Thursday 21 March 2013

Day 330: To Write with Principle and Integrity on Quora

The fascinating thing is that the Destonians write with Integrity based on the Principle of working towards a Solution that is Best for All Life and therefore, no matter How our words are being attacked it doesn’t Diminish what we’re Saying, because what we’re Saying is a Principle that Stands even beyond Death. That’s the Advantage of being able to Communicate Beyond Death and to ‘enter the Other-Side’ - to have a look at What Really Happens. What Really Happens on the Other-Side is exactly what we are proposing: in the Other-side there is Equality. Heaven must Come to Earth and before that happens, ‘the Old Earth’ and ‘the Old Heaven’ must pass away. So, the current concepts on Earth are like ‘Dinosaurs’ waiting for an Extinction Event - and this Event is Coming at a Rapid Pace.
And in this, Brainwashing plays a major role: the Brainwashing that happens through Education; the Brainwashing that happens through Control; the Brainwashing that Mr. Anonymous is using to create ‘Mobs’ on the Internet, using words that show that there is No Integrity and that there is No Consideration for What is Best for All Life.

The beauty about Quora is that people get to write down the Stuff in their Minds, that is very important because if you don’t write down the Stuff in your Mind - you can’t See your Dishonesty, because in your Mind it is so much easier than in the real world. That’s why we do the Journey to Life Blogs for instance, you write down these things so that you can ‘asses’ yourself, you become your own ‘evaluator,’ you evaluate your Integrity - which is your Self Honesty - and you evaluate your Correction - your Self Forgiveness and your Commitment - and you Evaluate your Principles. Are the Principles when applied in a Practical fashion based on Simple Mathematics like 1+1=2, are they Leading to an outcome that In Fact is what you Intended?
And therefore when we look at How people write on Quora, we Apply these positions by standing in ‘the writer’s shoes’ and then, where Possible give some Assistance or, if the person is completely Lost in their own Self-Interest and Ego Self-Preservation, then we Assist with diminishing the Ego a little bit. You see you can vote our stuff down, it doesn’t Affect Who we are or What we Stand for in any way whatsoever because the Principles we Stand by are measurable and we have Tested them into Eternity through the Quantum Time that exist on the Other-Side of Death. What we are presenting is the Ultimate Answer – at the moment of Death you will See it, that’s why we’re sharing what we are doing, because you’ll be able to Measure every single thing that we have Ever said and Published and Check it against Integrity. You’ll Notice a fascinating thing: we Have shared Exactly ‘What Happened’ and ‘How it Functions’ and the Process involved within this.

So, Write Yourself to Freedom – Break the Brainwashing – Join the Journey to Life, it’s Your Own Personal Process, you can even have somebody Assisting you to make sure you Develop Actual Integrity and you Break the Brainwashing that Controls your Thoughts, your Feelings, Who you are, What you Believe in, What you Fear, What you Like – none of those things are real, they are All Programmed, they are all the result of the Interest of the Corporation, You’re Part of that Body ‘The Corpus of the Corporation,’ - Your Mind belongs to the Corporation. The Corporation owns Everything from Religion, Politics, Education, Family, every Book you read, every Newspaper, every Movie you watch, every Television-story you watch is ‘Owned’ and all of that is Entering-you and it Exit through your Writing, and through your Speaking and through your Thoughts. And yet you want to claim that somehow ‘you are Free’? Come On! Isn’t the Lie Obvious? Can’t you See you’re just Lying to yourself? Because if you were ‘Free’ you would’ve considered others and you would not have Feared them, but You Fear Others because you Fear Yourself, you Fear what You are capable of doing and because you know what you’re capable of doing, because you have No Principles and Integrity: you Blame others and say “It’s Human Nature” – but actually it’s Your Nature. You are the one that Needs to Change, You are the one that Must Take Responsibility.
The Question is: Will You?

The Question is obviously ‘What Is Integrity’?
Integrity is all about a starting point. So, if you look at the Integrity of somebody that would say they ‘Fight for American Freedom’ and they go and Fight in Afghanistan – that is Not Integrity, that is Self-Preservation because the starting point is ‘Protecting’ a Limited-view and in fact Intends Harm to others. But you could Have Integrity, for instance, in terms of Law which is Legal Integrity:, is the Law In-Fact protecting the Rights of All Equally? Or like in the case of Destonians you can Have Life Integrity. Are you In Fact working towards an outcome that is Best For All? You can have Democratic Integrity - thus is all the tools in place that will Protect the Rights of Minorities and that will Ensure that the Proceedings will be What is Best for All. That is the Important point in one’s Own Integrity because, upon Death, your Integrity is Measured and that is Measured in terms of the relationships that is Given to You, which is Life. You are ‘Given Life’ for Free at Birth, and your Integrity is Measured according to How you Treat Life, not only your own, but that of others.

An Example of Integrity would be, for instance, the Quoran that Stood up in the Face of the ‘Lynch-Mob’ and well knowing that he would be Attacked and Bullied and Harassed, that will try and ‘force’ him to Submit to the Will of the Lynch-Mob, he stood his Ground. That’s the beauty about the Internet, that’s why the Process is happening on the Internet, because the Bullying is only in your Own Mind - if you Accept the Fear / Reactions that come up in your Mind as how you accept/allow yourself to, in your own mind, react to another’s words – you are so, in fact, accepting and allowing yourself to be bullied in your own Mind. No one can Bully you on the Internet - the Fear that you generate that for instance create the Lynch-Mob that we’ve just witnessed on Quora, is Generated in your Own Mind by yourself, you are the one Responsible for Everything that Happens, and how you become subject to for instance, the Fears and Judgments and Lies and Deception that others spread without Investigating for Yourself, and holding on to That which is Best, That which is Good.
So you Lose your Integrity, because in Fact you Never had Integrity in the first place, because as Noam Chomsky so clearly state: You’re Just a Product of Education that put Filters into you, and therefore the only Integrity that you Accept is the Integrity the Corporations and the System ‘Impose’ on you, which Protects Them. They do not Protect Human Rights or Lives, it protects Profit and you are part of That Disgraceful Integrity of the Corporations: Protecting Profit, Protecting Self Interest, Protecting your Self-Preservation. Instead of Honoring the Integrity on which You Would be Measured upon Death: Did you Honor Life, the Gift that was given Equally to All for Free by Supporting each other as Life, Not because you are ‘the same’ in your skills or your abilities, but because you are The Same at the ‘Core’ as Life – that is How you’re measured and You decide the measurement.

Everything that Happens is by Your Will, the Image and Likeness of God. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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