Thursday 14 March 2013

Day 323: Message to Lightworkers

The Lightworker Phenomena has Grown Extensively - and there are some Considerations that must be Taken in Account, in terms of the Integrity of being a Lightworker.

To Place yourself on a Pedestal that, being a Lightworker is the Purpose of your Life on Earth – while Abuse, in terms of Inequality, Poverty, War, Famine, Extinction of Species, Consumerism exist: is Rather an Unnatural Act.

Naturally, One should be Focused on Finding a Solution to the Inequality on Earth, Finding a Solution to Stop the Extinction of Species, Finding a Solution to Honour Life on Earth – instead, the Focus is on the Self-Interest of Glorifying the Self as apparently being a ‘Being of Light’. This Glorification is taking on the Form of Glamour and it Cause one to become Blind to the Reality on Earth.

Granted, the Lightworker Believe that apparently, Life on Earth is an Illusion. If that is so – the Lightworker should Not Participate in the System on Earth and should have No Money, because Money is the Currency that Determines the Nature of the Now within which the Lightworker Finds itself. And, Allowing oneself to be Part of the System, while you Believe it to be an Illusion: is a Complete Contradiction and is in fact Dishonest and Showing a Lack of Integrity.

Therefore, this is to Remind the Lightworkers and those that Claim to be ‘Enlightened’ or that Promotes the Idea of Consciousness, that: You should Challenge yourself to Establish Self-Honesty by Giving Away All your Money and Seeing whether you could Exist on Earth without Money, in Any Form Whatsoever. That would Include Services that is Provided by Money or that would Include – Not Asking others for Help or Hand-outs, because: they had to Obtain the Hand-out by Money. Not to Ask for Donations, because: that comes from the Money of others – it Remains the same System. And, to then Prove to yourself that Life on Earth is in fact an Illusion – and that your Existence as a Lightworker is BEYOND the Trappings of this Earth.
I am 100% Certain that you will be Unable to Prove that, and I am 100% Certain you’re going to Find that you’ve been Dishonest, and I’m 100% Certain you’re going to Find that your Integrity is Compromised. Therefore, I would Suggest that you do Investigate what we are Presenting through the Journey of Life at Desteni – so that you can Find, eventually, some Integrity, some Self-Honesty and Learn How to Take Responsibility for What is going on HERE on Earth. And so that you can Realise: one Can’t Live in Two Worlds. This is well-known.

You can’t be a Lightworker and be Part of the System of Money. Lightworkers would be then the Good Polarity, and Money the Evil one. You can’t Balance the Two, because – the Good One is Making you Blind to the Evil that you’re Allowing on Earth, and by Allowing it you’re Part of it; in fact, you’re Protecting it – because you’re Protecting the System, because you’re Protecting your Money. And that is Why we have a Solution for that through Equal Money, so that one can THEN Explore What it Really means to be a Lightworker, to be Enlightened - and to Live What is Best for All Life, Here on Earth.
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