Monday 11 March 2013

Day 320: Awareness and Conception in Practical Enlightenment

In the Mirror of your Perceptual Reality, is Reflected the Measure of your Awareness - and That would Translate into the Daily Action of your Living. This Underwrites the Purpose of the Existence of Earth, wherein the Testimony of Each Individual is Measured – Breath by Breath. This means, that: That which you Conceive as What you’re Able to Choose to Live and Participate in as the Relationships that Design the Functional Reality – Determines the Measure and Level of your Awareness.

Within this, let’s start at Ultimate Awareness: That is Represented by Equality as What is Best for All Life - Functional, as the Relationships that Builds the System that Governs such Existence of Peace, Harmony, Fulfilment and Happiness. At this Level of Enlightenment – your Awareness have Transcended All Self-Interest and you have Realised, that: if Everyone else Have what is Best – you will also have what is Best. And therefore, you have Functionally Realised the Art of Giving as the Basis - which is the Evidence that you Have Accomplished the Creation of yourself as Life itself.
Anything Less than This – Reflects that the Measure of your Awareness is Impaired by your Personal Fears, which becomes Embodied as your Living Actions and Participation in Relationships that Creates Degrees of Inequality, which Indicates What you Still have to Transcend if you are Ever to Be That which, in this Life, is Only Given Temporarily – which is: Life.

As you will Notice: you Start this Journey with Nothing but Life. And then, are Exposed to Many Choices – most of which you make without Awareness, only to Find yourself, eventually, in a Position where you can Barely Realise or Conceive what Awareness Could Be. In this, is Emphasized every Possible Limitation that Forms part of the Core of your Being, which you will Give Attention to and Embody as your Daily Living Word and Living Action – to Create, within it, the Group within which you Function that would Glorify the Limitation and Inequality you use with which to, erroneously, Conceive the Ideology that: ‘you have Power’. Through this Division, into Polarity, Creating Inequality that Gives to you the Idea that: ‘you are Higher than, while others are Lower than’, because of the Way each other Force and Enforce Relationships, deliberately, to make it seem that this is ‘All there is’.

In this, the Physical Reality Represents an Unchangeable Mirror as a Guideline, through Consequence, Force Self and Others – to Indicate where Self has not Realised Ultimate Awareness yet. Unfortunately, the Level of Awareness of Most – cannot yet Even Conceive, that they don’t have Awareness yet. Because, Initially, an Illusion of Awareness is Created from the Frictions of the Polarities, which Form a Form of Energetic-Reflection which has become Known as Consciousness. Somehow, each one Realise that: there is a Reflection in others – but instead of Looking at the Reflection within Awareness, the Unaware Look at it in its Reflection as Consciousness; which have Magic-like tendencies because: it is an Illusion not Vested in the Physical Mirror that Exist. These Magical-tendencies can be taken to Extremes, and even Temporarily take-on Physical Form – Misdirected by the Inequality that Consciousness Promotes. Yet, that there Remain Always, within the Illusion – Guidelines which can be used to Shock one Back to Reality. These are Simple things, like: Hunger, Breathing, going to the Toilet, being Protected from the Weather. But, Unfortunately – Consciousness holds such Illusionary Power, that: Most Disregard this Completely.
This then brings in the Next Level of Shock, which are: Accidents, Disease, Mental Disorder and Events that Cause Trauma – bringing a Sudden Stop the Consciousness-Illusion. When this Happens, a Chance exist that the Being may become Aware – but because everyone around a Being is Still Trapped in their Consciousness-Illusion: they will do their Utmost to Convince the one in Shock, that the Shock wasn’t Real. And so, Most even with a Great Traumatic Shock – will eventually Return to the Consciousness-Illusion.
Then comes the Ultimate Shock, which is Death. And in this Shock – the Illusion Ends. But, there is No Sudden-Awareness. There is Simply the Awareness of what Could have been, and even This is Incomplete.

Unfortunately – once Death occur, as you have Noticed, you will Not Get a Full-View of what happens to the One that is No More. And Here, those with Ultimate Awareness – will See, and those Without – will Believe, and Try and Hide their Fear with its Opposite Polarity, Hoping that it will go away. But, Death is Insistent, Certain - and, probably – the Most Bitter Pill anyone will Ever Forced to Swallow.

When you Read this – do it Slowly, if you can. And Consider your Level of Awareness. Are you Able, Naturally, to Give Equally to All What you would like to Receive and so Create a World that is Best for All Life? Or are you Trapped in the I of Consciousness, where you are All Alone with Only your Own Ideas of What is Real and what is Not.
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