Tuesday 5 February 2013

Day 291: What is the NOW?

There is the NOW that is based in reality as it is happening NOW and once it happens it has happened and can never change as it really happened. Then there is the NOW that happens as a personal Idea and in some cases become an Ideology that is shared to try and convince people that what is really happening NOW in reality is NOT happening. One of these NOW's are relevant to Life on Earth and the other one is NOT. One requires our attention to change for REAL or nothing will ever change, the other is just a personal Illusion and sometimes an personal illusion that spread like a virus, but it only infect the minds of fools, never making any real difference. The world need realists and not fools and realists are in massive short supply as the world of the mind with the magic of imagination is so tempting and have no real consequences. Yet there is consequences in the actually reality happening right NOW. Every Breath we take we never get back. The Graveyard is full of the evidence of Reality., but the graven Image of the ideological NOW and its Illusion is still the master that ensures we ignore the TRUTH, because we have accepted that ignorance is BLISS. Find reality and your journey to life will start at last. 
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