Saturday 9 February 2013

Day 293: Predictable Futures and Markets Forced

You will Notice that, a Phenomena took place on the World Markets in the last, approximately, two years - where the Movement of the Market accelerated from a Movement moving in weeks and months, to a Movement that goes up and down Substantially, Daily. This has Always been the Future, and Now – these Gigantic Markets, which function like Casino’s, seemingly printing Money out of Nowhere: are Forever Growing, pulling in more and more Investors. We did Warn some years ago – this is going to happen. And, Obviously, everyone is going for the Jackpot.

From an Economical point of view, our Learned Friends, the Economists, believe the Markets are a Force by itself. But, in fact – the Markets are Forced. Not by anyone Individual or a group of Individuals – but by All the Humans Participating in it, Forced, as it is Driven – by the Defining Force, which Forms the Foundation of Human Civilization, which is: Greed.
This Greed will Ensure, that Humans will keep Forcing the Markets up – even Creating in the short and medium Term an Illusion, that: the Markets are ‘Stable’. And many that have Lost their Jobs or taken early Pension – is Betting All they have on this RALLY, which is in a way part of the Human RACE. But, Understand – in this Race, the One with More, the One with More Power specifically, that means – More Money: will Win, unless he/they are Fools and do not Stay the Course.

So, here we have Billions being Betted Daily on Commodities like Food, and All Kinds of things that the Human can Dream up. And for the Moment it seems the News is ‘Good’ and the Feeding-Frenzy is going on as if it will Never End. But, like in All Things – the Current Form of Money, the Current Form of Equity, the Current Form of Capital: is a FINITE Concept.
As this Game of Monopoly Drives the Base of Business in the World more and more into Singular Corporations that Touch every Life on Earth – All the smaller Functions that used to Supply many jobs, Disappear and more and more Humans, Globally, becomes Dependent on the Ultimate Bubble Ever Created: the Market Forces, the Stock Exchange, the Future’s Markets. Just Numbers, on a Screen…

Again, we Remind that - in the Future, it is Predictable that a Forced Market will Lose its Force and Millions will end-up in Immense Trouble, Losing All Capital and – when you have No Capital, in a Capitalistic System: you have No Value. And when you have No Value, you have No Money, and when you have No Money, you have No Food and so it goes…

We do Understand, that at the moment – no one will Hear this. Or Heed this. And we Do Understand that Unfortunately, these events will have to take place – causing much Suffering on Earth, and that the Recovery of Life on Earth will be a Most Difficult Task.
So, if you have to Play – in the Global Casino’s: Make sure you Also Play a backup hand and place SOME of your Winnings, at the moment, into Creating a New System. We suggest Equal Money Capitalism, because it is quite similar to the current System in some regards. So, it’s got all the Good parts of Capitalism and it’s replacing all the Bad parts.

Do not keep all your Eggs in one basket.

At the Moment, no one is Noticing the Extensive Nature of the Volumes of the Jobless that are no longer part of the Market-Economy, and that the markets have Replaced Vast Chunks of the Consumer-Industry, that this has become a Monopolized Monster – Driven by only the Kindness of Profits.

In a Way, All Need to Experience Greed – to Understand its Power and how it Drives Man Insane. May your Life Not be in Vain…

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  1. Wow, What a powerful rendition of what is here and what is to come.