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Day 295: Natural Learning Ability – Parenting Responsibility

We are Continuing with a Most Vital Part - in Fact it is the Foundation Phase on which our Society and the Human Evolution is Built.

The Physical Body of a Child Learn through Structuring and Categorising and Defining Sound, so In Essence the Human Body is an Instrument that would Produce Music so to speak and Education of a Child is Preparing an Orchestra that will either be in Harmony with All Other Bodies on Earth or Not.

We Already Know that the Human Have Not Ever Played in Harmony and that the Only Harmony that Does Exist is When a Group Comes Together in Compulsive Obsessive Disorder to Protect Some Fear that they Regard as a Right and try to Entrench as a Human Right.
You have This for instance with Race Issues, with Religious Issues, with Cultural Issues, with Property Ownership Issues, with Money Issues - All Issues Which Have Been Entrenched into the Physical Flesh through Symbolism as Visions and Words with Sounds that Create Feelings Upon Which the Individual as a Group Acts. This then Cause a Group Disharmony on a Global Scale with Multiple Groups that are All Protecting their Individual Rights, which is In Essence the Entrenchment of Fears.

In Most Cases Fear is Protecting what you Have Against Those that Have-Not and apparently what You Have is either Superior, Unique or Somehow you have been Divinely Granted this ‘Have’ and Must Protect It with Leg and Limb even unto War.

All of this Happens in the Early Stage of a Child’s Integration into the Society At Large and All of This Happens at Home Essentially or at That which Represents Home - which could also even be Television or the Day Care Nursery. If a Parent would Understand to What Extent a Human Life is Shaped during the Formative Years, that is - from the First Moment of Form - which is Conception -Essentially till the Age of 7 (Seven), a Parent would Never Allow Any Influence to in Any Way Shape That Which Will Become eventually the Child’s Consciousness as Thought, Emotion and Feeling.

What is Fascinating is to What Degree for instance the Early Learning Stages the Words and Concept ‘it Sounds Like’ is Used to Program the Child into a Particular Form of Belief - Belief Being Shaping the Child’s Being to the Lie the Parent Present as Reliable To Be Trusted within the Context of the Group within which the Parent Believe Themselves to Exist and Which Through Experience has Protected the Parent according to the History.

This ‘Sounds Like’ is Vital to Be Understood Because this is In Essence How the Child Will Function as an Adult Eventually - Utilising Assumption and Conclusion According to ‘How Things Sound to Them’, and they will Trust ‘That Which Sounds Right to Them’ - Which They will Call their ‘Intuition’. The Fact that this Intuition is a Result of Environmental Training - Most of it Unconsciously Without Anyone in the Environment Actually Understanding what Happens in this Process - is Simply Not Grasped.
The Very Fact that Society At Large is Completely Dysfunctional in Extreme Disharmony Is Ignored, because the Smaller Groups that Are Formed within Ideologies of Harmony that Protect Specific Ideas that The Group Hold Dear is Used to Override the Bigger Picture which Shows that There is a Problem in the Basic Education that Every Human Enters in this World.

As an Example, a Mother that has Issues with Her Own Physical Body for instance, will have a Tendency to Deify her Male Offspring with Constant Programming that ‘her Son is Sexy’, ‘He Will Get All the Girls’, Etc.
She will Program the Child to Believe this So Completely that the Child will Become Eventually a Womaniser, Because the Confidence they Resonate as Sound that they have Superior, Sexual, Sensual Qualities will Attract Woman that has been Programmed to find a Genetic Model through which they can Procreate - would Rush to this Flower to Drink of the Sweetness of the Nectar the Sound Emits. The Womaniser which should be able to Find a Mate Quite Easily, Find it Virtually Impossible to Settle Down with One Choice, because the Underlying Symbolic Sounds Programming is the Mothers’ Inadequacy with Her own body, which Means the Womaniser will Only Be Able To Stay a Short-While Before they find a Fatal Flaw in the Bee that they have Attracted and then they Will Feel that they Cannot Be with this Person in a Lifelong Relationship, and so they will Discard the Woman and Look for Another. All Playing in this Little Dance of Flaws, Do Not Understand the Laws that Create this Experience and can Never Find Why They Cannot Settle Down, as None of Our Psychology have a Clue what Actually Create Consciousness as Personality and How Behaviour Becomes the Living Platform Through Which the Being would Express their Inadequacy of their Initial Education in their Formative Years.

For This Reason it is Vital that Every Word and Every Symbol within The World of a Child that Will Become the Sound of the Words the Child Speak, Think, Feel and Live - Must be Presented By The Parent in a Way that Creates a Sound of Wholeness - to Take the Principle of a Sound Mind, which is a Whole Mind - to its Completion and Fulfillment in Creating a Human that is Best for All Life.

This However at This Stage of Human Evolution and Understanding Never Happens.

It is of Vital Importance for Any Parent To Be, to do the Desteni Lite Training and the Subsequent DIP Training to Sort-Out your Mind and bring it to Sound. You have to Virtually Deprogram your Entire Childhood and Reprogram it to a Sound Mind so that You Can Become the Vehicle Through Which Wholeness and Society of Harmony can be Restored on Earth. This will give New Meaning to the Words that ‘The World will Change Through You’. 

To be Able to Change the World Through You, the Instrument You Are as the Living Flesh Must Be Tuned in All Its Symbols to Harmonious Sound that Represents that which is Best for All Life, so that You can Function Within and As the Oneness as an Equal Part to the Only Group that is Valid on Earth - which is the Group of Life. It is the Only Group You In Fact Belong To by the Very Fact of Your Existence, and is the Only Group you are Responsible to Support in Every Way Possible - because then This Group, which is Life - will Support You As Well. 

Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race on EQAFE

The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
Overview of the 3 Phases of Child Development:
Phase I: 0-1 Years
Phase II: 1-3 Years
Phase III: 3-7 Years
The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
Specificity of Child Development 0-1 Years:
The relationship to Sound and Energy of Words. 
The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
Specificity of Child Development 0-1 Years:
What happens when the Baby Resists the Energy of the Words? 
The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
Specificity of Child Development 0-1 Years:
What happens when a Baby Accepts the Energy of the Words? 

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