Friday 1 March 2013

Day 312: The Children of the Law of One (Part Four)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

 So, let’s Look at this Fascinating Encryption that Parents so easily Justify:
It’s for instance, the Whole Claim that you must First Look after your Children, Educate them, give them Everything…and Then you can Spend time on Fixing the World - and there is a sense of Accomplishment. But, really - All of it is Fake. Because, the Actual Truth is Fascinating: you’ve Acted in Reverse - you have Damned your Children, and you’ve Damned yourself. Because, now you can’t Really Change - you have to Walk this Exact Process that you have used to Educated your Children to be Part of the System: The Way you’ve Integrated them, you’ve made sure that they are Stuck and that If you Change, your Children will say: “YOU are being Brainwashed” - because you’ve Taught them all the ‘Good Things’ of the Illusion, you’ve Taught them all the ‘Happiness’ of the Illusion, you’ve Taught them How to Rape Earth while Feeling Good, you’ve Told them How to Abuse Life while Feeling No Remorse – and Now you want to Change? And you Expect your Children to Embrace you? When, that’s Impossible.
You are the very Reason Why their Eternity is Screwed. And, you’re gonna Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, through Hell itself - before they’re going to Change. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. Because, you didn’t Prepare them to be Equal and One as Life. You have Taught them the Way of Deception, the Way of the System, the Way of Happiness – without Regard.

You are the REASON as Parent for the World and the Way it is. You are the Origin of the Delusion. Isn’t it Wonderful that you’re going to have such Immense Retribution to Pay? Such Immense Wonderful Consequences – that you will Lose the very things you Love, which is your Children? There is Simply No Other Way - Commonsense.
But, I’m Sharing this to Show you, that – most will even Give Up, just because they Fear to Lose their Children. And so, as Parent – you have Created your own Damnation. You have Ensured the Very Reason Why You, Will Never Change – while you would Protect the Evil of this World under the Disguise of ‘Love for your Children’. Isn’t That the Beauty of Love in its True Nature? And therefore, in the Name of Love – you will Join the Haters and you will Attack the Destiny (Desteni) of the Future. Not Realising: All we’ve Really Done is Expose your True Nature – the Nature of Hate. We have Purely Exposed that your Love – was Never Real; that you were Never ONE and EQUAL as Life, as Love, as the Truth – you were Only Ever Serving Self-Interest.

So, this is the Gauntlet.
Can you Walk the Gauntlet?
Can you Correct what you’ve Created?
Can you Face your Own Creation, your Own Demons – and in that: it is Your Own Children? Can you Face that? Can you Pay the Price, for your Own Deception? For the Harm you’ve Bred into this World under the Disguise of your Happiness?
Can you Stand Up and Forgive yourself? And become Self-Honest?

You See, the Encryption is Magnificent – it Ensures that you Never Change. That’s Why you Designed it. You Designed the Very Encryption that Keeps you Trapped. Because You want to ensure, Next Time – you can Play this same Game of Abuse again. Do you Know that you have Done it through Eons of Time? That you have Destroyed Planet upon Planet – uncountable, in the Name of your Self-Interest; like a Disease you would Infect the Planet, one after the other, until there is Nothing Left. That’s what they’ll Find on Mars – there has been Life before. You’ve been there before. But, you don’t Want to Remember – because: that would mean that you have to become Self-Honest.
Your Memory is Selective. Your Memory is by your Own Design. Your Memory is to Justify what you’re Doing. Your Memory Creates for you – what you Want to Hear.
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