Saturday 2 February 2013

Day 289: Alcohol is the Corporate Psychologist

All Businesses and Corporations with their various levels of Managers know One Thing: Alcohol is the Best Reward System to Keep the Work Force Compliant and to Reduce Stress. Therefore, for the Profit to Flow and to know what’s happening in Office Politics – there are Regular get-togethers with the Single Focus of Overindulging on Alcohol.

It’s like the Total Work Force employed by Corporations and Businesses – are all Reward-Alcoholics. They look forward to this get-together, it’s accepted by the Family that it happens – it is part of our ‘Social Order’, it is the Place where the Employees all becomes ‘Equal’, can Unwind, De-stress and even ‘go over the edge’ because the Excuse is: “I had too much to Drink”.
The Managers Know, that – on Alcohol: they can Find out All about the Staff; and those that ‘go over the edge’ will Feel so Guilty and in Fear of Losing their Jobs the Next day that they will become More Compliant Employees. And therefore, the Money spent on Alcohol was a Good Investment because the Profit will Flow.

In these Alcoholic get-togethers, after a few Drinks – a form of Alcoholic-Intimacy Emerge; this, obviously because: Alcohol is a Drug, very Similar to Truth-Serum.
When you had too much to Drink – you start telling the Truth. It’s better than a Polygraph Test, because the Reward-Alcoholic will Volunteer the Truth – because “they just want to get it out”. Alcohol is the Psychologist in a Bottle. It should be a Drug only available on Prescription under Extreme Supervision, because – on Alcohol: quite normal Functional people become Destructive in some way; being unable to make Commonsense Decisions to prevent Disaster.

So Many Disasters happen due to Alcohol, and Many of them due to Alcohol Consumption after work. The Families that has lost Loved Ones to this Corporate Greed Management Technique should start a Class Action against Every Corporation that use Alcohol to Subdue their Employees into Compliance.
This is so well-known, that it is used in One of the Biggest Corporations in the World: the Army. And there, Alcohol is even made a lot Cheaper. Because – as long as there is Alcohol with which the Troops can Unwind and De-stress, and Forget About what they’re doing: they’ll be a Good Soldier. So, this is Part of Corporate Policy, part of Corporate Planning – to make sure that Alcohol is Available.

Most of the Reward-Alcoholics only Remain within the Pattern of Drinking with Colleagues after work. But some do Progress into becoming a more General Alcoholic, and eventually ‘fall off the wagon’, so to speak – Losing ALL Control, and End-Up Drinking…All the Time.
What is Not Realised, is that: Alcohol is Both Psychologically Addictive – because it makes you Feel Better when you unwind and De-stress, and it is Physically Addictive – because it also De-stress the Physical Body. And, in spite of this being known: Alcohol is Defended and Seen as a Vital Part of our Social Order.
And those that don’t Drink often, but only ‘Occasional’, which is the Definition of Reward-Alcoholics: will Defend their right to Drink Alcohol with ‘tooth and nail’. And like All Humans, when you are Possessed with an Addiction or an Idea: the Alcoholic will try and Defend their Point of View – Not through Reason, but through becoming Abusive - Not through Refuting the Evidence that is So Clearly Visible over generations, but will Instead try and Scare you Away with Hate-Driven Fear-producing Words, Simply not to Look at the Extent of the Problem as it Exist on a World Scale.

Thus, Pay more Attention to the Patterns within which you Consume Alcohol – See how it makes you ‘Feel’, are you Psychologically Addicted? Is this your Prozac in a Bottle? Is this your Drug of Choice – that Silence the Voice that says “there must be something wrong in this World”, and replace it with the Voice that say “let’s just make the best of what we have”, “give me the next drink”, “let me forget”.
“Investigate All Things”, Jesus said “and Keep what is Good”. Alcohol is Only Good for the Corporate Employer to Ensure that the Corporate Slaves Remain Compliant. So, Alcohol is not good per se – in fact: it Cause mayhem around the World, in many ways, every day, in families, on the Streets, in many ways – people’s lives are affected by Alcohol Daily, many times completely Uncalled for and Unexpected. But, the Elite that Benefit from Reward-Alcoholism will never Give-Up the Right to Enslave and Intoxicate their Slaves. This used to happen in the Slave-Trade and even to today still, where the Farmer would give the Slave Alcohol once a week. This has been around for Hundreds of years, it was used to Conquer America and Destroy the Indigenous people, Enslaving them, and even then: the Prime Factor was Profit and Greed. Now, it is just a lot more Sophisticated. So much so – that the Slave Demand this, Alcoholism, as a Right of Free Choice.

Somewhere out there, there must still be Some Actual Real Values…

Can you Stop Alcohol? Or are you just another Victim in the Game of Monopoly that Arrived too late in the Game to Ever become a Main Player? And so – you’re just a Loser that wants to Forget that you never had a chance in the first place, just another ‘Reward-Alcoholic’ talking to your Bottled-Psychologist because it’s cheaper than going to one for real. And, at least with your Bottled-Psychologist, you can be intimate and speak the truth – because, you have an Excuse “I was under the Influence”…
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