Saturday 9 March 2013

Day 318: The Children of the Law of One (Part Eight)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

So, whether this is called ‘Children of the Law of One’, or ‘Angels’, or ‘Kryon’ or some ‘Archangel’ – or any other thing that Profess a Message of Love, instead of a Message of Commonsense of 1 +1 = 2 and How to Manage and Design the Physical Reality: it should be Commonsense that you are being Deceived, and that - the very Fact that you are being Manipulated through what is termed ‘Feelings’, indicate a Major Problem. Because, these ‘Feelings’ are coming from a Design within you – and, certainly, you have No Clue How that Design Functions. All you Know, is that you’re having a ‘Feeling’ and then you have this Conclusion, that: because you have the ‘Feeling’, it’s apparently some ‘Higher Force’ that is Assisting you with Intuition and accordingly you make your Decisions, again and again and again and again and again…to Produce a Result of Harm, not only for yourself and your own Children – to a Massive Degree, but to every other Living Form on Earth. Trapped in Cycles, which you’ve Justified, that - is apparently ‘the Way Nature Functions’.

Not Realising, that: the very Way Nature Functions is Actually Designed, Deliberately, Intentionally - to Cause Massive HARM. Harm over Generations, Harm that Impose upon you the Complete Acceptance, that: somehow – you’re supposed to be Limited, and the Only Way Out of your Limitation is, apparently, to Follow these Preprogramed Feelings called “Love”. You should Listen to and Study what Kryon is saying After the Portal was Opened, and he was Challenged as to what he Presented before and Shown the Effect of what he’s Doing, and Called to Responsibility.
I mean, How can we Allow this? How can you Claim Enlightenment or even an Advanced Intellect - without being able to Apply Self-Honesty, the Equality Equation of 1 + 1 = 2 and Checking what is it that you Really have Allowed over Time. Genetics is a Measurable Function that is Predictable, of which the Concept has been around for 100’s of years – many, many Generations – and yet, you have Not Considered: that this Applies to your own Physical Form as well, to the Children you have Allowed to be Born into this World. You have seen, through Medicine, how Destructive a Simple thing like Medicine, like a Chemical Compound can be when Introduced during Pregnancy, and how that could Cause Developmental Problems within a Child.
Just Imagine, Matching incorrect Genetics just because you “Love” someone…that Love, which was Actually Lust, then Birth Children and these Children are then Genetically Impaired, they are Less than they could have been if you Applied the Equality Equation of 1 + 1 = 2.

But, this Absolute Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that is Preprogrammed within, as Energy and Feelings and Love – Destroys All Commonsense, and Make of you a Fool. And, Unfortunately – if you cannot Realise and Become Humility and is Humiliated by what I’m saying: Just Imagine – the Massive Control that Holds you Captive in a Prison of your own Mind, and you’re not able to Set yourself Free. Because, you Believe you Know More than what you do.
You haven’t Applied 1 + 1 = 2, you haven’t Applied the Equality Equation as we Explain it in Desteni, you have Not Considered the Simplicity of the Solution – it is like, there you have been Deliberately Shown that you are the Stupidest thing that could ever existed, and yet: you can’t even See that – that’s How Stupid you are…and you can’t Stop. And that’s Why there is Hate, that’s Why there is FearFear is the Opposite of Love.

So, the very Moment Desteni Challenges your Concept of Love: you React in Fear and you do not even Investigate the Simplicity of the Desteni-Message. Because, All you Experience is FEAR - which is So by Design. Consider That.
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