Friday 22 February 2013

Day 306: Encryption of the System of Self

Interesting, that – if One shorten this, it is: EOSOS. It’s Virtually like an Ethos of the SOS. An SOS is one of the very First Signals used to Communicate Distress.
Now, in this World – the Physical Form, in the many Variations that it is Existing, is in fact in Extreme Distress. So much so, that – if we Look at the Human Form: We have Developed a Psychology around Distress; and Every Form of Stress, we’ve Given a Particular ‘Name’.

And, we have Refused to Consider that: Distress exist, because we have Created Systems of Form, as InFORMation, as Images and Likenesses of Ourselves – or what we Like about ourselves or for ourselves – Separating each Part into Categories of Likes and Dislikes. Encrypting this Within our Self as a System, even getting this Self as a System to Speak Words In Formation, through Sentences - Sentencing us to our Convictions, so that we Remain Convicted within the Prison of ourselves, without Any Awareness Whatsoever about Life. Only having Consciousness of the Systems we’ve Created, through the Reward System that the System Produce us, which is Feelings of Energy that makes us Happy and makes us Feel Good.
So, by Following this Peculiar Existence: we seem to Not Notice, that – when things Really get Rough in the Physical, and we are in Trouble – the WE that is in Trouble is Not the Consciousness, but is the Physical Body.
So, if you Fall in the Sea and you’re going to Drown – it’s your Body that Drowns. If you’re in a Car Accident, it’s the Body that’s in the Car Accident. If you don’t get Food – it’s the Body that Starves. Everything that is of Real Value, that is Life-Threatening – involves the Body. And if the Body gets Damaged, the System of Self as Consciousness – is suddenly, Irrelevant.

Fascinatingly enough, we’ve Created a Way to Protect this System of Self - by Creating Value-Systems that we Entrenched to such a Degree, that it Overrides the Basic Needs and Requirements that is Equal within All as the Physical Body; That Becomes Irrelevant, and we would Allow people to Starve and Allow people to Live in Life-Threatening Situations, Work in Life-Threatening Situations – just so that we can have a Consciousness of ‘Happiness’. And, we would have No Moral Problem with it, because – even our Morality is Not based on the Physical, which is That which Really Gives Life, but is Based on our Consciousness as That which Really Gives ‘Happiness’.

So, every Word we have – is a Strange Ethos that do Not Consider Life, it only Consider Consciousness. We’ve gone as far as even Creating Complete Belief-Systems, Spiritual Ways, which apparently ensures that: ‘After’ your Body, which gives you Life, Dies – you’re going to go to a ‘Better Place’, which is Fascinating that one can actually get yourself to Believe that and Justify that…Without Understanding, in the First Place – How you became this Consciousness? What are the Thoughts, and the Feelings and the Emotions that Created this Consciousness? How do they Function? Where are they Seated? How are they Implanted? What Energized it? What is Behind it all? - In Fact, in Detail.
Ask Any of our Scientists, or our Psychologists, or our Most Advanced Thinkers in this World – and they Cannot Help you, at all. That should Concern you, because you are Basing your Complete Existence on Something that you have No Power over, Whatsoever. But yet you Claim you have Power over it. If that is True: Stop Thinking and See What Happens. Stop Thinking and See whether you will Die. Stop Thinking and Start Seeing what’s Going on in this World.

If you can’t Stop Thinking…Why can’t you? What is the Cause of this? Where did these Thoughts Come from? Why don’t we have the same Thoughts? Why do our Environment Shape our Thoughts? Why do Parents Shape who we are? Why do they even give us Names, what’s their Point in that?

This Encryption of the Image and Likeness of ourselves – even have Passwords, and we’ll get to the Passwords in the Next Post…
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