Monday 25 March 2013

Day 336: Democracy and Capitalism are the Redistribution of Wealth - (Part Two)

For context from the Previous Post:
“In Fact, the question would be: is there Even Any Americans Capable of conceiving the extent to which they are Brainwashed? That would be able to go Beyond their Fear (and they would Recognize this as ‘Fear’), their Fear of their Own Government and their Own People - to Stand up and Create an Alternative. They won’t! Because everyone in the past that’s done this has been Killed. You know Why? It’s so that You Can Fear it, Fear Standing Up.”

America is, in fact, a Prison for those that are in it and within that, they Import cheap labor from other parts of the Americas by Creating a so-called ‘Opportunity Scale’ claiming ‘Equal Opportunity’. In the Meantime, those that come from other countries to come and Work there - they are simply Wage-Slaves who must do all the ‘Dirty Work’ so that the Wealthy Can Live their ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ in a ‘Dream-World’ set-up under a so-called ‘American Constitution’ - but even That is Worth Nothing.
Fascinatingly Enough, the One key point in the Constitution that Everyone Protects, is ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ – no matter Who you have to Kill, obviously, because: “Oh, it’s just part of The Way of Life on Earth. You Can’t Change Human Nature” is what All of those claim that Have Wealth as they know One thing: if you have to Change Human Nature, they will All Have to Change Theirs First, which means they Have to Do what Jesus Proposed to the Rich man: “Give Away Your Possessions”. That means, Jesus said: “Redistribute Your Wealth – and then, Follow Me” - Follow Jesus, Follow Life…Holy Crap!

So Any Wealthy Person Claiming to be a ‘Follower of Jesus’, is In Fact also using Cognitive Disinformation to Misrepresent the Message in a way that will Suit their Wealth. You Can’t Trust the Media, your ‘Educators,’ your ‘Leaders’ - you Can’t Trust Anyone, especially when they are Wealthy. Because with Wealth: that becomes a Problem, with the Problem being “It’s Mine and I’ll Protect it No matter what – Property-Rights, Money-Rights, but I will Not give you the opportunity to be Equal because if I have to, there is Not Enough Resources on Earth, then I’ll have to Lose some of what I have” – That is the ‘Reasoning, “Therefore because there is ‘Limited Resources’, I Must Protect what I Have. I worked ‘Hard’ for it. I GAVE BACK to Society!” – Yes, you Gave Back Poverty to Society.
Have a Look: the Return that the Wealth gives to the World, with seeing the MASSIVE Increase of Poverty Escalating on Earth in the last 30 years. In One Lifetime, you are seeing What is Really ‘The Truth’ on Earth, what’s Really going on. But, the Blind Refuse to See because they’re Not Really ‘Blind’: they are Deliberate in NOT Wanting to See, because that would mean They Have To Change. As Long as They can Keep most of Humanity in a ‘Grid-lock’ claiming that ‘Human Nature Cannot Change’ while that ‘Human Nature’ is Deliberately Introduced and Controlled through a Lack of Money: They can Have the Power and Wealth that gives them their Idea of ‘Happiness’ which is based-on the Ability to Abuse Others, the Ability to Bully Others.

We Now have a World in which the Wealthy are the Bullies. They have managed to find a way with which to Control Everyone around them, to such an extent - that they (the Wealthy) can be ‘Safe’, so to speak. They have All the Guns, Money and All the Choices, and because They have it, they Claim (and here you have the Cognitive Disinformation again): that ‘Everybody else has got it as well.’ Go and Stand in the Shoes of Everybody else and you’ll see it’s a Lie. You’ll see that this is Deliberately Misrepresented, simplistically to Justify and to ‘Seemingly’ look like a ‘Good Person’- “I Have Human Nature and it’s Bad, but I do Good Things”, part of the form of Disinformation.

Now at Desteni we have Proven that Human Nature Can Change. The Journey to Life Blogs are Evidence of that. We’ve been working with this; we Understand/Have the Way that Nature functions and How to Adjust it. Therefore, for You that are Ready to Face Your Fears - and Yes, we Do Understand there are Many, we Do Understand it is a Massive Process ahead – but if You Do Care: it is Important to Stand Up. Standing up, Not for everyone else, because - Really, You Standing up is Not Going to Make a Difference at this stage. Standing up is Important to you, to Your Integrity, Your Value: You Establish that. So Please, if you Don’t Stand up – understand that: Only You Will Face the Consequence, which is The Truth About You. This World is Wonderful, because it’s based-on Consequence – That which is Done Cannot be Undone. That’s why this World is Real: you Cannot ‘Undo’ the First World War, the Second World War, all the people that have been Killed, You Cannot ‘Undo it’ – that’s how you know it is Reality. If it was an Illusion you would be able to ‘Undo it’ isn’t it? That’s the Basic Measure of What the difference is between Reality and an Illusion.

The Reality is (and You Know This), that: If You Allow Consequences to happen that Cannot be Changed - You are Responsible. You Do Know that there exists the Ultimate Measure, a point where you are Removed from this Reality which you have No Power over. When that Removal happens, whether you want to Believe it or not, the most Likely point, the one that Very Deeply everyone Understands to Be True - is that: there is going to be a Measure of What you Have Allowed, while on Earth, with your Gift of Life. Remember: The Life that You Have is Not ‘Your Own Creation,’ it is a GIFT you were GIVEN. You can’t even Create another Life-Form, you are just ‘Taking Part in it’ like a ‘Functional Robot.’
You Do Have ‘Free Choice’, that means: You Have the Capacity to See What’s Right and Wrong, to See that - through what happens with everyone else around you and in some cases what happens to you: the World is Mirror, it is Mirror in which your Integrity is Measured.

Understand: Death is Permanent, Death is Certain and Death Cannot be Undone – it is like all things ‘The Final Exam.’ Will You Pass-it or Not? You Be the Judge, isn’t it? You have the Capacity to even Judge that. That’s the amount of Freedom you have.
At Desteni we suggest, that: if you Allow what You are Allowing on Earth right now and what has been Allowed through Generations - You will Not ‘Pass the Test’, and That will cost you Everything that is of Value, the Only Real Value - which is Life.
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