Thursday 21 March 2013

Day 331: The Cancer Experiment

This has been going on for some years within Desteni and obviously, because the point of an Experiment is to Measure what level of ‘Peer’ exist, that means what One is equal-to, what is one’s TESTimony – and so, it’s a Test/Experiment. And we have done that recently with Quora for instance, within the context particularly of the Brainwashing that exist within the ‘Academic Elite’ and the ‘Money Elite,’ that means middle-upper class that Have a certain level of ‘Freedom’ afforded them through the Money they Have Managed to Gain and Pilfer off a System that Abuses Life extensively.
So even within that, the Destonians are Also measured, because one will see within their Processes or assess the Words in writing to See where the Mind still comes in and where they have already Achieved a Level of Physical Purity within and as the Living Word. These things are Extremely Important, especially where one can do it in a situation of ‘pressure’, because at the End, all that one is preparing for is Death, where One’s Life will be Measured by ‘What have you Done with Life and As Life – Are You Worthy of Life?’ These points are explained throughout Holy Scriptures and there is much truth in the point of Death and Life and Living Words.

The Cancer Experiment was based on a Very Simple Point - we have an Organization around the World that Shaves for Cancer, and in so doing would Promote and Preserve the Pharmaceutical Companies that Profit immensely from the chemicals that they sell for ‘Life threatening diseases’ - making Money, Profiting from Death and getting the populous to Ensure that they can push up the prices by increasing donations through Shaving heads. A similar thing has happened around the Oil Spill with BP – again a Corporation, and where the ‘Goodwill of the People’ was Abused for the purposes of Profit. Interestingly enough: the people don’t Notice that this was the motivation behind their actions, as we have Demonstrated.
We have taken, for instance, Shaving your Head for a World that is Best for All Life - that means the Ultimate Solution for Everyone, which means that Every Cancer patient will get the Best Treatment and it will Cost them Nothing: Life is being Preserved. Immediately, those in the employ of the Corporations - like our Dear Internet Troll that specifically specializes in misinformation (for more context on the Internet Troll – read DAY 328 and DAY 329 Posts) - got to work and started Branding Head-Shaving in the Context of ‘What is Best for All Life’ to be a form of Nazism, of Extremism. Cultivating a Culture of Shaving and Donating to Preserve the Profit-taking of the Corporations and Greed, is apparently Not Extreme; but Shaving Your Head for the Ultimate Solution on Earth, Standing together as a Group – because that is how one does it, you Work Together as a Group as Life - that apparently is ‘Extreme’. Fascinatingly enough, the Internet Shill managed to Sway the opinions of those who Live in Fear and those who are Controlled through Filters of Education, Religion, Family, Media and those who are without the Ability of Critical Reasoning – and the shill ‘Polarized’ people to not Investigate the Simple Message of Desteni and the Equal Money System. Even up to today, this whole Cancer point is continuing, showing the Real Cancer, the Cancer in the Minds of People – the Cancer of Control, the Cancer of Manipulation, the Cancer of Misinformation, the Cancer of Profit, the Cancer of Greed - functioning, trying to snub out Any Form of Life that may Threaten Control and Greed and Elitism – Anything that may Threaten Possession. How Fascinating.

So, understand that when you Shave your Head for a Better World – it is a Matter of Integrity, it’s a Matter of Making a Statement, it’s a Matter of Testing Yourself, it’s a Matter of Advertising - Showing, when Asked: “Why did you do it?” How many Shave their Heads and when asked say: “I’m doing it for Cancer” - they feel Proud, they feel Proud but they Support Greed, not even Aware that they’re doing that – How Strange can that be? Pride in Standing for What is Best for All Life is what you have to Cultivate Within You. Pride that You have Established and Re-Established Life and the Integrity of Life within you so that you can Help Others to Restore it Within them, and One by One we Eventually will come Together and, Create a World that is Best for All Life. Within that obviously, you have to Forgive, release others and what they’ve Done to you and you have to Forgive Yourself - and the Integrity is your Self Honesty. Self Honesty meaning, that you Cannot Ask another ‘What’s Best,’ you have to Realize what is Best for All Life and you have to Live it, and you have to Stand and Show that there is No Fear. One of those ways is to Shave your Head for Equality, for World Equality – then Not allow yourself to be Influenced by Those with ‘ulterior motives,’ those that is Protecting Greed, Abuse and Suffering. They won’t always exist, they Exist for now because of ‘Who they are’ as the result of their Programming. And, they’ve taken the Program to a Very High Level of Expertise - but it’s Meaningless because: it will Not go Beyond Death.

So, for everyone it is Necessary to Consider: Who Are You within What You Do? What are You Willing to Do to bring about a World that is Best for All? Why is your Hair and your Beauty so important? It never was, it’s simply dead cells growing out of your head, but because of the Manipulation and Control and the Greed that comes from Beauty products, it’s apparently ‘Valuable’ and it represents ‘Who You Are’ – Really? Your Hair is just another Filter, and your attachment to your hair Indicate to What Level you are Still Controlled by Filters, and to what Level you are Not Willing to Consider ‘What is Best for All’ – because you’re scared to be called a ‘Cult’? Name-calling is ‘The Name of the Game’ of those that use Fear, you Need them to show where you still Have Fear, that’s why they Exist, they’re just a Pawn in a much, much, much Bigger Game. Are You just going to be a Pawn as well? Or are you going to take your Birth Right as Life and Ensure that it is Established within yourself as the Living Word, as the Living Flesh, as the Living Self - and then Assist Others to do the Same.

Remember, we’re all the products of what others taught us, therefore Education is the Key and one can’t just do Self-Education, because you don’t have the Means – anyone that claims they can do it themselves: that’s a Lie, that’s part of ‘The Game.’ So you don’t listen to others, that’s all just Ego - you Need Others, you Cannot do it Alone, it’s Impossible, because You Don’t Know ‘How’ – You Have to Learn from Others, and that’s the only way you can Get Rid of your Ego. That’s how you Make sure you have No Ego: by Learning from Others - Are You Willing to Do that?
So when somebody claims they can ‘Do it Themselves’ or ‘they have done it themselves’ know one thing: they Lie, they have No Clue, and it’s just their Ego speaking, they haven’t moved an inch.

Read the Journey to Life blogs, Start Writing your Journey to Life, Start Walking your Process Back to Life. You have Limited Time, Check the Graveyards, and check How few people knew when ‘The Time would Come’. You also don’t know, and that’s appropriate - so you don’t have an Excuse ‘I still have Time’ . You Don’t, because You Don’t Know when it’s Your Time. Now you understand Why you don’t know when it will be your Time? Because you’ll Abuse it - You’ll Abuse the Fact that you Believe you ‘Still Have Time’ and you won’t Take Responsibility.

Join us.
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