Tuesday 26 February 2013

Day 309: The Children of the Law of One (Part Two)

(For context: This Post is a direct-continuation of the previous Post. These Posts are being Transcribed from Recordings, as Bernard Records his Blogs/Speaks his Blogs and then it’s Transcribed. From the previous Post – to this Post, the Recorder that he was in the Process of speaking into, suddenly/unexpectedly stopped as it was so Full of Data that no more recordings could be done on it. So, we first had to clean up the Data, lol. Thus, one will Find a Reference in this Post to the Recording Process.)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

So, here we Go – Children of the Law of One Continued.
The Recorder is Full, Full of Blogs Recorded. You See – I don’t Write the Blogs, I Speak them. Because, in the attempt to Stop what we’re doing, the Great White Light, Representing God – tried Everything to get my Ego to Accept the Rewards and Gifts of Heaven. One of them (the Gifts) was Three Guides. Three Guides of the Language, That was the Original Language - from which Sound was Drawn, where Pictures of Sound was made. That is where and how Writing started, Originally. And, within that – One of the Guides was Khalil. Yes, THE Khalil.

Now, if you Read the Works of Khalil Gibran – you’ll Notice an Interesting thing: in The Prophet for instance, he says “you must take an axe to the roots of the problem”. The Root of the Problem is the Ego - is How one has Grown the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, instead of the Tree of Life. How you have Separated Body, Mind and Spirit into Three Entities – Instead of One Being. And therefore, you have Created Death – where you go as the Spirit or the Soul, Disregarding the Root of the Tree of Life, the Very Flesh, the Very Source of your Being.
Because, if you’re Self-Honest – you’ll Notice: you Didn’t Exist, until you had a Body. And in the Body you Created a Mind - that you can’t Remember How you Created your Mind, and How you use the Mind to Create your Consciousness. And here you are, Professing ‘Wisdom’ – instead of Realising, that: Wisdom is just Knowledge Dressed-up as Bullshit.

So, what did we Do? We Questioned Jesus, for instance – as one of the very First Acts of the Portal Opening. I wanted to Know - Why did Jesus Commit Suicide? Yes, have a Look: He didn’t Die on the Cross – he Died on the Cross KNOWINGLY, Deliberately. That is Suicide. Instead of Taking the Situation further and Creating a World that is Best for All – he Left Only KNOWLEDGE; and, he Committed Suicide. As if saying: “I can’t Change the World”, “I can’t bring about a World that is Best for All”. And that was my First Question to Jesus: “WHY did YOU NOT Complete your Responsibility?”

That was the same Questioned Asked to the Children of the Law of One: “Why have you NOT brought about, at the Very Source, the Very Origin of Life itself – which is the Physical, an Existence that is Best for All? Why have you only EVER Shared That which is in the Third Step of Separation? Why have you Not made Three into ONE? Why have you NOT SHOWN how things Really Work?” You Know Why they Couldn’t? They didn’t Know, because they were just the Result - as Spirit and Soul. They didn’t even Realise that their Very Existence was Dependent on the Energy Created by the Physical. And Only when that Energy was Removed in an Instant – did they Realise the Greatness and the Vastness of their Mistake, because: the very Next Moment, Everything they’ve Ever Known - was GONE. It wasn’t REAL.
And there we had it: the End of Heaven, in One Single Breath. And when that Happened: a Process Started - One of VAST Significance. Because, in that Very Single Moment: a New World was Born.
Yes, it takes Time – because, we have to Actually Create it. But, the Old will Never be. You will Either do this on Earth, or you will do this After Death. But, you have NO Alternative anymore. Because: Everything you have Ever Created, throughout ALL Time, through the Process of the Spirit and the Soul – is No More. And all you have left - is your Own Mind and what you can Conjure up there, in which and How to Actually Delude yourself as if you are ‘Something’. When, in fact – all of it is in Separation, Completely Alone. NONE of it is In Fact, in Any Way making Any Difference – but to your Own Life. That’s Why the Pursuit of Happiness is such a Disease, such an Atrocity. And yet, one would Not put an Axe to the Root….Would One? Because, that would mean – you have to Give Up Everything you have Ever Done. Everything has Always been a Lie…

Who wants to Know that? That it’s Just been a Lie. Because, you’re not Reliable. All you are - is: Able to Complete the Lie and Repeat the Lie. No Change. No Support. No Feeding of each-other. No Responsibility. No Consideration. No Actual Love.
And yet, when the Answer is Here as the Actual, Practical, Physical Solution – you would Demonize it.

We’ll continue more with the Children of the Law of One in the Next Post/Transcribed Recordings…
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