Afterlife that is attaching themselves onto Human Beings’ Minds/using Human’s Mind-Energy. And so, how ALL the Energy that Human Beings generate in your Own Mind – is now being inverted back into one’s own Mind and Physical Body – to face one’s own Mind-Consequence. With this happening, one’s own Mind and Consequence one is creating with and through Energy, will / is becoming more Emphasized – which will lead to one Creating one’s own Mind-Demons/Mind-Possessions; which is what we as Human Beings have always done, but – consequence, as energy we created in our Minds, was always being diverted/channeled into Demons using it, or Heaven using it to substantiate their own Existence. How the Demons and Heaven channeling Mind-Energy produced by Humans was used, we suggest investing in the Series Journeys into the Afterlife, and also why and how this has been Changed with the Opening of the Portal. That, no more Energy, as self-created consequence is being Channeled into/being used by Demons/Heaven, and so Human Beings are now really facing their own Consequence, their own Minds in this lifetime. Essentially, what is being Faced, is our Real, True Nature – as the Mind and as Energy, and the Nature we have become as Mind-/System-Demons, that has always existed to only protect our Mind Energy/Money Energy – at the sacrifice of our fellow man, and this Physical Existence)
Understand, that: the Total Human Nature at the moment – no matter whether one Profess Love or Hate, it is in fact the Energy of the Demon, the Mind-Demon specifically. And, it is Simply according to What the Character Decides they are more Comfortable with using to Gain More Energy and therefore, they Will do so. The thing that in the End will Motivate them, is Money. They will sometimes try and do it without Money, but – they are then Dependent on other People, which is meaning that they’re Dependent on Money. So, the whole thing Remains the same.
In this, showing/revealing/exposing that: even if/as we exist in the ‘Positive Mind’ or a ‘Negative Mind’ – all our Thoughts, Words and Deeds will be in alignment with protecting our Energy-Value / Money-Value in our Minds and in our Worlds – and so would align our Thoughts, Words and Deeds and so our Relationships and the Relationshipsto the Current World/Money System, to keep our Mind-Characters’ Energy within and Money without protected/surviving and will go to whatever lengths to do so, and refuse to Change the World System/Money System – but actually Represent the System, protect and defend it, to protect and defend only our Survival, our Money, our Energy Characters in the Mind – whether Positive or Negative in Nature.

What Characterize, obviously, the very Nature and Construct of the Demon is the Fact of Forgetfulness. The Demons’ Memory is very Selective and Short, and the Selectivity is to Only take Memories that will Support the Character. The Forgetfulness is to Forget Anything that is Contrary or that Question the Character of the Mind-Demon or the System-Demon – those things are simply Forgotten. And then you will have Substitution as well where Points would be Substituted, with a Re-Engineered Thought or Memory that Justify or Preserve the Mind-Demon’s Character. And, in there – because of the Very Nature of the Demon: there is Really no Limit to What a Character will go to, in Reconstituting or Restructuring a Memory to Preserve its Dominance within the Flesh.
For example, how the Character as Mind-/System-Demon would only take from the World-/Money System that which supports its own Character/Energy within and Money without – and so would justify/excuse/validate why the World-/Money-System works, but it in fact is only working for THEM…what about the rest of Humanity/this Physical Existence as a whole? And/or would take from Historical events that shaped/created this current World System, take such Memories and reformulate/change/alter them as to WHY things happened the way it did with Creating the World-/Money-System the Way it is – changing History/Memories to again, protect/defend/validate/justify why the World-/Money-System must exist the way it does, which is actually to deliberately change Memories/History to See what the Mind-/System-Demons WANTS to See to protect/defend/preserve their own Survival/Dependency on the World-/Money-System. And so, with selectively looking at the World-/Money-System and/or Substituting/Changing Memories/History – only pieces/parts of the System is justified, and the rest completely Ignored/ ‘Forgotten’ to remain within the Illusion that ‘The System works’ and so remain within the abdication of Responsibility of considering how this Current World-/Money-System is affecting ALL life in this Physical Existence as a Whole.
The situation around this, obviously, is going to Escalate Dramatically – it has been, and it’s going to be Shocking to Watch What the Human as Mind- and System-Demon are Capable of. We’ve already had Shocking situations throughout History. The Nature of What we have Now, is that: we Now have Individualised Mind-Demons and System-Demons, and even a Single Human Being can Cause Much Harm to his/her Fellow Men or Women on Earth.

Getting out of this is Not Simplistic. It Requires Great Will and it Requires a Realisation through Self Honesty, that you do Have a Problem, that you are Selective in your Memories, that you are Selective in How you Approach Life in general, and what you Justify, that you are Selective in How you View the World System – and that you are Predominantly Selective to Preserve your Own ‘Good’, your Own ‘Goods’, your Own Self-Interest. And, because you’re Able to Preserve that and you can Allow others to Preserve their Goods – you have Defined yourself to be ‘Good’; because, “you Care about other People”, but not Really – you Care about your Goods, therefore: you Will Care about other people’s Goods, because that means that you can Expect from them to Honour your Goods and protect you as you Protect them. It’s a Fascinating System. It is All around us all the Time, it is – you know, the Whole Story of “cut a piece of wood and lift a tile and I am there” – this “I Am”-Character, that is a Demon: is EVERYWHERE. It’s DE-MANNED, it’s Less than what Man was Supposed to be. Man was Supposed to be LIFE. Here, Man is just ENERGY, Characters, Designs that Function for its Own Self-Preservation Only.
Therefore, it is to look at and consider EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in equality and oneness – and not only look at life on earth ‘selectively’, with only selecting that which justify one’s own internal and external Survival, as in this: one is in fact protecting/defending the current System and the consequence it’s Creating for Humanity and this Physical Existence as a whole, and remain nothing more than a Demon – within and without, in one’s relationship to Energy and Money, that only serve to protect/defend one’s own interests at the sacrifice of the rest of humanity and this Physical Existence as a Whole.

Study Desteni, so that you can Understand – where you are and who you are, because: the Consequence of this is Grave once you Reach the Grave, because the Graven-Image will NOT continue After Death.

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